The finish line is in sight…

So, after the Greatest Winter That Ever Was… the finish line is in sight. Welcome to the last ski weekend of this history making season. The Carson Range has come out ahead of just about everyone in terms of snowfall and amount of powder days skied. Hope you can get up to enjoy the live music on Saturday on the Timber’s Deck. It looks like the weather may even cooperate… so with that in mind, pack your cold beer, sun hat and sunscreen and plan on some Chute Jammin in the days to come!

In other news… folks have been asking why El Cap, Jackpot etc have been closed or close early in the afternoon… well, its late May and wet slides heat up with the snow so… expect more closures this weekend unless things cool off quite a bit.

Papa Smurf with a weight problem? Plum Man? A Grape Nut? No one knows for sure, nor do they have to… its Spring Skiing at Mt. Rose and I appreciate the laughs…


Chutes Heat Up

Had to get their early today to get the goods on the groomers due to overnight lows in the lower 40’s but mid-morning The Chutes went off perfectly with true spring good ness to be found about everywhere. Amazing skiing to be had in there until they were shut down due to wet slide potential from the most sunny to the least. Beehive, Hornets, Nightmare and Millers stayed open until at least early afternoon when I left and offered up some of the best spring skiing of the year.

Get it while its hot folks. Closing day will be upon us sooner than later! Hope you enjoyed Sven’s Beer Wagon out of the back of my Toyota last weekend… that was a LOT of fun with the girls pouring… just needed some ice cream truck music as I cruised through the parking lot.


The Beer Truck in action…

Old Man Winter still trying…

Although the snow today is wet and not sticking at 7640 feet, it may tonight. I am out of town the next couple of days but some may get manage to get in one more “powder day” (very loosely defined) on Thursday.

Good luck to all of you. I’ll be back on the weekend which is forecast to be wonderfully sunny! Maybe the Aloha Wear will come out after all this month!


The Century Club Rides Again

Thanks to Doug Burnett and Mimi Longballa for throwing the best Century Club Celebration yet with pulled pork, BBQ ribs fresh off the grill and officiating the Passing of the Trophy. Congrats to Mike Selby for his closing in on 150 days. Many of us noted that there were quite a few days when either the resort was closed or only a lift or two was open with no scanners around, so these numbers were lower than the actual count. Doug (AKA: “Stat Man Do”) also shared his weather calendar showing this winter’s impressive snowfall stats. Looking back at the amount of snow that fell in January and February was pretty amazing. Thanks again Mimi and Doug for making the party a great success!

Beginning with a wonderful Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday Morning through the Century Club’s Annual Meeting, skiing yesterday and this weekend was excellent for this late in the year thanks to the cold temps and cloud cover. Mothers and their kids were out in force on the slopes with lots of tykes tearing it up on ATW.  The Chutes opened yesterday as well and rooster tails could be seen on El Cap from the party so many of us headed back up with full stomachs ready to test the power of pulled pork!

Next weekend is shaping up weather wise as bluebirds. See you then!


One hell of a party…

The Pass Renewal Party was a good one, with, as always, Charlie the MC providing plenty of laughs with his No Pants jokes, skier antics high energy on stage. Always keeping us smiling and laughing that guy despite the fact that he is a dyed in the wool snowboarder and makes sure we know it. Oh, Charlie… don’t let that board go to your head… its all sliding on the snow nowadays…

To that one guy that went and tried to ski Bruces first run on a cold morning through coral and frozen vegetables…. wow, you don’t ski much do you? Still struggling to descend after we completed our third run, it made me think maybe I rushed too quickly to judge another, maybe I don’t know all that much about what someone else digs or not… and how different we all are as skiers as to what we like and how much we are willing to punish ourselves in the name of sport. Who knows, maybe frozen vegetables are what float this guy’s boat? He might just be pegging the Stokemeter by skiing that crap. Who am I to judge? Good humbling musings in front of a great ski day…

After a great morning of skiing with Central Pacific and Silver delivering the “groomed in the morning” goods and other slopes coming into play as they softened, the party raged on after all the prizes were given away throughout the afternoon in the upper lot (yeah, some character brought a keg of Chili Beso for Christsakes). Don Smith, of Smith Video Projections showed up with his Casio keyboard to lead us all in his original composition of “Sliden on the Snow” while dancers danced a little skiers jig and others clapped their way into happiness. The music and beer were flowing after a great ski day and we had a ball until the waning sunlight forced us down the hill. Joining Don were Nai’a Selby on vocals, as well as Joey Rolshoven and Noa Selby on Cone Percussion. The dancers like JC and others just kinda came out of the woodwork looking to celebrate what has been a historical season.

Finally, thanks to Mt. Rose for once again providing a great celebration of spring and letting all of us who love this mountain to play together while working toward breaking the land speed record or seeing if we can touch at least God’s big toe off one of the jumps in Double Down. All of us love this mountain and the time we get to play together on and over it!

Have a great day everyone

Six Degrees warmer today will have the snow warm up and soften quicker with some possibility of sticky stuff later in the afternoon with the sun at such a summer angle. Less wind will also aid in the warming. A more typical spring day on Rose than yesterday to be sure.


Spring. Really?

If you thought it was gunna be another warm spring like day…. forget about it. Its 22 degrees this morning and colder than much of December… snow should be good and rock hard for awhile unless the groomers hit it while cold and the tillers loosened it up good. We will see. Plan on coral and anything less will be gladly accepted. The sun should work its magic on the sun facing slopes but it will be awhile.

In other news the Party shall go on! Looks like the Passholder party with music will happen today around noon on and lots of swag should be given away as well as some trips to Mexico. Your chances of winning these may be 1 out of 6000 or so given there are four trips, but hey, better than nothing. There will also be some other give aways and hopefully a season wrap up by our buddy Charlie the MC who makes it fun.

The Slide Lot or Upper parking lot should also host a little unofficial get together (think free beer) look for Sven and a keg… I’ll be around. Tomorrow Rose will host a Mother’s Day Brunch with Mimosa specials. Be kind to your Mom. Get her drunk and on skis at the same time (don’t forget to make sure her medical insurance is up to date).

Have fun out there no matter what and remember… no matter how bad the conditions are… its way better than changing your oil today or taking out the garbage!