17 degrees with a couple of feet. Really? April? Wow!

Unbelievably good conditions await. Drop those clubs and deal with the chubs. This is a April Pow Day Extraordinaire!


Yesterday the Back country skiing was amazing… today: Epic!

Storm info update: late Thur

Wind has been howling all day unabated. Snowing the last hour or so and wind is letting up slightly with all the snow coming down (from 60 to 45 mph). Looks like everything is as predicted so far. Expect this wind to be nasty enough to make running the lifts problematical though, at least through tomorrow, so be sure to check before coming up. Check out the graphic of what a well formed Low it is and an ample moisture tap… looks like a storm in January… not April!


Its a beautiful LOW centered off the West Coast and coming our way

April Showers? OK, Deluge & Snowmagedon VIII headed our way!

This mornings NOAA briefing has tomorrow’s storm on track with copious amounts of moisture headed our way. I try not to comment too awful much about forecast storms but this well advertised storm is worthy and the trend has been upward rather than downward in intensity. Due to the SSW wind direction we should get decent spillover which will result in feet rather than inches at Rose and rain in the valley. As the cold front makes its way in, snow levels will drop to near the valley floor for an unusual April Door Buster type storm. The intensity you see every decade or more. The snow level predictions are all over the map. That will have a big impact on the amount of snow we end up with and flooding concerns.

That being said, expect creeks and rivers to rise… how far is dependent on snow levels which are anywhere between 6500 and 7500 feet plus or minus a thousand feet. One thing that is for sure is the fact the jet stream will be overhead resulting in winds up to 150 mph up on the peaks. Rose is closed today and may very well be closed tomorrow as well. Saturday the winds will relax their grip*. I would expect avalanche danger to rise significantly with this storm so, if you are headed out, remember to treat it like mid-winter conditions, slopes will be loaded from wind and storm deposition with enough snow to cause some major damage.

Despite the complaints of many about shoveling fatigue, spring fever and this seemingly endless winter,  I remain a small minority of die hards when I say “BRING IT” and we will ski it (and with a big goofy smile on my face) as I once again share Doug Coombs quote with y’all, “There is no such thing as too much snow.”


* For more specific and detailed weather info please visit our friends over at:

The Reindeer Lodge: Down For the Count?

So, as most of you know. The Reindeer roof has caved in due to snow load and decades of rot.

The early history of the Reindeer Lodge (40’s and 50’s) is cloudy at best and it has been known by various names like Miquels, the Rosemont, the Sundowner and probably a few more lost in antiquity. Until the last couple decades it was a Party Palace as retired patrollers and others report all nighters were a common occurrence and that the proprietor at the time would save a room just for the patrollers who couldn’t walk, to crash onsite until the rudeness of early morning struck once again and they staggered back to the mountain. When Gary Schmidt took over he brought in some pretty big name bands from his Bay Area concert promoter connections and it has been reported that Elvin Bishop, Elton John, Bo Diddly, John Lee Hooker, Leon Russel, Tommy Two Tone and many others demonstrated their musical talents at the Reindeer.

The last two decades however it has witnessed a hiatus in any action, in fact the only action has been the further slow decay of an older cedar building in the mountains. The only time I’ve been in there was a night when 431 was closed at Galena during a blizzard and when I came around the corner the “Open” sign was lit. I just had to pull over and had the toughest Buffalo Burger I have ever put my teeth into… my guess is it had been in the freezer for since Elton John had graced the stage. But, the beer was cold and the pool table fairly flat and we had a good time. The interior was a museum and very very cool with everything from a typewriter collection to muzzle loaders with six foot barrels and dozens of musical instruments. It has been about 20 years since that night and I haven’t seen it open since with the exception of what I call the “Rusty Nail Auction” where there were probably a 100 lots to be actioned off and Lot 69 was a 100 lb wooden crate of rusty nails. Most of the other lots were similar. Junk and lots of it.

With the Christmas Tree Restaurant and the Galena Lodge closed and the Reindeer falling into decay, folks returning from skiing have virtually no Apres Ski opportunities once revelers are kicked out of the Timbers Bar an hour or so after the chairs stop spinning. This is truly a sad state of affairs as we have no place to come together after a powder day a tell our lies about the cornices we jumped and face shots we enjoyed…

So now you know a little more about the Reindeer Lodge hopefully. Schmidt does vow to rebuild, but for what its worth, who cares? If its never open and an eyesore to boot, I can’t see rebuilding the lodge as a step forward. I keep hoping the Christmas Tree will return to its former splendor and there is a small chance the Reindeer could be dozed and rebuilt and returned to its glory days… and monkeys could also fly out my butt… but I kinda doubt it.


The large part of the Reindeer Lodge succumbed to snow load issues last month

Spring into Winter this week

Skiing was wonderful today and will continue in this vein with gradually warming temps till Thursday. Just follow the sun for good skiing. And remember, a few degrees up or down can make a huge difference in whether the snow has softened up or not.

Days will continue to be sunny to partly cloudy with small winds the rest of the week till Friday, when it appears, a strong spring storm will be upon us. Its looking like this atmospheric river will bring all snow to Rose even if the snow levels rise considerably. Forecasts are looking at a foot to two feet of snow if all holds together. The trend has been stronger and stronger with this disturbance which bodes well for us. For those of you sick of the snow, great shopping awaits you at the other summit, the Summit Mall. Have fun, hope you get first tracks at Kohl’s or Sears or Macy’s or wherever shopping finds you.

The pic is of a guy who had waaaaay too much to drink obviously and who wants his name protected, right Bill?


Here it is from the horses mouth!

* Precipitation: Precipitation will begin early Friday morning,
  lasting into Saturday with the heaviest precipitation expected
  Friday afternoon. Preliminary estimates are between 2-5 inches
  along the Sierra crest, with 1-3 inches in the Tahoe Basin
  Sierra foothills. Between one-half inch and 1 inch of precipitation
  is possible along the Sierra Front.

* Snow: A significant increase in snowpack is expected above
  7000-7500 feet (8000-8500 in Mono County) with 1-3 feet of snow
  possible. Below 7000 feet (8000 in Mono County) forecast
  confidence is much lower, however some snow accumulation is
  expected by Saturday night.

Truly a “twisted soul” with a lot of guts*
A James Bond reference to “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and the snowplow scene

Pretty in Pink: A beautiful Day for Pinkfest 2017

A great time was had by all and I would say just about everybody was tickled (sorry, couldn’t help myself) pink with the event. The weather was perfect and the snow was great unless you ventured over to Zephyr where skiing was a bit challenging early on. Crowds were manageable and tailgate season was in high form in the Slide lot. The dance floor was hopping with local Reno R & B band Escalade who always puts out great sounds. Hope y’all had a good time. I know I did! Tomorrow should be beautiful as well until the winds kick up in the late afternoon.