Snowmaking has Begun

Mt. Rose announced today they were blowing snow this morning. Although it did heat up toward the middle of the day… the fact that they are blowing snow underlies the fact that they are serious in getting the mountain open ASAP (as opposed to some Tahoe resorts like Alpine Meadows which announced a Dec. 12th opening). If we get some natural snow and decent conditions, our mountain could open as early as the second week of November although their “official” opening day is November 21st coming from a source in the front office.


Snow making began on 10/21/14. Booyah Dave Hahl!

Snow making began on 10/21/14. Booyah Dave Hahl! (photo:Mt. Rose)

Whats up with the weather…

NOAA just came out with their long range forecast for our area this winter and it looks fairly dry till February. Accuweather also came with theirs which I produced below… doesn’t look so hot either. After exhaustive research on my part El Nino nor La Nino seem to have any correlation to our area to either more or less snow so you might as well throw that one out as well.

Accuweather not looking muy bueno

Accuweather not looking muy bueno

However, the fact is, almost all the long range forecasts, despite all the money we throw at them, are basically, somebody’s educated guess, and unfortunately, are about as accurate as trying to pee out a plane window and land your pee stream on your worst neighbors scrambled eggs… another words… despite all the best intentions, it just ain’t gonna happen. Chances are it will be better than last year and the year before that… but it MAY not. Nobody knows, and if they tell you they do, there full of crap. On the upside, we have primeval believe in our house that the number of Aspen leaves you catch equals powder days… last year I was at 11 which was about right… this year I am sitting on 133 and we still have leaves left, so my Aspen religion tells me that its going to be a great season. And you know why it will be true… by God, because no matter how much it snows, I personally, will have an excellent season, no matter what we do or don’t have falling out of the sky. And while we are at it. Here is the word on our current drought conditions from our local NOAA office…

How Much Precipitation Would We Need to End the Drought?

The widespread rain and high elevation snow the last weekend of September was a welcome relief from the dry as of late, but barely registered a blip in the grand scheme of things. We are around a year behind average in precipitation accumula-tion at many sites around northeast California and northwest Nevada. We would need a winter with greater than 2 times average to even reach normal! This is more than we saw during our huge winter of 2010-2011 (moderate to strong La Niña) or for those who remember the winter of 1982-1983 (strong El Niño) . With this in mind, we are likely going to need several years of well above average precipitation to truly end the drought.

So there you have it… we be hurtin water wise but its unlikely according to averages for us to continue to have dry years stacked on top of consecutive dry years… but it COULD happen cause Ma Nature can do what she wants…

Only one thing is for sure… it will snow, so wax ‘em up boys and girls cause winter is coming to a mountain near you!


A New Season, A New Look For


The first snow of the new season fell today on MountRose.  There’s a chance of more snowfall throughout the weekend at the Mount Rose summit, as today’s cold upper low stalls over Nevada, creating a classic Tonopah Low scenario. While the expected snow totals are not huge, it makes all of us dream of sliding on snow, except for Sven, who’s on vacation in a different latitude.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.59.53 PM

We figured that with that new snow, it was time to roll out a new look for While accepting change is never easy, we were never completely in love with our old look. It was thrown together in a frenzy of a divorce from Unofficial Networks and was never meant to be permanent. More than than two years later, we’re finally getting around to changing the look.

The new theme brings a modernized look to the site, most importantly for the growing number of users that use mobile devices to access the site. While we’ve spent a few weeks working out kinks and refining some features on our development server, there’s still a few bumps here and there that we are still ironing out. We’ve also updated our site at Alpine Meadows; and the Bear Valley and Mount Bachelor sites will be done over the next week.

Hopefully the change in the look for will also encourage a change in the long term weather pattern to one that produces a lot more snow this season!

Mark from

Rose To Open Halloween?

Rose snow guns going full force last Thanksgiving. The word is they plan to start much sooner this season.

Rose snow guns going full force last Thanksgiving. The word is they plan to start much sooner this season.

Greeting Winter Lovers;

Got some good news for y’all;

The rumors are out through the lifties that Dave Hahl is betting against Mother Nature since she hasn’t come through in awhile and will be making snow as soon as possible toward the end of September or early October in order to open for Halloween. If Mom can just cooperate the slightest bit, it sounds like a Rose Halloween Custom Party is in order. I know Mother Winter has been drinking lately and a didn’t want to really get out of bed the last 20 months or so… but hey, every Mother needs her rest.

However, as understanding as I can be, it’s time Mom, get off your arse and PLEASE crank out some snow for us this winter. Am I begging, yes, I am begging, OK? We want you, no, we NEED you to take care of us before we lose hope. In light of Mt. Rose’s 50th Anniversary… and your downright longish 20 month nap, I think we deserve something… we hope you agree.

In the meantime, I hope this youtube vid quickens your heart a little bit for what is coming our way. And if you haven’t been to the 9000 foot elevation gain Aquille du Midi cable car and haven’t skied the 17 miles back down to Chamonix… well, put it on your bucket list. It is amazing and ranks up there with one of the best ski runs I have ever had. Go check it out and whet your ski whistle at:

Looking forward to a great season in any event.

Until Halloween,


Late last year right before closing we did get blessed with a little snow and were beaming about it.

Late last year right before closing we did get blessed with a little snow and were beaming about it. This shot was taken of yours truly during the AIRRE Avy II course with Rose Patroller Tom Carter


Powder Be Happnin in Big Sky Country

Happy Springtime to all you skiers and riders,

Just received a note from a friend of mine up in Red Lodge, Montana where Dan Seifert reported multiple feet of snow out of their latest May dump and has the pics to prove it. Enjoy! Some part of me is happy that at least someone had a great winter… that other part… extremely jealous of course!

Looking down into Powder Paradise on Red Lodge Mountain

Looking down into Powder Paradise on Red Lodge Mountain

Pow Turns in May… not too shabby! If they only knew how Powder Starved we were this season!

Pow Turns in May… not too shabby! If they only knew how Powder Starved we were this season!