Sunday Sun Day

A crisp perfect day in the Sierra’s with blue skies and fresh snow, again, pics say it all. There were still turns to be found in the BC and the resort was great first thing in the morning. However, the snow is wearing thin in spots due to all the holiday traffic… and there was a LOT of it! All seven parking lots were full yesterday and moving a car round on Rose property was a bitch at times. The slopes were much the same. Today the crowds are down substantially and skiing has improved inversely.

KC and ATW are still fairly rock free but any other run will not necessarily be good for your new bases. Wait a couple more storms yet. You will be tempted to lay tracks down in the freshies, but be forewarned, the rocks and stumps could be just barely covered. Knowing the summer terrain will give you some useful beta for sure in knowing whether you should attempt to ski something or not. Hope you err on the side of safety on that one. Too early in the season to get hurt with more snow coming late next week. Enjoy the pics, the turns and a nearly perfect day!



Noa Selby ripping freshies in the trees

Noa Selby ripping freshies in the trees

A November to Remember…

Every Turn is a thing of Beauty…

Beat up after four years of not a whole lot of snow… this month has been magic for sure! We probably have close to all the snow that fell last year already with 19″ from the last storm at Rose on top of three storms before that. We are up in the 50+ inch arena. Posts have been few and far between  because the skiing has been so good…

Do remember however that all inches of snow are not created equal… as the last storm fell as light and cold as Utah, one is still feeling the bottom off-piste and it is not recommended. Even skiing the Rose face runs are a precursor to base work for sure. Gregs was particularly onerous at the top. Bullwhip was somewhat better but you still had to keep your eyes open and be light on your edges. Dave Hahl is now working on the Slide side with guns a blazing as of yesterday up and down Silver. However, it will take another storm or lots of blowing to open anything over there so don’t count on playing on Slide anytime soon (like tomorrow). Although we have all been surprised before at lift openings… the opening of Slide soon would be quite surprising since the Rose side still needs a lot of work to if you want to keep your edges and a good percentage of your bases.

Five degrees today at the base so dress warm today and beware the invasion… it is upon us!

Here is your Vincent Van Gogh version of skiing the last several days…



Skiing and Einstein: Time is relative

Yesterday was one of those days that proves Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The snow and sky combined to create an ephemeral magical kingdom where the human consciousness evaporates into its surroundings. Crystals falling lightly in single digit temps, perfect stellar worlds themselves, collecting, interlocking, breathing and water as art under your feet that you become. Creating: brothers from other mothers. A tribe of grins, smiles and yelps dancing with gravity…

Happy Thanksgiving!



Peter Steinfelds from Alpine Meadows in his element yesterday, steep and deep as nature intended…

Greetings from Planet Snow!

After a lot of false starts the snow began in earnest late morning so a few laps seemed in order. Upon arrival at what had looked like this for awhile…


Finding instead a world transformed by the wonder of snow. Almost overcome by joy watching a “Thin Cover” sign half buried and then all buried after one run gave me a pretty big grin. One of those snows that seems to come down so thick and silently that one can imagine it never stopping… every run would fill in from the last one. Was it crowded? Well, we skied maybe 10 laps on Lakeview and saw perhaps 10 other people the entire couple of hours. Freshies were everywhere and it was one of the best “sleeper” powder days for at least the last three seasons. So yeah, it was so good the picture above was what would have been posted if somebody around here wasn’t so damn honest. So… here you go. This was taken at closing today.


You could say it snowed a little. The snow guns were also out in force today on KC and elsewhere helping Ma Nature out a bit. Once away from the guns though, it was the silence that caught me my attention the most… cruising through fresh light pow, snow everywhere and the pure bliss of it all. Definitely a good day to be alive and taking a run to check things out on The Wiz, the sound of muffled laughter and stoke was to be found everywhere. Even for the folks snowplowing at about a top speed of 3 mph, you could tell they were happy to be in the fresh snow… probably for the first time ever on a virtually empty mountain with snow falling everywhere.


Oh yeah baby, it was sweet for everyone. Need about a 4 day storm like this non-stop so we should put in our order to your diety of choice.

Soft, muffled flakes filling in our tracks while this is being written. Thats what makes me smile!


NW Spins, Top to Bottom Skiing & Face Run Open

A beautiful sunny day to be at Rose. NW spun for the first time this season at 9:00 am this morning bringing high speed fun and rescuing us from the long slow ride up Lakeview. The Face Runs were initially closed but a gate was opened mid-morning to let in enough folks to make sure the snow wouldn’t blow away next week. Too thin to groom and barely thick enough cover to ski, many intrepid and adventurous (read: Too Stupid to Know Better) souls (including myself) jumped in for a run or two. Didn’t meet anyone that had the balls (or enough P-tex at home) to try it a third time. Patrol was stationed at the top warning folks that they skied through this gate “at their own risk” and that the run was now rated a Double Black Diamond.

tom&naia2015 copy

*Patroller name and ID changed to protect the innocent

The Diamonds should have been replaced with irregular and abrasive boulders and been rated a Double Black Granite run as thats what you were hitting on the way down… many expletives were dropped as well as P-Tex and a significant amount of steel edge.

IMG_0342 IMG_0385 IMG_0391

Still, there were some very redeeming features… it wasn’t crowded, it felt good to be on something steeper than ATW and there was Pow (although very wind effected in places). Nothing like breakable crust on very thin cover… With some age hardening this snow will become a good base for the future. With conditions today we renamed the runs to: Needmorptex, Edgebegone and Wheresmyteeth? I don’t think the Face Runs will be open again until we get a significant amount of snow.

However, KC Bowl was in great shape thanks to the grooming and snowmaking crew and there was plenty of snow to have some fun on. The weather forecast however, doesn’t look so good in the short term and daytime temps were in the fifties up here. I would expect quite a bit of damage to the cover in the next couple of days in places so beware. I would leave your new skis in your closet for now.

To end this on a positive note however, There is a possibility for a cold storm early next week and its just past mid-November and we are skiing off the summit at Mt. Rose so… life ain’t too shabby! Gone this weekend so hope you come and get some turns in in my absence. Ski you next week!


Well, the cats out of the bag… (Thanks Dave!)

When I found out today that NW and KC would open for the first time this year I had a few people beg me not to post it, but rather to hoard the goodness for just a few folks… well, my consciousness just wouldn’t let that happen… so now you know… Carson will be open tomorrow as well as the high speed sixer serving that terrain so no more 9 minute rides up Lakeview (or longer if its windy). Dave Hahl and his crew have really been working the bowl with man made goodness as best they can… remember though, there is thin cover many places and skiing off-piste is actually trolling for stumps, logs and rocks with your skis or board (and knees). A Patrol warning: Riding any Closed Run on the face may not work out in your favor, (in terms of your making another face run today or in the next two weeks even) so think twice before trying it… do you really want to risk your pass?

So, the question you have to ask yourself is, “Are you feeling lucky today, well, are you punk? (stolen  Dirty Harry line….)

No matter what… enjoy the ride tomorrow… its why we all slide around out there!