Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Good morning folks,

Looks like some weather is coming our way starting Sunday night. For more info check out our good friend Paul Grady’s for a detailed synopsis with maps, potential for Carson Range Snow, etc. His is the ONLY site that deals specifically with our local Carson Range weather, so its definitely worth a look!

Rose is also working hard to make as much snow as they can and open some new terrain. The access road is now open so that its an easy “up” to the upper parking lot deleting the need for that awkward uphill herringbone move.

Let it snow!


Dave and his crew are covering what they can!

Dave and his crew are covering what they can!


Powder Morning…

Yes, opening day for the chair at Mt. Rose was a powder morning. Sure it was only inches, but it felt sooooo good. Working the Emerald Forest for face shots at high speed… oh yeah. Well, naysayers, are you scoffing at skiing Pondo? Sure you are, but the point is, we were skiing and you weren’t, so whats worse, Pondo, or sitting on your butts and scoffing? Nothing big in the long range 10 day as of today, but it is colder so the guns are still a blazing as of this morning. Looking like Pondo only for quite awhile so GET USED TO IT and come on up and support our local mountain. They are at least giving it a shot! Looks like they will be open 7 days a week, weather permitting.


Rose Blows!

Rose guns are a blazing as Dave Hahl continues to make as much as snow as the water supply and temps will allow. All this hard work will pay off next weekend as the first chair of the season spins. Great work Dave and crew.

It is worth noting that Mammoth was the only other resort open last weekend in the entire Sierra Range. Thats right, Squaw Valley, Northstar and all the rest with multi-million dollar budgets are not working nearly as hard for their pass holders as our little home mountain. Hope you can say thanks by coming up and having a beer and a ski… sure its only Pondo… but that is a HUGE step up from the Flying Jenny, or in Squawllypine’s case…. nothing.


Rose Guns a Blazin!

Rose Guns a Blazin!

It’s coming…

Good morning skiers,

If you missed the Warren Miller show last night at the Reno Convention Center, you missed the unveiling of a sweet 50 Years Mt. Rose Anniversary Moment Ski. Graphics are cooler than a freezer with the Chutes trail map on tips and tails and the rose logo mid-tip. Some lucky SOB won a pair in a raffle despite the fact that I tried to bride the marketing folks with some friends like Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin etc. Apparently, they only made 25 pair or so and will be raffling them off or using them as give-aways throughout their 50 years celebration. As far  as the movie goes… it was typical Miller Ski Stew served up by the likes of Tamara McKinney, Wayne Wong and a host of others.

Other news is a possible shift in the weather next week…. (see NOAA report below) and the potential for Pondo to open next weekend. Dave Hahl is doing his best to cover upper Pondo and lower Emerald Forest for our enjoyment whether Mother Nature cooperates or not. Anyway, we will have to see what this week brings… one thing is for sure… it is now cold enough to make snow… 17 this morning at Sky Tavern!

Dream Snow




Round Two: The Jenny Rides again…

Looks like the Jenny will again be available tomorrow and this weekend as far as we know right now. If you didn’t make it up last weekend you missed some great fun so you might as well breakdown and ride!

I know that some of you out there deride the Jenny and all those who choose to ride it… sure, you sneer at the thought, but hey, I say its much better to love the thing you got, then just sit around and wish for the things you don’t. So… in the immortal words of James Brown, “Get up off of that thing, it’ll make you feel much better.”

C’mon, you know you WANT it… and if perchance you are worried about being seen by your friends on the Jenny, just come in disguise… that will make the skiing more interesting anyway. Rose also announced that the Timbers Bar will be open for the first time this year, so you can always ski the bar stool to your Valhalla.


Spring Conditions for Opening Day!

Opening Day for US!

Well, we were turning and enjoying the sunshine, thats for sure. There were lots of smiles up here today. Folks were just glad to be back on their home mountain, even if it was just the Jenny!

Spring like conditions met skiers today for opening day


As the morning rolled on more and more folks showed… and minus the rest of Rose being open, it was like a super warm spring day with shorts and Hawaiian wear. First time I started a season with the same outfit I finished the last season out with.

Smiles were everywhere! Most folks were just happy to be sliding on snow again.

Smiles were everywhere! Most folks were just happy to be sliding on snow again.

Would I go up again? Yep, if you are a die hard you’ll have some fun on the rails and table tops or just enjoying some turns again after a looong hiatus. For those of you with an hour or two to burn and some cold beer in your pockets… you’ll have a great time.

Some folks seemed pretty relaxed… maybe a little too relaxed for the lifts...

Some folks seemed pretty relaxed… maybe a little too relaxed for the lifties…

Fans wanted photos so here you go! Hope this gave you a good idea of whats going on up here for the next couple of days. Our hats off to Rose for at least getting something open for us after the last two dry years. They are giving it their best and we salute them!

Sven and his new bride, Tatiana, share a selfie moment "Up top."

Sven and his new bride, Tatiana, share a selfie moment “Up top.”

So… to all you naysayers out there who won’t ride the Jenny or Pondo for that matter, kids in Jersey would be happy to have this hill so close to their town. So, bring your shorts, beer and Aloha wear, it be “happnin” at Rose this weekend.