Zephyr Bad/Powder Good

Mongo Like Powder. Anyway, there was disappointment today in the lift line when riders found out that  Zephyr is down for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow as well. There is reportedly a broken com line that is fiber-optic in nature which needs AT&T attention to repair. Might be done sooner than later, but I would bet on later. Before you bitch uncontrollably keep in mind that all this snow has led to attrition both in staff and equipment. We are going down in the history books this season folks… they are doing their best up there to get fixed. A simple “thank you” just might go a long way.

In any event, the skiing was fantastic on the Rose side with cold smoky pow on the slopes. Even the cut up stuff was fun! The only thing that wasn’t fun were the crowds which you can imagine were pretty big given the recent snow with only the front side of the mountain open. The Stokemeter was high as more snow crystals hung in the 15 degree air and it felt like the middle of winter on a really good year. Its just hard to complain when its so damn nice to be out (but some will find a way). Hope your day was as good as mine. I took my time on the way down and took some pics… check out this Sentinel Tree in the morning sun. Beautiful!


10:48 First Chair Lakeview. Right Time. Right Place.

Hwy closed. Still shoveling. Chainsawing… trying to get road open. Suddenly Rose opens. Rushing up I get there as the first 10 folks (and there are only 10) load the chair. Near the top I hear the yelps of joy from the ultimate First Chair and since my destiny is a PURE run, cut a traverse to NW from the top of Lakeview for one of my best in-bounds runs of the season. As there was no one behind me, I had a chance to stop and take a Tracks pic (below). Yeah, you can tell. It was bluebird goodness without the bluebird crowds. Despite the great snow this season there have been damn few days where there wasn’t a cluster in your vicinity or behind you when enjoying the pow. Thats why this day was so perfect.

Riding Lakeview with a few dozen people brought me back to the “good ole days” when the pow lasted until noon and you knew a lot of the folks riding with you. It was like that today early on… perfect.

Also met a wonderful woman named Tammy Melrose who guided me to the good stuff. You can see this powder girl below in the pictorial. As you can see, she is a winner!

For those of you wondering just how much snow there is… well, we are buried up here… just look at the mountain.

Finally, if you are wondering why Slide isn’t open wonder no more. Here is the Slide Lot Loader parked at the bottom of the Slide Access Road which is clogged with snow.

Well, its late afternoon and its snowing again… I am still going with the Doug Coombs quote: “There is no such thing as too much snow.” Although I am beginning to feel revulsion for this quote from some around me. If you are feeling terrible about all the snow you have to shovel. Just go skiing and it will become quite clear why the quote still rings true. And always will.


Run Silent Run Deep

You haven’t heard anything from me as I have been shoveling, blowing, road clearing and shoveling ad infinitum… for the last 36 hours, and yeah, a few BC runs just to stay tuned. We have had close to 6 feet here at Sky and with the wind one night way more than that in spots. It has been an amazing storm which ended without a lot of wind and cold temps which translates to some great skiing coming our way… we just don’t know when. 431 is still closed at 9am and for some reason they like to open it all the way instead of just to Rose. The road from Reno to Rose is actually in pretty good shape considering… so its up to N-Dot. As for avalanche danger… well, if you are headed for some steeps be very careful or go collect your Darwin Award. Big storm slabs yesterday.

Here are some pics to keep you informed of what the last couple days have been like up here.

And this is WHY we ski, fresh snow, deep deep pow and joy, and great friends to share it with!





Pow Pow Everywhere but not a lift to ride…

Curious that Rose stayed closed today despite the lack of wind overnight and today. Although the wind was forecast to be high today, that didn’t happen (go figure right? The forecasts are never off around here). About 18″ of fairly nice pow is sitting quietly in the trees as I write and the snow is coming almost straight down. Quite strange really to be closed for a powder holiday… In any event, the BC provides ample opportunity for some turns if you can get there and back and are willing to break some serious trail. Avy conditions are high of course with storm slab, wind slab and even wet slides possible down lower, so tread carefully and have some knowledge and equipment if you go out!

On another note… yesterday I caught Steve Mims whipping some serious vert in a hero shot!



Happy Holidays…

What a great day it was! I didn’t meet anybody that didn’t have a fantastic day at Rose (but maybe thats a result of hanging out with the right people, who knows)! Chutes were better than they have been for awhile and the rest of the mountain was in good shape with forgiving snow and surprisingly short lines for Prez Days. Today the wind will bring problems most likely, esp. later in the day. Watch for lift status changes. Snow should be entertaining again! The deluge predicted earlier in the week has now turned into a Dump of snow as snow levels have dropped considerably. Looks like we are in for some major snow tomorrow.


Here James Crowley, Tahoe Pro Skier and ski underwear model shows how its done

Rose Goes Avy Savvy!

Hero of the Day: Avalanche Forecaster for Mt. Rose Andrew Hennigh for the installation of a Sierra Avalanche Center Daily Bulletin at the Zephyr Unload. This will give folks a chance to look at conditions before following tracks and doing something REALLY stupid. Although, as an ER doc told me in the bar the other day after a few drinks… “Well, its just really hard to kill stupid.” So, I am hoping the daily forecast board will at least inform folks a little more before they get in over their head (quite literally) and put rescuers in harm’s way and collect their Darwin Award (if you don’t know what that is, you are probably a candidate already).

While we are on the subject, just check out a few pics below of the wet slide caught after last Fri/Sat storm. The wet slide started as a slab up high just beyond the rope line and travelled way over a half mile and 3K vertical feet before coming to a rest in piles 15 feet high of chunky death. Seeing as how Davis Creek and its tributaries are perfect terrain traps, this should occasion caution in all those who think about a Davis Creek Run without the proper gear and knowledge. Quote of the day: “This is some serious shit.”

As for today, skiing was good with about 6″ of new in many places and not too many people to worry about. Just how we like it, right?

Tomorrow and Sunday should be a little break in the action before the Rainman makes another appearance.

In other news the Double Down Park has made a reappearance in the form of a jump after a 5 year hiatus for entertainment value while you ride up the chair. All park junkies are gunna love it! Time to line up the toboggans boys!