A Call to the Dark Side…

I received a post from Squawlified this morning that accuses me of being Little Miss Sally Sunshine, so in an effort to better balance my image as a man of neutrality, I am dedicating this post to The Dark Side of Rose in the hopes of appeasing his need in my continued tradition of trying to meet the needs of ALL my readers…

His comment: “THIS POST WAS WAY TOO POSITIVE! People want more negativity! If you don’t have anything mean to say, don’t say anything at all.”

To the rest of you I say: “Please don’t kill the messenger on this one… I am merely the conduit through which this negativity flows and there is no particular order.”

Mt. Rose:

…has become way too crowded

…built the Slide Lodge WAAAAAAAAY too small and there is no place to sit on crowded days

…should open the lifts when they are ready… not wait for the clock

…thinks of its most loyal customers as “pass abusers” instead of loyal customers

…should enroll some of its patrollers in hospitality training so that EVERYONE feels welcome as they do by the lift operators

…should require Hunter to wear normal underwear instead of a thong under his holy work pants

..should quit grooming the trail down to Upper Ramsey’s when the run itself is not groomed (read: Japtrap)

…should bring back the Downhill Dummy and Pond Skim, traditions that bring our local skiing community together to enjoy some tomfoolery and explore our creative side


Oh man oh man… sorry Squawlified… I just can’t go on… even I am getting depressed while writing…

The fact is, Rose does a pretty good job in running a ski area that makes most of us pretty damn happy a majority of the time which is why we keep coming back. Although there are differences in the way each of us would run the ski area had we the option, and certainly there is a lot more the area could do in terms of validating and celebrating the local ski community at Rose, compared to every other local ski area, they are stellar at providing an amazing ski experience. Which is why we keep coming back.

Thanks to everyone in every department, from Rosebuds to Maintenance, from parking to patrol in making this mountain one which we all love. Maybe not perfect… but perfectly enjoyable.




A toast to Rose skiers and riders everywhere…

As the ironic nature of the weather makes itself apparent this morning with wall to wall blue skies, it reminds me what a great day yesterday was despite the morning’s grey skies, fog, lift breakdowns and some very sticky wickets in spots with The Chutes closed… it just didn’t seem to matter. The great vibes and spirit of Rose skiers celebrating their last day on the mountain shone through any grey you could throw at it. From first chair to last, all who attended had a great time on Mother’s Day in what Rose is saying was their longest season ever with over six months of skiing.

The greatest thing about riding on snow is that conditions change every run and no two runs are ever the same, from groomers to the off-piste to the bumps and tree skiing, conditions morphed into something else if you just waited long enough and by the end of the day there was a just a trail of smiles whether one fell on some sticky spots or was polling across the flats to get one more run in… the simple truth is you can just never get enough of riding down a mountain on snow, whether on two planks or one.

The afterparty on the deck and in Timbers was a great “Goodbye Party” for many, as each of us were to go our separate ways after 6 months playing and working together. Aiden had his Mom up for Mother’s Day and it was his birthday as well, Ralph and Jessica with Frank photo bombing were seen unable to let go of each other and Cody was still coaching the Freestylers, (albeit with a beer from the deck) Bill and Nancy tandem tele on the last run down Slide and John Talbot dreaming of flying his drone with much better skier shots next year.

As Shakespeare noted, we all have a role to play in this great Mt. Rose drama and many were played yesterday reminding us that according to the Bard, “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.” I like to think a little bit of both balances things out quite nicely. (pics to follow)

A toast to Rose skiers and riders everywhere! As Charlie put so eloquently at the pass holder party, “C’mon, be nice, this is Mt. Rose, not Squaw Valley.” Truth be told, we all really do love our mountain.


8260: Where the Wet is!

Despite the hopefulness of stars breaking through last nights cloud deck, we awoke this morning at dawn to another downpour and grey skies. As opposed to the last few days… we did not receive any snow last night. Its 40+ degrees at Sky so… well, you’ve been through it enough recently that you get the picture. 8260 is where the wet is today. However, in honor of closing day… maybe you’ll have a beer or two and see some old friends and smile at just how wanky it can be and still have fun. I have had a few folks asking about the possibility of The Chutes opening today… I would say chances are slim to none as the new wet snow wants to move in there badly with huge pinwheels and wet slides down to the old bed surface.

I feel a little like Wally Moose in the original Vacation movie…. “Sorry Folks…”



Passholder Party

No, the weather didn’t improve any, but that didn’t dampen the celebration any more then the Grinch stopped Christmas from coming. With expert MC work by Charlie and his positive vibe, thousands of locals and tourists alike flooded the party with a standing room only crowd from many parts of the world. Lots of swag was thrown out between raffle prizes and we had some longtime locals score some prizes as well. Ann Carpenter, a long time skier from South Reno won a spa treatment and Shelley Neil’s daughter Matilda won a new pair of Rossi Sin 7’s. Pretty sure Mommy is getting those as a Mother’s Day gift and will be usurping that prize! (See pics below)

Maybe, just maybe we might see a little less rain and a little more sun tomorrow… and yes, that IS a capital M.


Sat Update

Well, there was some skiing to be had this morning. Lakeview via Moto was pretty decent as was Aida’s and T-Bar first thing this morning. The Slide Side was marginal skiing… at best with drag marks from the groomers with some fog thrown in for good measure. Rain/Drizzle was pretty much non-stop except when it would turn to small hail balls and occasional very very wet snow. Bring a squeegee if you plan on going out, you’ll use it often. The party is at 12:30 but with the rain I don’t know if it will be possible on the deck unless you bring an umbrella. Hopefully they do it inside if they can fit everyone. The most amazing thing about today… there are a bunch of folks with day tickets… yet, slapping $40 to take a shower with their cloths on. Pretty funny!

The good news is: it is not nearly as sticky as yesterday PM so thats a plus!

Tip of the Day: If you can find some untracked… its not bad if its virgin.