How good was it today? Good. Really Good.

The snow kept coming with occasional glimmers from the sun. Snow was perfect with Free Refills and good vis in the trees. We all had a good time and Zephyr did open on-time. The Slide Access Road did not open, nor did the Slide lot, although they were working it most of the day. Tomorrow we get a break and then a slammer on Sunday through Monday morning. There is some serious Storm Slab issues for anyone going out in the BC tomorrow!


Ecstasy From the Sky

Yesterday… when Slide Bowl did finally open represented one of the best runs in the year according to…. EVERYONE¬†that was there… maybe its because the wait was so long at the Rope Drop or maybe it was the surgery snow where sunlight filtered through the open trees or the low crowd factor… whatever it was, to use the Jim Hart phrase, it was “magical”. Last night it snowed fairly lightly but this morning its dumping again so you can expect a storm day today. It “appears” the Slide Road may be open as there is no mention of it being closed on the website so that might be a Godsend… (or the website is inaccurate GASP and the road is still closed) to avoid the Rose Parking Lot CF. The website stills says Passholders will be able to load at 8:30 as one of our perks, although both Big Boy lifts open at 9:00 today. Not sure why Zephyr is retarded today till 9:00 as 4 to 8″ is not a lot of snow… who knows!

The Winter Storm Warning goes the next 4 days so we are bound to get more and more and more… and although my neighbors are beginning to groan when they look at the Weather Report I just smile and know that Doug Coombs is right… “There is no such thing as too much snow.”


Mother Nature and Mt. Rose Generosity

Good morning Skiers and Riders;

Ma Nature has been kind enough to leave us a couple of feet or close to it last night as a little token of her appreciation of our Fall Snow Dances. Winds have backed off and temps have dropped from yesterday so its a typical Sierra Storm with gradually lighter snow as the storm progresses. Should be excellent skiing, the only downside is that Slide Access Rd is closed once again so its the Rose Parking Cluster Program. I think NDOT is a little spooked after grappling with the size of the last Nightmare slide and all the trees buried in the debris… could have been much worse had vehicles been stuck in there, slammed and buried…

Any activity will again rise with the new snow… be careful in the BC!

Also wanted to mention the generosity of Mt. Rose in once again hosting the Pioneer High School Ski Program through Project Discovery. The “never-ever” students yesterday braved the storm and the long lift ride into the wind up the Wizard all day and learned to rise above adversity together, helping, coaxing, and coaching one another toward excellence. Every one of them learned how to control their skis, stop, turn and “let’em run” during the day… and you can see it in their faces at the end of the day. Kudos to their Principal Jason Zona and Mt. Rose for allowing these students to see beyond the “four walls” of their day-to-day school life¬†and into an extraordinary day on the mountain. Its a big wide world out here and those students got to enjoy it yesterday!


Zephyr to Spin Again…

Looks like we might be getting “our mountain” back tomorrow folks (along with some high winds unfortunately)… I bet you are as tired of the Rose-side parking lot cluster as I am. Thanks lift maintenance for rebuilding whatever you had to rebuild… we are indebted.

Storms be coming starting tomorrow but models are still wavering so… we will have to see. Looks like the later third of January we may be high and dry as a High Pressure system sets up off the coast closing the storm door… (single tear sliding down my face as a homage to Doug Coombs who famously said, “There is no such thing as too much snow.” And even after shoveling for three solid days… I still resonate with Doug’s sentiment.


Another Busy Day (but not in the BC)

Another record road rally in the Rose lot yesterday with drivers from Vacaville, Fremont and San Jose coming in hot and bothered. Out on the slopes, the line seemed to be moving, albeit slowly… most locals stayed home or came up for 90 minutes or so… the visitors seemed to not to notice the long lines or are just used to it commenting to and from the City, etc etc.

BC remained stellar and provided some of the best pow skiing on the East and North aspects that I have seen in a long time. The last storm ended quiet so there has been little wind effect and the fog cut down on skier traffic coming up… yep, stellar is the descriptor of the day. The next storm is splitting and being downgraded each time I check the forecast but it looks like it will be followed by an active weather pattern. Perhaps Zephyr will rise from its hydraulic grave today to spin again. We shall see.

Enjoy the BC pics… I know I enjoyed taking them.