Spring Storms = Good Turns

Although we are not getting dumped on like mid-winter, these little storms and batch of cold air that follow have been great for skiing leaving some ecstasy here and there at Mt. Rose and elsewhere. Harold Durk has been one of these storms biggest fans and he sent in this picture… maybe not March Miracle but more, March Marvelous… The winds on Sunday were sick but Rose managed to keep NW crawling up the slopes for the Demo Day crowd and the Freeride Comps.

In other news Dave and his grooming crew did an amazing job on the Slide Side today with six runs groomed. Top Choice was Central which was groomed better than it has been all season. Grade A plus and smooth as a babies butt. Tomorrow will be another nice day before an inside slider kicks up the wind for Thursday. We may get some scattered showers out of it but who knows… maybe more as I stand by my statement. There is no such thing as too much snow.

Ski you later,


Just enough to make it fun but not draw huge crowds…

Demo Day at Main Lodge/Snow on the Way!

The Bobo’s Demo Day venue has been changed to the main lodge for all of you demo daves and darlas out there. Also the Freeride Competition will be held in The Chutes again today once they open… we are hoping for even a little bit of sun so that the competitors can see their lines a little more clearly!

Looks like some more snow is headed our way, but again, the forecasts weaken as the time for the snow gets a little closer according to the spring trend… the models all have a tough time in the spring accounting for this but the theme has been consistent for the last three or four storms. Early predictions are for feet and then we get inches. I expect this trend to continue with this storm as well.

Hope your Sunday is a fun day. The sunrise was a pretty good start this morning!


Bobo’s Demo Day Tomorrow

Many reps will be on hand with skis and boards tomorrow on the Slide Side so come prepared to try out some of next year’s offerings. Looks like the storm will hold off till late afternoon so as long as the wind doesn’t come in too early everyone should have a good day with some more pow on its way. The next storm just may break the 700″ mark!


Gimme Three Steps, Gimme Three Steps Mister…

Its blowing like hell up here today unlike yesterday, which was close to perfect. All lifts but The Wiz are down and probably out for the day according to staff. Good day to sort change, clean your ears, buy a new  toupee… whatever. There are only three really good reasons to come up today:

1     You are researching the possibility of the installation of Windmills on Mt. Rose

2     You are testing windproof fabrics and need a long time subjected to hellish conditions

3     You are a suicidal hang glider pilot

Yesterday was a perfect spring day at Rose, lets hope tomorrow is the same. Better luck next time everyone… and who knows, we might just get a little bit of fresh snow out of it if the temps would drop a little. Currently just above freezing.


Just the right amount of shitty*

Yesterday was one of those days where you were really on the fence… wind was blowing hard and increasing, fog was pretty thick with only a few inches of snow and which had followed some rain during the night, plus it was Tightwad Tuesday so folks would drive a hundred miles easily for a half price lift ticket… most indicators said “Bag it”, but, at about 11 something I said to hell with it and went up anyway. The Slide lot was nearly empty and at first I doubted the chair was even spinning, but, there it was, spinning a lone soul up through the fog. Taking the Upper Traverse I noticed there wasn’t a track in the 4 to 5 inches of new snow… but the SW wind was howling too so “tracks must have been blown over” I said to myself and continued on. Heading over to Zephyr, same thing. No tracks. We dropped in to the Zephyr trees into a trackless 6″ of pow and blown pow and found freshies all the way down. And with a smile agreed, “yeah, lets do THAT again.” The Flume trail back to the lift only showed a couple of other tracks from Bruces.

Winds did get pretty bad with the chair running a flat and slow 500 FPM with some chair swing added to the action but we got a last run in on Shangdi La just as they called it. As I skied down into the almost empty lot to the truck I thought of the movie line *Just the right amount of shitty” from the flick “The Way Way Back” as it applied to this day and smiled. The conditions were just bad enough to keep most folks home which resulted in an Old Timey day at Slide Mountain… just like it used to be… laying down tracks next to your old tracks without another set in-between. I would gladly trade 3 feet of pow on a Bluebird Day with a billion others fighting for that one last turn in the trees any day of the week.

Today could be a repeat… thats what the weather guru’s are calling for but who knows, I suspect however that there will be many more folks since the winds have calmed down and there is more new snow.


Just like the “good ole days” at Slide mountain… and most of these cars were staffers

Freshies at 11:30 am… “Really?” Damn straight!