For Sale: Tahoe Ski Resort

If you are interested in the potential sale of Mt. Rose… go check out the RGJ article below for more info:¬†

It is definitely worth the read and has some good info!

BTW: Skiing was awesome today with a lot of groomers, smooth chutes and smiling people preparing liquidly for their Super Bowl Parties. Fun to have both Zephyr and Shangrala both groomed on the same day! Chutes to avoid: Hornets Nest… a lot of it slid out recently and its rocky up top and just not that good anywhere else. Other chutes are skiing well: Enjoy!


Happy 2000th Day To Turnin Tim

We would like to wish Turnin Tim a Happy 2000th Ski Day since his retirement for the Air National Guard. If you see Tim out today wish him well or buy him a beer… he deserves it!

It will be a gorgeous day out there today. Enjoy a pancake breakfast at Slide and some nice snow all day long!


Beautiful weather in store for a week!

Nice skiing ahoy! Early morning groomers are sweet as well as some play in the trees. Hard to go wrong with great weather ahead for awhile with no storms in the forecast. Pancake breakfast specials at Slide lodge today and the weekend at $3 for adults and $2 for kids with a Poker Run planned Saturday morning as well. With the 2 for 1 special not in play this weekend as far as I know the lift lines should be shorter… although the way this season has been going… I would suggest early is better!

Have fun out there!


Last front tonight and then clear sailing

Well, temps increased today substantially and we will look even warmer by next weekend when Reno will be pushing 60 degrees. A great ski day in the mountains but the snow has started changing and we can look to more of this as the week wages on. Hope you get the good snow while you still can. We may see some corn action coming to a mountain near you soon enough!


There is only one thing better than skiing…

And that is skiing with your ten year old daughter when she is ripping through the powder!

Groomers were great today with Bruces taking the cake. Vis was mostly good but occasionally poor but the snow was so good, what did it matter. Top of most of the main chutes were a little chunky and funky from the North wind but once you dropped down a ways all was good.

Naia Selby is pictured below still finding the goods today (with a little help from Big Daddy)



Chutes at 2:30. Unbelievable

For those of you that hung in there during the day, the Chutes opened for an hour or so. There would have been yelps of joy, but our mouths were all full at the time. As I said, too tired to write much, but big props to Ralph and his Chuter lift crew for knocking all the ice off the Chuter… quote of the day… “I’m getting too old for this shit” while pounding one more chunk of ice off the steel. Also props go out to patrol for shoveling off the chuter chairs early afternoon and for letting us know what was going on so we didn’t develop hypothermia sitting in front of the gates all day.

For those of you that showed your face today up on the mountain… the following pic will bring back the memories… and yes, there IS a skier in there somewhere! Epic would not be too strong a word to describe the skiing, but again… I am sure Northstar, Alpine and Squaw were MUCH better.