Pretty pretty pretty good…

Upper lot filled by 9:20 am… wow. There are a LOT of folks skiing Rose in December that don’t usually get up here this time of year. Judging by the crowds, I would say the lift, parking, patrol and ski school staff should get a hefty Christmas Bonus…

Windy today and the snow warmed up enough yesterday to be little less palatable… check lift status before you come on up. NW was moving pretty slowly first thing this morning. So… skiing was pretty pretty pretty good-nothing more, nothing less. Skier traffic over the weekend has definitely uncovered some decomposing granite in spots and rocks in others. Until you know the run, ski a little cautiously… or don’t they are YOUR skis and boards.


BTW: Unofficial’s first contender for Nice Guy of the Year Award goes to Don Smith of Smith Video. If you need a video made, he is your man!

The Burning Dude and Saturday’s Child

Last night was a great night for the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program with several hundred attendees enjoying the art cars, the raffle, auction and of course, the Burning Dude! Although a little shaky getting lit, once going the seemingly invincible Burning Dude did finally succumb to the flames… but not before putting on a pretty good imitation of The Terminator. He obviously learned that tuck from PSIA Professional Mark Helleckson who is constantly telling his students to “get down, get forward”. For those that showed, thanks for supporting a great program.

That was followed by a crystal clear morning, great skiing conditions and much warmer temps on the hill. If there was a downside it was the number of people who showed up creating parking and lift line frustrations. Although almost everyone seemed to be enjoying the early season near perfect conditions… as always, there were a few folks who were, shall we say, a “little tense” in the lift lines or in the parking lot.

I say, relax, you are sliding around on snow in early December top to bottom and its pretty darn awesome. Tomorrow looks to be a repeat of today with some more wind in the pm. Ski you up there!



Exquisite: That is definitely the word of the day for skiing today. Surfaces were super groomed and soft, most of the guns were running elsewhere and the sun was out brighter than bright. Sure the temps were bracing in the single digits but that made it all the better. Absolutely stunning today as NW was groomed for the first time and it had pretty darn good coverage considering. Crowds were down, skiing was terrific… altogether a great day to get out and have some blazing groomers or bump runs if you are cautions around the rocks and bare ground.

Just one last reminder that tonight is Sky Tavern’s Bring on the Snow Party at 6:00 pm at Sky tonight. Come see me personally for some bottle rockets to shoot at the gasoline drenched “Burning Dude” for some fun… that alone is reason enough to make a showing but there is also a Matchstick Production Ski Movie, refreshments, a raffle, auction etc and a mackin Bonfire so here is hoping you can support one of the best biggest little ski programs in the country.


TONIGHT: Burning Dude, Ski Movie and Bonfire... whats not to like!
TONIGHT: Burning Dude, Ski Movie and Bonfire… whats not to like!

December White on White

Well, if you want to know what First Chair was like think “Klan Rally” or inside a ping pong ball or “WILSON” from Castaway or the Board room at Trump Tower… yeah, it was THAT white. Difficult seeing led to some air time and bouncing on KT as I hit a frozen snow boulder at Mach 8 and almost went into orbit. I am sure the vis improved after I left but between the fog and snow guns pointing every which way the vis was less than perfect.

And yes… I will be sore. Be careful out there so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did this morning.


Just a reminder, the Sky Tavern “Bring the Snow” party is tomorrow night starting at 6 at Sky Tavern. There will be a Burning Dude, ski movie and refreshments and your 5 bucks goes to support a very good cause. Hope you can make it happen!


Out of the Woodwork…

It was unofficial “old homies” day today at Mt. Rose with friends and family showing up from all corners of the globe. It was difficult to just ski instead of catch up as first one and then many more folks showed up who others knew… a ski community coming back together after the heat of summer to celebrate the greatest sport on earth!

Nothing quite like strapping two boards on your feet and trying to break the land speed record on snow. Carson and Lower Ramsey’s were both groomed pretty well today with only the 5 run picking up some damage on my bottoms. A great reminder that it is definitely early season conditions and the cover is thin at best. But snow was blowing and Dave and his crew are increasing the depth between your skis and the rocks as fast as they can. Face runs remain open with soft bumps and pretty amiable conditions given the earliness of the season. The wind has taken its toll on the snow though so please ski all new runs to you cautiously until you know their pitfalls.


Magic Monday Morning

First chair by myself… after the holiday crowds it was a Godsend and the skiing was much better after the 12″ or so of snow we ended up with. Carson was finally groomed and offered up some nice “rock free” experience on my boards which was much appreciated. The “powder” from last nights 3″ storm blew off to Washoe Valley most likely as there wasn’t much hanging anywhere around the mountain. Still, conditions were soft and silky for the most part and some of the other runs were softish bumps with some laid in pow as well. Altogether good skiing.

We do need more snow however as last nights wind blew more snow off some of the runs than deposited any new… Upper Lakeview is a good example. Yesterday morning you could work your way down skiers left and today it was barren… so, have fun and watch for rock gardens in windward locations. Hey, its still November and we are sliding around on snow, yahoo!


Yours truly catching some freshies mid-day!
Yours truly catching some freshies mid-day!