BIggest Storm of the Year!

Yeah, OK, its only a couple of inches, but it is, technically, the biggest storm of the year. Although the Slide side was a little mangy, the Rose side provided a couple of inches of equally distributed perfect pow… will it help our drought situation… probably not, but it definitely helped anyone’s spirit who was lucky enough to be there this morning. Although we are not forecast to receive a lot of snow out of the this system, it really is a LOT when comparing it to every other day in January… so we’ll take every inch we can get… yeah, I know Tim, (that’s what she said).


Leah Chism: Hit and Run Victim

With another very warm day on the books, Rose offered up great skiing today with Silver corning at 10:00 or so before the high clouds started wafting in from the South. Crowds were thin but the skiing was good with the exception of rocks and gravel returning to the surface with a vengeance in the warming snow. Silver in particular become peppered with gravel and rock later in the day and caution had to employed to avoid the obstacles. Skiing was still good, but one had to slow it down quite a bit. A rock the size if a baseball came shooting down NW at about my speed… yep, pretty thin alright.

Tomorrow we may get some light snow with clouds off and on the next several days as the Low from Baha comes up from the South. Cross your fingers that the snow level holds and we get snow and not something else.

In other news:

Many of us have become aware on social media and local TV news networks of the recent hit and run accident on Mt. Rose involving an unknown assailant and his victim, Leah Chism. Leah was hit from behind by an out of control skier who broke her pelvis in three places in what was a life threatening injury. The perpetrator never stopped and continued on to load Pondorosa, but was never positively identified.

All of us at send our hope that Leah has a speedy recovery and is able to ski again. However, it looks like it will be months before she can even walk again…

Like the Mason Ortiz tragedy several years ago, I think there is lots to learn from this accident that may help others in the future. I have narrowed them down to four recommendations that go beyond the standard Skier Responsibility Code.

1) Whenever a hit and run occurs, please send someone in your group to follow the assailant down the hill notifying lift attendants and any patrol that you come into contact with that this is the person that left the scene of an accident. If the person goes to their vehicle it would be very important to ID the make, model and plate of the vehicle. Please report all info to patrol so that they have an accurate description to work from. “Black pants and a black helmet” is really not too helpful when it comes right down to it.

2) When skiing and you are about to vary from your turning pattern, or when coming up to a trail junction, please keep your head on a swivel and look over your shoulder to see if anyone is coming up on you… just as you would before changing lanes in a vehicle.

3) Give everyone in front of you LOTS of room to do whatever it is they might do, so that you have ample time to shift your direction of travel should the person do something unexpectantly. They often do.

4) When turning onto another trail, please turn from the inside lane, in other words, when cruising down KC traverse and planning to make a right down Lower Ramsey, please stay on the right side of KC so that you cannot possibly cut others off when turning. I can’t tell you how many collisions I have seen on the KC traverse at its’ junction with NW, Lower Ramsey’s and KC Bowl because this simple directive wasn’t followed. This, combined with looking over your shoulder, could save a lot of people a lot of grief.

We are all up at Mt. Rose to have some fun and frolic in the snow, I hope that we can embrace the idea that we are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and others and work together to educate skiers and boarders so that everyone can lower the potential for further injury. And if you DO hit someone, I hope you would have the human decency to stop, help the victim up and make sure they are alright before going on your way or summon patrol if they are needed.

Heres hoping you can take your stoke for skiing and riding and turn just a little bit of it into kindness and consideration for others. It would go a long way toward making sure that Leah can enjoy Mt. Rose next year without incident.


Sunday Revelry

Perfect grooming led to wonderful high speed cruising early this morning with the Slide side winning the Jimmy Hart’s “Magical” rating from top to bottom. Silver quickly corned up into soft goodness until it mushed out mid-morning and it was time to head over to the “Dark Side” to check on how things were heating up. By noon, most anything in the sun was corning and pretty forgiving making runs we haven’t skied in weeks a little more hospitable. Even Zephyr and Bruces came into play as long as one could follow the sun. With mid-winter’s low sun angle working against us, timing was everything.

In the PM anything facing South or West had a fairly high funality rating. By the time we closed at 4:00, the ride back down to the Slide lot was frozen vegetables but that didn’t stop us from pursuing our first tailgate party in the Slide lot to finish the weekend with an “Accumulation IPA”… hoping we might pull some snow out of Tuesday’s system.

The weather folks are now saying we could expect a couple of inches of new snow on Rose making it the biggest snow of the New Year. Tomorrow morning should be good skiing ahead of the Monday night rain/snow intrusion. NOAA has been trending lower with the snow levels and is now calling for all snow on Tuesday… we’ll see how this one plays out being as how the “storm” is coming from just West of the Baha peninsula bringing moisture and warm air up with it… traditionally a summer pattern with lightning and summer rain. The weird weather continues…

Hope everyone had a good time in the sun making it work! We all sure had smiles on our faces today with some of the best snow conditions in Tahoe!


