Some Pow & Sun

Winds are down and there are some blue skies peeking through with a little bit of snow last night to spruce things up. Conditions are improving every day with almost a foot of snow out of these storms the last few days… might be time to come up and check it out!

Groomers are well covered if you are worried about dinging your skis and the off-piste, well, it’s just like roulette, your spin probably won’t land on double zero the first time… but sooner or later it will. We skied off-piste all morning yesterday and it definitely shows on the bottom of my skis… and yes, it was very worth every ding and scratch!

Something else to consider, we were standing off to the side on an otherwise empty Zephyr yesterday waiting for my daughter when a yahoo came down above us and instead of skiing the relatively open slope, came down and clipped my wife’s ski tips with his skis…

She was too stunned to even say anything and I was too far away… but it does surface the idea of ski etiquette, which the Rose Patrol Director mentioned before dropping the rope to open Slide a couple of weeks ago… since when did it become fashionable to get as close to other skiers and boarders as you possibly can? When my kids were just learning, they were clipped or knocked down over  a dozen times by careless skiers and boarders on mostly Around the World. Dozens of riders are injured and even killed by those not taking the time to give everyone else the room they need to enjoy the snow. As the holidays approach, I ask everyone to pay attention to the space they are using on the mountain and to allow others the space they need to do whatever they do to enjoy the snow. There is just no reason to be THAT close. When you ski Montana no one comes within 15 feet of you without an apology… seems like we could use a little of that common courtesy or “etiquette” around here so that everyone has a wonderful time.

We get to enjoy the greatest sport on earth. Can’t everyone just get along?


Unforecast Powder Day of the Year

Well, it worked out perfect. Last night we picked up practically nothing and we awoke to cold grey skies. The prospects looked less than exciting. We packed up for a morning on the cord and were met with a wall of falling snow at Sky Tavern junction… it was a virtual blizzard out of nowhere and it continued unabated like that until there was six inches of snow on the runs… the best part… there was virtually no one at Rose today since nothing much was forecast but a half inch. Well, Rose skiers… our snow ship finally came in with snow most of the day and its still continuing tonight. In a conversation with some NOAA staff in Reno, they reported a narrow band of heavy precip targeted right at Slide Mountain… so while not much fell elsewhere, we were getting hammered.

Skied up the groomers first and then headed off-piste and couldn’t believe how good it was… light, dry and not a whole lot of wind to mess it up. Although the lift rides were sometimes chilly, the snow conditions made it well worth it. Did I hit rocks and stumps… yep, but it was only occasional and the rest of the turns made it well worth it. Paradoxically, most the guns have been moved over to Lower Silver where they blew all day as well as a couple on Carson just to thicken up the pack a little where it was thin.

If you go up tomorrow, you WILL not regret it. Enjoy the pics!

The Queen of Zephyr makes another run without crossing any tracks but her own!

The Queen of Zephyr makes another run without crossing any tracks but her own!

It was THAT good and this is the run home above Sky Tavern. Rose got even more!

It was THAT good and this is the run home above Sky Tavern. Rose got even more!

Sunny Blue Bird

Good skiing was to be had this morning at Rose with immaculate groomers and some pretty good off-piste if you hunted and pecked. However, the snowpack is exceedingly shallow so choose carefully. Tele Jim reported some great off-piste yesterday South of Bonanza, although he did leave some p-tex along the way.

Thinking about Slide opening up midwinter last year we are looking waaaay better than we were last year already so we just need a couple of feet so we can play in the trees and chutes. And speaking of that…

Looks like we have a chance of picking up some snow next week…  and since no one is hyping that we’ll get too much, it probably WILL snow some…


Sparkles Ahoy!

Good morning skiers!

What a great lesson in the Buddhist philosophy of no expectations… this morning at first  chair I was confronted by the biggest crowds of the season so far in the parking lot  (which wasn’t  surprising with the Blue bird conditions). As we rose into the early morning sun and gazed down on the cloud deck below, the world seemed fairly perfect with the slide skid marks temporarily covered for the moment and millions of sparkles in the snow anytime you looked East into the sun.

Everyone made a sharp right off the chair to hit Bonanza while Jimmy Hart and I cruised past the Bump Shack toward Silver… as I came around the corner facing East I felt like I was streaming through the Universe with sparkles everywhere. With long cruising high speed turns cutting into a couple inches of snow over corduroy, the feeling was one of flight. When we hit lower Silver with one long turn the sense that we were flying was heightened to a euphoric level of oneness with the snow. To tell you the truth, I could have gone home after that one run, it was so PERFECT. But of course, I didn’t. The intrinsic beauty of the turn left us with big grins and a promise of doing it again and again as we neared the top. Meeting up with Turnin Tim, we happily explored the cord for an hour and a half and as the maze began to fill up at NW an hour later, we knew we had had enough bliss for one day without waiting in line and fighting traffic and happily skied our way down to the truck and off to work.

So here is my epiphany for the day… its not so important how much snow we got or didn’t get, but whether you decide to get on your boards and go see what Ma Nature and the grooming crew brought you whenever you can. On that note, hope you get a chance to come up and play this weekend. The groomers on the Rose side are well covered and you can bring your good skis… Slide, you can pick your way down…. carefully and still have fun!



PS Spoke to Eric McGrath this morning and he is cleared for skiing in a week or two after his ribs heal… looks like no spinal injury after all! Congrats Eric so your 20 year streak can continue!


Need a Pow fix? Might want to consider Sugar Bowl

Looks like Sugar Bowl faired pretty well out of this storm with over 12″ at their base and 2 feet plus at the top. Could be some powder to be had if you are headed up for some turns this weekend!

As for reading the Unofficial Alpine site more regularly, hell, I can’t even keep up with the what I am doing here much less peruse all the other unofficials out there… although, if I find that they were the only ones that said the lake would basically get zero snow, I might start referring to them versus NOAA next storm cycle, NOAA was still predicting a foot or so of lakefront snow during the storm when it was becoming fairly obvious that the upper level winds were not favoring spillover into Nevada or the Carson Range.

I will however, still stick to my guns regarding ALL weather folks…. I am positive there are some pants on fire out there after this highly advertised, but meager storm system. The folks predicting weather for the Sierra East side and the front range valleys had it dead wrong.