Storm Forecast all over the place… Happy Late St. Paddy’s Day

Ralph was the St. Paddy’s Day Poster Boy this year with his greener than normal beard. Nice job Ralph!

In other news the storms seem to be showing a splitting pattern for this week which typically sends storms up North and down to Mammoth (forecast models are notoriously bad at identifying this spring tendency). However, Tahoe Weather Blog remains bullish on this weeks storms talking about multiple feet while NOAA is talking about multiple inches so, once again we will have to wait and see how the splitting and shadowing goes. The theme over the last 24 hours has been a decrease in the total precipitation forecast and a marked increase in snow levels. Neither of which is good for “the cause.”

Today will offer increasing winds and clouds later in the day with a breezy but warm morning. There will be some good skiing to be had for sure. Also, kids are out of school in the Reno area for the next 2 weeks.


Now that is “customer service.”


Don’t Fret. Here comes the Wet.

For all you vampires out there who have had to hide from that glowing orb in the sky the last two weeks,  I have good news! The clouds, snow and rain will return this week. Although nothing huge, we are forecast for a few periods of precip that just might jack up our snow totals a little as we near the all time record at Mt. Rose. We  have been hovering at over 200% of normal for a few lovely sunny weeks but will now head back into Cloudland it looks like. Expect possible showers tomorrow then turning colder Monday into Tuesday with up to 6″ of snow if we are lucky. Showers are in the forecast till the next major dumpage comes our way at the end of the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was out of town for the Tahoe Race League Finals at Sugar Bowl.

Ski you later!


Another day in Paradise…

Incredibly good spring skiing has greeted us all week, for most of 2 weeks now actually and The Chutes have now stayed open longer than any other period this winter with some great and not so great skiing offered up depending on the time of day, wind, temps etc. If you hit it right though, it has been pretty epic. Coverage of out of this world with potential lines available that rarely come into play. The same holds true for the rest of the mountain as well with even the groomers pushing into new territory in places.

Sunrise (or Toilet Bowl as the old timers call it) has delivered incredibly good snow into late afternoon this week. Greg’s has also been groomed to perfection lately and has offered up some delightful runs. The off-piste is all temperature controlled at this point, go in too early and its rock hard coral, too late and its mushy with a touch of Elmers in places. The near record breaking heat has resulted in lots of snow melting off the Southern Exposures and traditionally windblown ridge tops and brush is poking through in spots in these locations. Rocks that were not there today, may rear their ugly pointy little heads tomorrow so heed the melt!

In other news the Pinkfest has been moved to April 1st from its original date tomorrow as snow or rain showers are in the forecast. The summery weather will be shifting back toward winter next week with this weekend a transitional rainy/snowy showery period on Sat. Don’t put away your winter wear just yet, despite the temps through most of March, we still have some winter left.


As beauty melts out keep your eyes open, its not on the map or on your iPhone… its right in front of you when your eyes are open!

A glorious Day & The PINK is coming!

Another in a string of summer days up here coming directly from Winter (apparently bypassing Spring altogether)… warm as toast, time for shorts I say! Pinkfest is coming to Slide Mountain this weekend. Now would be the time to get the last few tickets bought for a good time and a great cause. Also, nice job on picking up your Avy Dogs T-shirts… they are selling like hotcakes (without a long line). Although they are out of some sizes more shirts are on order so check back in a couple of weeks. Also, the Badlands Park is stock full of skiing fun. More than I have ever seen. Go check it out.

Remember, skiing is fabulous somewhere on the mountain every minute of the day. Your job is to find it! Follow the sun. Speaking of great skiing, nice job Dave late grooming on Bruces this morning, it was definitely the run of the day first thing as it was groomed crack of dawn this morning after the snow had a nice freeze on it. On these warm nights the later the grooming the better the snow generally speaking.

Ski you later,


From Winter to Summer without a Spring…

Wow, warm today. Too warm some say as the snow mushed out pretty good. Pancake breakfast included bacon, eggs and toast… very generous really. But the lines were out the door so some of us skipped it and just vicariously enjoyed the food thinking about it while riding…

Glorious sun everywhere after some mid-morning high clouds led to some fun in The Chutes and elsewhere. Patrol Avy dog t-shirts were flying out of the boxes and some sizes are now sold out. Get them while they last everyone! Under the high pressure heat snow is melting quickly off the Southern exposures and consolidating elsewhere fairly quickly. Where spring went I don’t know, felt like we went straight from Winter to Summer without even a one day hesitation for Spring. Long range shows more hot weather on the way. Crowds were manageable today and smiles were everywhere. Hope y’all had as much fun as we did!


Sun and Flapjacks headed your way!

The weather is looking warm and pleasant for a $2 pancake breakfast followed by some runs and then beer on the deck or a tailgater. Its going to be a really nice weekend of spring conditions, but really, you should drive over and catch the World Cup at Squallywood… lots of glitz, glamour and furry topped boots for you over there. Y’all don’t want to waste your time with little ole Mt. Rose now do you when there is a World Class ski event just right over the hill.

Our choices today with my daughter on new skis were 2X ATW’s, an Aida’s, Saddle Chute and some hike to skiing on sastrugi to sample all conditions on the mountain and see how the skis performed… the run sequence couldn’t have been much stranger, but in spite of it all, we had a great time. Just goes to show that its all about who you are with sometimes that makes the world go round!

I know “You Can’t Stop Stupid” but I am getting tired of picking them up off the valley floor or joining SAR for a search, so, in the interests of public safety, “someone” installed a STOP sign at the bottom of Manzo Bowl to at least minimize “Stupid” or make him a little less ignorant at least. Hope it works at least a little! It is very visible from most locations in Manzo going down.

Lastly, Rose has had enough time without a blizzard dump to install 3 parks, the two Big Boy jumps on Double Down, a variety of elements in Badlands and a Quarter Pipe on Galena. Lots of fun to be had for  you pilots out there.

Also, you can bet there will be Wet Slides in the BC this weekend so stay attentive to the sure signs of heating snow, pinwheels, sloughs, natural slides on a slope you are about to ski etc. These warning signs are pretty clear. Have fun out there and here hoping you have a great weekend!