The Illimitable Joy of Snow

There is that one second when gravity takes you down, you accelerate and your skis bend to the force of the turn and you go down, down, down into the new untracked deep goodness of new light snow… that second when your entire body rejoices in the dance that is skiing, when you realize that illimitable joy of snow. That moment is why I keep coming back, again and again and again. This morning the Church of the Pow was open for a rare service and the congregation, did indeed, show its passion for some good old-timey religion. The snow Gods had bequeathed a day of White and we rose to the occasion as much as the pow to our faces. Can I get an Amen?

Although it didn’t last long with lots and lots of parishioners, the untracked runs we did get made it all that much sweeter. The Rose side had more wind effected snow but both sides proved delicious in different ways. I think everyone

between 8:30 and 10:00 knows what I am talking about… it just makes you feel so alive to be looking down 1500 feet of vertical terrain peppered with snow covered trees and seeing not one track ahead of you as you dolphin up for the next turn, over and over. Does it sounds like I’m high? Well, I am, on skiing new snow at almost 10,000 feet on Slide Mountain. What a ride, right?



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