Four Horney Jedi…

Four Horney Jedi

This is the description of a great new run that is seldom groomed which was hit up earlier this week. It was amazing and if you figure it out, you can enjoy it too! Super fast and wonderful downhill cruising the last couple of weeks without a lot of change. One thing that has changed is the chance to ski all three face runs which were groomed yesterday. Greg’s, Waterfall and NW and Bullwhip as well were groomed yesterday making up for the paucity of runs available on the Slide side where grooming is limited to Bonanza and Upper and Lower Silver due to very thin cover. The Silver Face remains a minefield that you have to pick you way down amongst the rock and gravel.

Hope you enjoy your cruising before the invasion!



Tis the Season…

Mt. Rose has once again sparkled this Christmas Season with hometown magic by setting up a Christmas Cheer stand yesterday on Lower Galena complete with Brandy, egg nog and and Ginger Bread cookies. Santa’s were everywhere… and what with gifted Brandy, so was the Christmas Spirit. The best Santa by far though had to be one of our own though, Ralph The Big Man passing out candy and hugs to all the kids and others still acting like kids. Kudos to Mt. Rose once more for not selling out to the highest bidder and making our mountain something we can brag about…

Pretty much everyone there agreed that all we want for Christmas is a little snow… 60″ would be just fine!


Ol’ Turkey Nuts

Well, it used to be a bar of that name… now it’s called Mountain Top Sports, Curtis Brown: Proprietor. You may have seen it buried last year with the two story building barely peaking out of the snow at Sky Tavern. Mountain Top Sports is a full service ski shop with ski accessories for sale and lots of rentals for every size in both Alpine and Cross Country. Curtis takes great pains to tune your skis just the way you want them and has all the tools to do it and isn’t afraid to put a little elbow grease into the hand filing to make sure your edges are perfect. He carries lots of ski accessories as well as sleds, auto chains and other items.

The best things about this Mom and Pops ski shop is his free hot wax. Where on earth in a ski town can you get a free hot wax? There is only one place I know of, Mountain Top Sports. Next time you come up the mountain, pull over and check his shop out, you’ll be glad you did!



Employee of the Week: Larry the Liftee

Skiing has been fantastic lately with cold snow, no wind and blue bird days. Hard to complain about that… more is on the menu so get your turns in before the onslaught of annual Grey Area Migration to the mountains over the holidays.

More importantly, we all know that Rose is one of the friendliest mountains around, but that reputation is grown from real people doing exceptional things. Larry the Liftee has been showcased here before when he was providing Chuter unload snow sculptures. Today he is our Rose Employee of the Week for always being in great humor and handing out chocolate mints one morning this week. What a guy! Always greeting and with a good smile, he is really “in touch” with his customers. These special things are what make Rose so nice. There have been so many special moments in the past that were impressive both sanctioned and unsanctioned… I remember fondly the warm icing cookies of little Black Diamonds served free at the bottom of the Chuter one morning with Hot Chocolate out of the blue, or the first sunset Wine and Cheese on the top of the mountain, the white powdered donuts at the top of NW during one of the rare snows during the drought or the Champagne and snacks at the top of Pondo or the pass holder parties with hot food and beer up at Galena, the torch light parades, fireworks, music on the deck and dancing in ski boots…

All of these things together build a skier community and I for one am happy to be a Rose skier. Sure there are always little things that could be better, but by and large we are lucky to have a mountain that cares in own backyard versus a corporate mega-bottom dollar owner out-of-state much more concerned about the bottom line than creating community. Thanks to Kurt and his siblings for holding on to a mountain that goes above and beyond to celebrate sliding on the snow.


Sunday In Church…

Sunday was a wonderful day to be in my Mountain Church! That 4 to 6″ snow skied more like a foot… fantastic coverage with it coming in wet and then with the temp dropping during the storm with lighter and lighter snow on top. It was, to use an overused word, PERFECT, in every way. Hope you were able to be a mountain parishioner as well. Mountain Ops are using the cold temps (8 degrees this morning) to blow snow all over the Slide side which we so badly need. Keep up the good work everyone, it leads to big smiles!

Are their still rock and stumps to watch out for, oh yeah, be on guard everywhere. Almost all the groomers are good to go with your new skis with the exception of Upper Bruces which is just plain ugly at this point so beware… you’ve been warned. Also any off-piste facing South is a show stopper for sure with just enough pow to cover the base destroyers that lurk just under the snow. The groomers skied like Colorado Rockies snow today with crystals hanging in the air long after the skier has passed.


Breaking News: Dave Hahl is a Warlock

That is the only plausible explanation for the perfect groomer on Upper Ramsey today… he took what was a rock field, separated by some icy cut off moguls and somehow… magically, morphed it into a mid-winter perfect groomer. With the snow we had and the rocks and dirt showing, it really is nothing short of abracadabra magic… and that has been going on all around the mountain from Bruces (which was also groomed today) to Lower Silver… there just isn’t much snow to work with after our record breaking November heat, but somehow, each morning, his and his crew’s magic just keeps coming. Where there is dirt at 4:00 with no extra snow anywhere in sight, is somehow nice corduroy the next morning.

If you think driving a groomer sounds easy, like mowing the lawn… think again, and with a very thin snowpack it makes it even more challenging. Those groomers are up all night finessing what little snow we have into runs that look like the end of January. But really, their work last night on Upper Ramsey was the coup de grace… unbelievable really, thus the theory… he must be a Snow Warlock of the highest caliber.

Kudos to all the groomers for making so much fun out of so little snow.