Foghorn to Bluebird Today

Fog was thick this morning but burned off completely by early afternoon revealing wonderful conditions. The high humidity did put a damper on the light dry fluff we were skiing this weekend but the cold temps kept the snow turnable all over the mountain. Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be sunny with a warming trend leading to a chance of 70 jn Reno this weekend. There is a possibility of more snow mid-week of next week, but so far, we are far from the Miracle March we wished for but a hell of a lot better than January!

Nightmare has some tough conditions up high with icy plates blown off by the NW wind on Sunday night but Jackpot fared pretty well and remains good skiing. Any snow in the shade most of the day is still dishing up pow.

Here are some more pow pics from last weekend for your enjoyment.


Airborn Joey Rolshoven launching it in the pow.

Airborn Joey Rolshoven launching it in the pow

Tele in the trees Old School Style

Tele in the trees Old School Style

The Powder Blow Out!

I have had more than a few elbows to the ribs to get me to post for those that missed some of the best days of the year (and perhaps of the decade, if this IS the new norm). Between skiing bell to bell and night hockey… sorry folks. Just couldn’t bring myself to leave the wood stove (because I couldn’t get up). That has to be the BEST kind of tired. When you have skied all day and then played hockey under Friday night lights and finally choke some burritos down and lay down by the fire… it just feels so good as you recount the incredible turns you shared (and lie about the rest over a beer or two).

Rose made it nice by running the lifts fast (1000 fpm) to keep the lines down and providing the chutes, great grooming and a great staff who kept smiling despite the fact they wanted so badly to get out there and play. I like to think the powder stoke rubbed off on them a little at least…. but maybe I am just trying to assuage my guilty pleasures. The electronic signs have been repaired and are now showing accurate info also.

So… just how good was it… well, let the pics be your guide. You just can’t expect someone to post when they are in this deep now can you?

Yours truly getting in deep….

Yours truly getting in deep….

How hard was it snowing on Saturday you ask? Try 3" an hour at times… you would ski a line and come back to find it erased… my kind of day...

How hard was it snowing on Saturday you ask? Try 3″ an hour at times… you would ski a line and come back to find it erased… my kind of day…

Billy the Corner Kid shredding the Pow!

Billy the Corner Kid shredding the Pow!

Who is the most beautiful woman in world… the one shredding on a pow day bell to bell!

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world… the one shredding on a pow day bell to bell!

There will be more to come tomorrow. Some light snow falling now and tomorrow should be cold and perfect again. See you up there to enjoy our midweek slice of bliss.


Winter HAS returned!

Cold, new snow is on the ground to about 6″+. Its 20 and most of the snow fell below freezing so its light and airy. Caution is advised however as it’s just enough to cover the rocks on Sunrise Ridge and elsewhere. Most South and many East faces are burnt with objects showing. Enjoy but ski with caution. Looks like Chutes may open today sometime mid-morning.


Winter Will Return

First of all, let me state unequivocally that the “roast” of certain “Squallywood-ready” Rose employees on the last post was not meant for 99.9% of the folks working up there, but for the .1% that have somehow forgotten that we are “guests”, that we pay their salary and that their job description includes risk mitigation and civility as well as “please” and “thank you’s”. I have always been surprised when a Rose employee is substantially less than pleasant on the mountain. They stick out like a sore thumb relative to all the folks at Rose that go out of the their way to share the joy of just being outside and working at one of the best resorts in Tahoe.

If your panties are still twisted…. now is a perfect opportunity to look in the mirror. Perhaps some polishing of your “customer service skills” are in order. For the rest of you at Rose, keep up the good work! (your head is decidedly NOT up your arse)

Today was wonderful with sunny skies and the chutes reopened yesterday. Only select gates are open with a warning that accessing the chutes through anything but these gates will be met with swift retaliation and a loss of skiing privileges. Unfortunately, when I was checking out the electronic sign on the bottom of Slide, the sign did not say which gates were actually open as they usually do, only that “Select Gates” were open… another info snafu for sure. The gates that are open should be listed! I did see the Jackpot gate open from NW and wanted to share Kevin’s post from yesterday on conditions below for all interested chute skiers:

Picked up the kids after early release yesterday (2/25) and hit Rose for some afternoon turns. We were surprised to see Jackpot gate open and decided to roll the dice…conditions were fun, chalky “packed powder”, no ice. Compared with Squaw / Alpine where we also ski frequently, Rose has the best coverage and conditions by a fair margin at this point. Another note, the upper Jetta “luge run” is a blast and the kicker in the lower Jetta park is just as big as anything in Squaw’s Gold Coast park.

So there you go! Great they are back open again. Do remember that many of the chutes have slid and the lower aspects are filled with very chunky debris at their bottoms which is almost unskiable so choose wisely when entering.