Breakfast, BBQ, Sunshine and Smiles… whats not to like?

Another great day at Rose with good snow early and a little scraped off with slush piles later on in places… early is def. better. Tomorrow may be a little different with the very warm overnight temps. It was in the 50’s when I left mid-afternoon today and it’s forecast to be even warmer tomorrow so… shorts or mini-skirts may be in order. Aloha wear may also be in the spirit. Rather than be depressed about the weather, we might as well have a beer and celebrate it!

Speaking of celebrating… Naia Selby was back on the hill today for the first time in a week after her neck and shoulder injury skiing in a sling… you just can’t keep some folks down for long…

Naia Selby back in a chair after an accident at Donner Ski Ranch put her in the hospital last Saturday. More power to you little ripper!

Naia Selby back in a chair after an accident at Donner Ski Ranch knocked her unconscious and put her in the hospital last Saturday. More power to you little ripper!

Today was full of skiers and riders smiling their way down the slopes in the sun with a pancake breakfast, BBQ ribs, C & W band and cold beer.

The joint was jumping today with food, music, dancing and some great skiing!

The joint was jumping today with food, music, dancing and some great skiing!

Despite all the marketing hype and BS snow depth reports from other resorts… I do believe the soul of skiing was firmly in place here on our home mountain.

Thanks everybody for making it happen!

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect day was the altercation at the bottom of NW where the traditional face-off between a boarder and a skier made itself known with lots of yelling and swearing… perhaps, if we just give one another just a little more space and room to move, we might be free from pissing one another off so badly… Remember, we are all up here for the same reason, to have a great time. So… next time you feel like yelling, take a big deep breath and remember that for the most part, there is seldom any ill will intended. It’s just too many folks packed together in a small space minus the element of understanding, respect and a positive vibe. If nothing else, at least you won’t be drawn into the drama of “How the Bullwheel turns….”

OK. I am stepping down from my soapbox… have fun in the sun tomorrow.


Happy Birthday to Cindy and Steve

Cindy Murren, who grew up at Sky Tavern just down the road from Rose, has been around Tahoe enough to ski all over… but where did she choose to spend her birthday… Mt. Rose of course!

We wish her the best in another 29th Year. You’ve seen Cindy ski for sure, she’s the one doing about 60 mph down Bullwhip with a bunch of us playing “catch up” waaay behind her…


Having her traditional Birthday Bloody Mary on the deck, the birthday girl was happy as the sunshine to spend her morning shredding up the runs a tad!

Having her traditional Birthday Bloody Mary on the deck, the birthday girl was happy as the sunshine to spend her morning shredding!

Also wanted to wish Steveski a Happy Birthday as well. He was greeted by a song and dance first thing in the morning from the First Chair Crew followed by a cupcake blizzard.

In other news, the skiing has stayed excellent due to the colder nights and from what guests have been saying on the chair… we have the best conditions in all of Tahoe! Guns have been blazing again with the pipe repaired. With more heat and a chance of light snow or rain headed our way next week, NOW is the time to come and get some turns in.

Come on, time to cowboy up! Pancake Breakfast and a live band and a BBQ at lunch is on tap at the Rose lodge.

Ski you real soon!


Aloha weather comin your way! Another break in the line…

Great groomer skiing today on the Rose side and down Silver on the Slide side. The dirt wounds continue to grow South of Zephyr lift as runs become difficult to get down without sacrificing an edge or p-tex. However, the groomers on the Rose side continue to offer up excellent skiing with fairly good coverage and patrol is continuing to make an effort to slap shot off the gravel that keeps coming up from the depths.

After the clouds pass through today we should see clearing with some good skiing tomorrow under sunny skies with some building winds from the East. This weekend, warmth is the theme of the weekend. As NOAA puts it:


In terms of the "storm" next Tues/Wed, the models are now leaning toward a drier forecast which is actually good with a snow level way up on the 
mountain. The very last thing we want on a thin 
cover snowpack is rain, which melts snow faster 
than the sun. 

In other news, Dave Hahl and his crew continued 
their work on the upper mountain snowmaking 
system when a second leak was located yesterday. We can only hope the work is finished before the "cold snap" is over tonight while they can still make snow up higher on the mountain. Guns were 
again blazin down low to provide snow to weather the Hawaiian weather forecast for this weekend.

Dave Hahl continues to "take care of business" by repairing the second break in the snowmaking line adjacent to Upper Ramsey's in as many days.

Dave Hahl continues to “take care of business” by repairing the second break in the snowmaking line adjacent to Upper Ramsey’s in as many days.