Fantastic Father’s Day Ski Top to Bottom


Nothing like earning some turns and getting a good mountain workout at the same time!

My family “forced” me up on the mountain for some skiing on Father’s Day. Gotta say it was a lot of fun and included the extra bonus of a pond skim on the Stafford Sea! Conditions are good with Slide skiable from top to bottom still. Most of the chutes are also still skiable. Any chute getting Eastern sun exposure is cooked but the North facing chutes remain skiable although tight in spots. How many times in your life will you be able to say you skied Bruces top to bottom on Father’s Day? Hopefully many, but probably just one!


A June Record!

June 12th will go down in history as the day one could ski from the top of Slide Mountain to Sky Tavern without taking off one’s skis… albeit because I couldn’t make a shuttle happen. I would also add that the ski was 99% on snow! The wind practically flew me up the hill from the summit. 22 degrees up top with heinous winds blowing snow in and around everywhere… light face shot stuff, not the heavy wet we were getting during mid-winter sometimes. Mind-blowing how folks will get out on an inch of snow in October all wound up at the pass and scrape the crap out of their equipment but will let a deep spring dump go unskied. I don’t get it. Never will.

Tried to find some ski mates but everyone has moved on… to golf, Honey-Do Lists, mowing the lawn, etc so it was me and the dogs… and I must say we all equally enjoyed it. Maybe 8″ of new on Bonanza and Bruces and then out to The Chutes and down below Nightmare to Bum’s Gulch and home… incredible to do this in June! If you are planning on skiing The Chutes there is avalanche potential as ridges were cross loaded with storm and wind slab. The bond was weak as of early this morning and things were moving. Avy warning in June… bizarro!

Anyhow, hope some of you take advantage of this Summer Gift. It will be 90 again by the end of the week!


The Chutes “Unofficially” Open For Spring Skiing

The Chutes unofficially opened for the Spring, or should I say, Summer Ski Season last week but work has kept me from posting… my apologies. Skiing is excellent for June Chute Skiing with remarkable coverage for this late in the year and silky spring snow conditions. Satiny smooth and soft, be sure to wait for the sun to do its thing before jumping in as there have been some freezes this month which might leave you open to major problems should you take a slider in your shorts. Be mindful that Rose does have private property on the Rose/El Cap side of the Chutes and you will be better off if you enter from Saddle Eastward accessing the area from the summer road past the campground or from the Slide Side on USFS property, although the pull of El Cap is hard to resist!

Its quiet, no chance of collisions, no ropes or frenzied rope drops, and you earned your turns… just you and the mountains like the old days.

In any event, play it safe, a friend of mine just tore his ACL in there this week so be mindful that there is no patrol or help anywhere nearby. You are on your own in what is now “Backcountry.”

May Gravity Be with You!


2017 Ski Season R.I.P.

It was one hell of a winter. Despite all the shoveling, road clearing and thousands of tourons, goat trackers and the magnitude of human incompetence behind the wheel, I sure hope you enjoyed the heck out of it. I know I did. These pics are all from yesterday but I’ll be posting a year end wrap up sooner than later! Thanks to those of you who thanked me for the site or went one more and dropped off a bottle of wine or beer… it was much appreciated. You rock!

Ski you next year!


Who says boarders and skiers can’t get along?

The Chutes again were as awesome as spring can get them and both skiers and boarders had enough open space to graze in the same pasture. In fact they were getting along just perfectly sealing the fate of the lie that riders and skiers have a bias against one another… its a new after all.

The Chutes did close early today at noon to the roaring displeasure of those who had driven up late morning to get some last Chute runs in for the season. Rumors are that they may not even open tomorrow at all, but I would find that difficult (but not impossible) to believe putting a pall on closing day proceedings. Hopefully they open and stay open tomorrow for the enjoyment of all.

See you in BBQ land tomorrow everyone!


If you weren’t here today… you shoulda been…

The Best (and the only) May 27th skiing at Rose ever. Groomers were great at eight followed by Chute skiing that couldn’t be beat. Following the sun Nightmare, left side of Jackpot and then everything else came into spring chute season providing the biggest smiles. Patrol kept The Chutes open till 1:30 and we made good use of the time lapping Nightmare, 09er, Chaos, YK and others over and over and over. You really just couldn’t get enough… at least I couldn’t. And on the way to the gates the No Pants outfits just kept you laughing from kilts to mini-skirts to chickens and tuxedos all was in play and resulted in a cavalcade of strangeness that kept you giggling. One of the best days at Rose ever…

THANK YOU Rose for having the courage to bring it all the way to June! Thanks to Kevin on patrol for letting us in for “just one more.” That is why we love this mountain, its personal, its friendly and most of the folks that work here still love skiing as much as we do.

Enjoy the pics and see you tomorrow,