Park features have changed recently. The two jumps in the Pondo Park have been removed unfortunately. Too bad, they were quite popular. Boxes and rails have been added in Pondo as well. Jump between Jetta and Ramsey has stayed big. The LUGE park in Jetta is in place and reportedly a blast. The two jumps on Galena Park are lots of fun as along as you land in the LZ and not out in the flats like I saw yesterday (look for the bloody spot out between the jumps). The kid flew so far that we though he might hit the kicker of the 2nd jump. Looked a lot like the challenger flight with a total gear explosion when he hit (see below). We named his move the “Big Ernie” after Leonardo Decaprio’s severely retarded character “Ernie” in the movie “Whats eating Gilbert Grape?” The best way of realizing just how far this kid flew… from this position he actually flipped backwards and landed on his face!

LIke an impending car crash, we just couldn't look away but KNEW how much it was gonna hurt. He was still headed almost straight up in this photo!

LIke an impending car crash, we just couldn’t look away but KNEW how much it was gonna hurt. He was still headed almost straight up in this photo!

Before hurling off something you might want to check it out with small moves first, right?

In terms of weather, well, all is on track for some cold snow coming our way. No one knows for sure what we’ll get yet but it looks like it will start sometime Friday and end sometime Saturday and give us perhaps a foot, give or take… well, a foot.

Here is the GFS precipitation map for this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get our powder skis out again this year!


Cold snow be comin! May even see some in town for a change!

Cold snow be comin! May even see some in town for a change! (graph is in liquid water equivalent)


Ski Area Hiring

Apparently so many folks working in the large ski area on the other side of the Lake have jumped ship and gone to Jackson Hole, Japan or just about anywhere else that has more snow, that they have forwarded an ad for a mid-winter hiring fair.

“Looking for qualified applicants to fill ski resort positions in all departments. Applicants should be aloof, pretentious, haughty, self-serving, indifferent, selfish, vain, thankless, arrogant and have little or no social skills. Applicants should have experience in the ski industry in their areas of specialty and should not really have enjoyed their job in a very long time. They should be easily bothered by guests and have little or no anger management. Potential applicants that demonstrate a good sense of humor, respect for others, solid interpersonal skills, a genuine love of the sport and gratitude for life itself as well as connect easily with guests need not apply.”

Thought there might be some folks around here that could do well with this job description. Now don’t get your panties twisted, unless this job description DOES fit. And if it does, hey, it might just be a great opportunity for you! Just sayin…

Skiing today was wonderful with clear skies, fantastic snow and wind down to a manageable level. Waterfall and NW offered some of the best skiing of the year. Some folks were enjoying the bumps on Gregs and Sunset and the off-piste was pretty hard under the 2″ we got, so you had to choose carefully. Although there were HS races on Silver, Bruces was  groomed as well Aida’s. Rode with folks from Europe, Russia, Vermont, Illinois, Nebraska, Florida, Texas and elsewhere. Most had been at other resorts around the lake yesterday and heard the buzz about Rose and came on over. Quite a few skiers for a Tuesday!

Looks like it will be warmer tomorrow with a cool down this weekend with some snow. The trend over the last few days has been upward on snow totals. Lets hope that trend continues.

Have a great day!


Still way below average on our snow totals for the year. Hopefully next weekend helps a little bit!

Still way below average on our snow totals for the year. Hopefully next weekend helps a little bit!



Winter is Here!

Felt Telluride-like up there today with a brick E-NE wind as you came off the face runs. Single digits up top this morning made for an incredible surface. It’s a shame we didn’t get about another foot out of the storm. That would have resulted in stellar conditions. On-piste is quite good with the off-piste basically “dust on crust” unless you find somewhere where the wind blew it in deeper. Found a couple of those yesterday. Waterfall and Six Gun were great skiing today with the caveat that Lower Waterfall was not groomed so you had to swing over to Six Gun to finish. The groomers are mixing it up a bit giving us a chance to ski some different terrain, which is great. You just have to be careful first thing in the morning doing any Speed runs that you don’t end up surprised in a bad way at 60 mph.

Guns have been working overtime making more snow so its good to see that the mountain hasn’t given up on the season. Strange that the Upper Silver gun hasn’t been churning out snow for the Silver Face as that won’t last long in the spring heat. We already saw some rocks popping out last weekend. Hopefully they will get to that as soon as they finish polishing up the base areas.

The cats were working in Upper Jetta and it looks like they are building some park features in there which  could be a lot of fun in the days ahead. I’ll keep you posted!

Snow is great but dress warm. It was chilly this morning and will be tomorrow as well.

I love Winter!

Almost forgot… heard a great story today. A liftie asked a guest (who appeared clueless at the high speed chair gate) to come on out and sit on the chair at the load board. Instead, the woman comes out and sits down ON the load board when the chair comes around the bull wheel and raps her firmly on the back of the helmet… and we wonder why the lifties appear tired after big weeks. These guys work their butts off to keep people safe, but dammit, sometimes, you just can’t stop stupid!