Fundraiser for a fallen ski brother…

Two days prior to Thanksgiving, our friend and fellow Bobo’s ski department employee, Mike Greenlee had a life changing ski accident.
He was skiing at Squaw, riding the Siberia lift, had a seizure and fell 40 feet to the ground.  Luckily a Squaw employee was on the lift behind him and when she got to the top called ski patrol.  Mike was air lifted to Renown where he was in ICU for 5 weeks.  Mike has sustained a complete spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the waist down.  Mike is very positive and is in the good hands of his wife Megan, their families, the High Fives Foundation and the dedication of Bobo’s owners and  employees.
This coming Saturday evening, February 24th from 7-10pm Bobo’s is sponsoring a fundraiser for Mike at The Coney Island Bar and Restaurant in Reno.  A magnificant Spaghetti Feed, a popular meal at the Coney, with soup, salad, bread and dessert will be served.  All monies will go directly to home living modifications necessary throughout their home.  Bobo’s will also have an incredible selection of ski and snowsport items available for purchase at reduced prices with 100% of sales going to Mike & Megan.
Reservations are being accepted at Bobo’s on Moana Lane.  Dinner is $100 per person.  Please come by or call 775.826.9096 for more information or reservations.
People can also choose to support our efforts in the following ways:
    *  Donations in any denomination thru February 24th – Cash or check preferred
    *  Stonegrind tune-ups $30  Bobo’s donates a portion of sales thru April
    *  Hot Waxes $10  Bobo’s donates a portion of sales thru April
Thank you so very much.  Mike loves to ski so much and means so much to all of us!  He’ll be skiing next year.  A little differently, but on the mountains he loves.

Cold Smoke

A great powder day yesterday surpassing most folks expectations (see Nate Corona below enjoying the lightness of being). The fluff was just deep enough to cover most of the hard stuff. Of course it also hid the rocks, logs, sticks and bushes too if you pressed for freshies just a little too hard. I was asked several times if The Chutes would now open. The answer is resounding “NO” as 6″ or so of fluff is not nearly enough to make the lower section of tailings skiable by the public. Today temps will be subzero in the morning and relatively chilly all day. Use some cold weather wax if you have it, the Universal which normally works fine for the Sierra’s is actually slower than dry bases when the snow is this squeaky cold.

Hope you enjoy some real winter temps and snow. Haven’t had much of it this season!


Blowing the Man Down

Huge winds today. Unless your content with the Tunnel of Love (so named by a “couple” of special staffers). Good day to be indoors. This next week we will “enjoy” subzero temperatures on the mountain at times with the coldest weather of the year and winds look to be breezy through most of the week sending wind chills down into the minus 20 to minus 40 range. As the Rose website headlined… “Here Comes Winter” only without a whole lotta snow. They are looking at between 5″ to 7″ at this point which we will gladly take of course. Our friends over at Tahoe Weather Blog are calling for more… up to three feet by the end of the month. We shall see.

Nuff said.



OK. Super low snow year. Lots of rocks, brush and trees. Much of the skiing is restricted to the groomers. Very little powder. And we could go on. And on. And on. The fact is, this cold week was one of the best ski weeks of the season at Rose with cold snow, fantastic grooming and occasional off-piste joy. Queen of Mt. Rose, Mimi Longballa reported great skiing off Sunset yesterday (but… she said not to tell anyone). So, if your itching to get away from the tourist shooting range of the KC Traverse, there is an option. There was also great corn skiing around noon over on Zephyr and Bruces and Silver of course. The rest of the mountain is holding up well with our first run down Bonanza one of the best of the year. Between Patrol carting off rocks, the snowmakers bringing us more and the grooming crew somehow working with just inches of snow with heavy equipment, the mountain is really skiing well. So, considering the weather and all, its PERFECT for what it is and will put a smile on your face.

Speaking of weather, our friends over at are predicting feet of snow over the next several weeks so they are pretty bully on things improving. The storm forecast Rose just doubled this morning from NOAA so things are looking up. A couple of feet high density snow and we would pretty good to go on just about everywhere, unfortunately, the forecasts call for low density snow and cold temps beginning tomorrow night with sub-zero predicted for early next week up high. Coldest temps of the years are coming! Time to turn that sprinkler system back off again. Catch you on the flip side.

There is also a wonderful news story on some local ski history that aired on Channel 4 last night featuring our own Cindi Murren… check it out:


Every inch helps…

I know, I know. Thats what she said. But its true, in the case of this winter. This last “dump” of perhaps 4″ total (and thats pushing it) and the cold air that accompanied it did indeed improve the snowpack on-piste appreciably. The off-piste remains a dust on crust situation with occasional deeper 8″ pockets of pow. However, skiing piles of frozen nuts and bolts under a thin baby blanket of goodness is much like playing the lottery, most likely its going to end up being loss after loss and smell of half drank beer, cigarettes and regret like a party gone bad the next morning. However, that being said, there is some joy to be found off-piste if you can either 1) enjoy the surprising rough hardback under the light new snow and look at it as a character builder, or 2) find some low angle untracked freshies and simply enjoy the new snow. So, all is not lost, you just have to be creative. The really good news is Rose is blowing lots of snow the last few days which will get us through March with our bases intact should Ma Nature continue her dry and warm tantrum. The other good news are guests like Danielle (pictured below) who just celebrated her 40th Birthday in costume and has a whole wardrobe of other costumes that she skis in depending on the holiday. Happy Birthday Danielle, can’t wait to see your “Ash Wednesday” costume this year.

In any event… its better than dirt.