Bluebird Day Ahead and a Big Weekend!

Well, we are down to the final three days I am afraid. Today will be the last weekday of the season so for some uncrowded cruising you may want to load up now. It is perfect up here right now! With weekend temps edging up higher and higher this will also be the best day for snow to stay cold and fast. If you can’t come up today, this weekend is promising to be a big one with $2 beer and a mountain open of all pass holders all weekend. For those interesting in buying passes for next year they will be on sale AND include all if next year as well! Sweet deal Mark Fisher!

As for this weekend, check it out!

Saturday, April 18th

9:00 a.m. Lifts open at the Main Lodge
10:00 a.m. Timbers Opens in the Main Lodge ($2 Beer and Wine for ALL Season Passholders)
11:00 a.m. Surfing Ride and Bounce House Open (Free to ALL Season Passholders)
11:00 a.m. Bar-B-Que opens on the Deck (HUGE DISCOUNTS for ALL Season Passholders)
11:30 a.m. Arden Park Roots performs on the Main Lodge Deck
12:30 p.m. RAFFLE – Open to all Renewal Season Pass Holders*
* Renewal passes must be purchased by 11:00 a.m. to be entered in the raffle drawings

Sunday, April 19th

12:00 p.m. Moonshine Mountain Band on the Main Lodge Deck
4:00 p.m. Lifts Close for the season

Like I said… $2 beer, live music, skiing, jeez… the rest will take care of itself.

See you up there,



150 Straight Ski Days: Congrats to Mike Selby

Just wanted to get a quick note off congratulating my twin brother Mike Selby on his quest to ski every day the resort was open consecutively this winter. Today (God Willing) will be Selby’s 150th ski day in a row. Like the postman, it seems neither rain, nor wind, nor wet snow could stop this guy from getting his boards on the snow… although there were some pretty nice days this winter as well, (and way too many that weren’t). Nice job Mike keeping the Rose stoke of skiing alive!


Sven checking snow quality

This is Selby on one of the rare “better days” on Rose this season checking the official pow depth

Hump Day Snow

Conditions were firm during the morning hours to say the least, although Harold Durk reported good cord at 9:00 am sharp. After it was scraped off, things were not as peachy although Waterfall and Lower Ramsey were skiing pretty well. Gregs wasn’t bad either. Things are loosening up this afternoon with some mush to be found in the flats.

But, with only four days left… I thought it was a lot of fun in the sun but pretty chilly for April. Kinda felt more like the January we never got. There are some strange “holes” sprouting up by the Pondo Park that are close to a foot deep. Spelunking anyone? We will have to see how long the Pondo park lives on… jumps are looking pretty brown in there. As the snow continues to melt, beware of holes and bare spots emerging, even after your last run. With the height of the April sun the snow is melting a little more everyday. This weekend the forecast is for high 70’s in Reno so it will be go, go going fast.

Tomorrow will be another 10 degrees warmer so more mush earlier. Wax yellow or red or throw some glide wax on to avoid the “sudden stop ejection notice” that has befallen most of us at one time or another. Big closing weekend coming up so budget some time up here. Weather is looking good for closing… Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.


So… you think everything is peachy huh?

The Truckee is dry for all intents and purposes. There will be no boating this summer on the Upper Truckee.

The Truckee is dry for all intents and purposes. There will be no boating this summer on the Upper Truckee.


Well, we have folks arguing there is no climate change, folks arguing that there is… so lets look at some facts about our local Tahoe area that are indisputable and then you can make your own decision…

  • 120 years of records show the average statewide temperature has risen 3.5º F
  • every year since 1999 had above average temperatures
  • ski areas are closing earlier than ever – even large ski areas like Sugar Bowl on the western slope where huge snow totals were common
  • snow levels have risen 500 feet in elevation in the last 30 years
  • Lake Tahoe will likely not rise above its rim in 2015 sending no water into the Truckee River
  • the average daily minimum temperature in Tahoe City increased 4.2º F in 100 year

Maybe a sampling from an early 70’s Rock and Roll song will best share my own thoughts..

“Something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear

There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me, I got beware,

Come on STOP children what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down”

I think we can all agree that whatever is going on is not good for pow turns so lets start there and agree that “something is happening here” and begin the discussion. An interesting perspective on the subject can be found on this subject and the new Squallywood Gondola Plans can be found at:

Some things to ponder while the lifts sit idle…

Have a great day nonetheless!


Good Spring Skiing Today… Rose Closed Tomorrow

Skiing was good today on the many face runs groomed. Cat track to Upper Ramsey is about on its last legs and the flats down below are melting out quickly, but still good on skiers right side. Pondo park will be curtains any day now over the brown out jumps.

Looks like Rose will be closed tomorrow. It has been reported the call was made early this afternoon to not open tomorrow at all so plan your day accordingly. Just so you won’t forget the stoke though, take a gander at some lines laid down by some very talented skiers. What did I learn: stay out of their way, as in way way out. So, take a look at these three Lines of the Year and then you decide which one is best… all three are about as wild as you can get. A good thing to watch with the ski area closed!

Contestant #1 Cody Towsend

Contestant #2 Leo Taillefer

Contestant #3 Candide Thovex



Base To Base Squallywood to Alpine Gondola Announced!

Andy Wirth of SV just announced a deal which would connect Squaw and Alpine in a base to base gondola project. Check it out at:

Skiing today at Rose will be (sadly) be on the Rose side only with increasing winds in the afternoon ahead of a cold front forecast to come through Tues/Wed. We are not forecast to get much out of it but wind and lower temps…. yeah, you’ve heard this song before. It should warm up for a nice spring like weekend for closing which will be nice. Unpack your Aloha wear for next weekend for the parties, skiing and after parties… will update after skiing.