Turning Tim Makes 100 Days!

Weather was perfect for sunsets, wine, beer and lots of runs in The Chutes and elsewhere with a nearly perfect quite satiny corn-o-copia of great snow, sun and blue blue skies.

Congrats to Turnin Tim pictured below for his 100 Days this winter. Wasn’t always easy in all the fog, rain, blizzard and windy conditions. Our hats off to you Tim!

Not much to say otherwise other than it was nearly a perfect weekend on all fronts. Hope y’all had as much fun as we did!


Groomers Hit A Homerun! Way to go Dave!

A big thanks goes out to Dave and the grooming crew for really sprucing up the mountain last night. With the cold temps and tilling in of the little snow we received this week along with the outrageously sunny day led to absolutely stunning skiing!

All three face runs on the Rose side were groomed along with Central, Bonanza, Bruces, Shangri La, Silver, Sunrise and and Fremont. It was a fantastic morning and once the groomers were skied out the sun worked its magic and the off-piste become not only skiable, but wonderful and satiny.

Didn’t look so good Wednesday of this week before all the grooming though as the Doggie Inspectors demonstrate below.


Whats the best brand of snowmaker? Mother Nature

Another couple of inches added last night against all predictions (NOAA has us as partly cloudy, and sunny today! Ha) laid in some fresh pow and although thin, made the groomers oh so good first thing this morning. The cold temps did result in the snow melting and refreezing depending on cloud cover and slope angle/inclination. Low angle trees with few old ski tracks were very nice today. The spring sun will warm up South facers undoubtedly as the day rolls on.

The Pondo Park is complete and is looking like a lot of fun… a reader asks “Where was the park three months ago?” I certainly didn’t have an answer although the back to back storms made it pretty difficult to keep a park maintained before it was once again, buried flat by at the next six feet of snow. Anyway, all three parks are in good shape and they will get a lot of use this weekend!

For those of you earning your turns. Be forewarned. Rapid warming of the snow pack can and do result in very unstable conditions. The stability factor can also change rapidly so your second lap on any given slope may change quite a bit lap to lap. Be on the lookout for potentially large and destructive wet slides as the temps heat up this weekend and next week. Corn on one run could be oatmeal the next. Look for large rollerballs and pinwheels as well as your bottom ski washing out on you as signs its time to head off steeper terrain. I set off a half mile long slide yesterday that moved at about 50 mph toward the bottom. You wouldn’t have needed to worry about a rescue had you been in it!

Looks like the Mountain Top Wine and Beer Party are once again on for this year Saturday night when Northwest will stay open till 5:30. And finally, came across a snowmaker today that was just peeking its head out… amazing. Ma Nature definitely put the snowmakers out of work early this year.

Have a great weekend!


Spring Skiing with actual Sun…

Wonderfully cold today with a brisk Northwind will keep the snow good most of the day. Temps tomorrow are forecast cold as well with a North wind so count on mid-morning goodness. It will be hard as blazes first thing though so be prepared or come later and enjoy the corniness of an actual spring morning. The weekend is looking good with sun in the forecast and warming temps. BBQ weather for sure!

In other news the Pondo Park has been rebuilt with jumps and is pretty saucy.

Pic is of a Silver Bell  hanging off a Mountain Mahogany somewhere…. if you have seen it then you know as you are passing it a pretty big smile is plastered on your face. Its location has been requested to be concealed… if you are smiling… you know! Thanks for the contribution… wicked cool trail!


What a Weekend!!!

So many runs to ski… so little time! Although The Chutes were hard and unforgiving this morning they did soften up in time, although not to their former glory of a couple of days ago. They have been wonderful as of late for most of the last four days.

The weekend was filled with adventure, sun, smiles, beer and warm weather… although I could have done without the wind at times… we are at Mt. Blows… and thats just what it does. Way better than KSL’s Mt. Close anyway. This coming week looks a little gnarly with lots of wind and clouds. The forecast ahead looks a little better for next weekend.

For those of you who keep asking me why The Chutes are roped off below Cut Throat… the picture below is why. Due to the angle and inclination that East facing slope is prone to wet slides which are almost impossible to control for.

Our unofficial hats are off to Jim Hart who skied all The Chute gates on Saturday! Nice job Jim. Jim is framed below on his last gate in the day. Hope you all had as much fun as I did! Slide lodge is down and out for the season but a few of us celebrated with a bevy of beers, great views and fish stories about the great runs we had.  A few of us diehards were sure to get some last drinks in overlooking Washoe Valley.

Goodbye for the Season Slide… we’ll miss you!



Critter kingdom Rises Again

The animals are out looking to fill their empty stomachs after a very long and hard winter… bear tracks are common but lion, fox, coon, rabbit and of course, squirrel tracks have also been spotted in and around the resort. Yesterday I found myself  hemmed in by brush following the only snow down a ravine and ended up on a bear den porch with lots of big piles of poo as well as pretty big bear tracks, and more ominously, lots of little cub tracks… I skedaddled through the brush pretty darn quick after looking around before Mama Bear roused from her morning nap.

Spring has definitely sprung but these cold mornings will still provide pretty rock hard snow until the sun has a chance to work its high angle magic. Keep in mind the wind will also play a pretty powerful role in helping or hindering the sun’s ability to warm the snow to creamy corn levels. Count on upper 30’s or lower 40’s to warm the snow if the night froze hard as well as a couple hours to make a dent in the hardback. On the other hand, cold night conditions can lead to nice groomers in the morning from Dave and his crew. Bonanza will probably nice today after remaining ungroomed (and heinously ugly) yesterday morning.

According to the lifties this is also Slide Lodge’s last weekend this season… bathrooms on the Slide Side?… nobody seems to know at this point.

The weekend weather is shaping up nicely. Ski you out there!