The Circus Came to Town (and yes, by Gawd, the Fat Lady DID sing)

Good evening folks,

If you came to Rose today you know what happened. The Circus not only came… but dominated thanks to lift problems with Zephyr, a full lot, accidents on the highway, Vfog madness extraordinaire and Lot 8 parking (The Mt. Rose Highway). The line at NW this morning was absolutely the longest I have seen it in my quarter century of coming up here regularly… not only TO THE LODGE but past it… wrapping around toward Wizard Load… (see pics below). After following up the folks that had virtually camped out the night before for first chair we skied on over to Slide (as did everyone else) and experienced ecstasy on our first couple runs… that is until the chair blew a hydraulic hose and stranded about a billion of us down at the bottom with no power in the lodge and no parking lot… after 45 minutes or so some unhappy folks actually bailed walking up and out the Mine Train to Silver and out, others, warned they would have their ticket pulled or pass pulled if skiing down to the Chuter, walked up to ski down to the Chuter Load and then up the cat track to the Rose side. After an hour or so with some duct tape and bailing wire and some Stafford magic the lift evaced us out and back to the Rose side. It was time for some BC after that for some of us… we had had enough. The lift did eventually reopen but then broke again necessitating another airlift of seemingly billions of skiers (and we could hear that Fat Lady clearly¬†belting it out at this point). Scuttlebutt on the mountain is that Zephyr will remain closed until Tuesday morning as parts have to be ordered. Again, this is just a rumor, but it may effect your Sunday plans (especially after you see the pics below).

So, some mellow BC may be in order for many of us locales. Slides are still happening out there so everyone is encouraged to do their due diligence when skiing any slopes over 30 degrees… every aspect, slope and elevation is different so be sure to check your route and think it through before making your first (and possibly last) turn out in the BC. Avy pic below was taken just below the Slide Access Road and it went BIG.

So… to sum it up. There were lots of barriers to enjoyment but the snow was fantastic when you could get to it as the pics will show.

Got some more storms taking tickets out there in the Pacific for next week. Hold on to your hats mid-week and brace for another few rounds!


The Pre-Circus came to town, the Real Circus comes tomorrow!

The line stretched almost to the lodge… tomorrow you’ll be able to order a beer while waiting for the line to move forward if today was any indication. A fan wrote in with a new definition of EPIC (Every Person In California, China and Colorado arrives at your ski area for an epic day) Sad but true.

Contrary to some reports from yesterday forecasting Zephyr would open late morning… it never did due to access issues. A large slide came down Nightmare (thus the name) carrying trees with it that the NDOT rotary plows just don’t do well with. In short, the Slide lot is still not clear and they are having power issues… The latest info is that Slide will spin tomorrow on APU but the lot will remain closed. With this knowledge expect the Circus Action to be furious at the Rose lot and for the Mt. Rose Hwy to become Lot 8. Snow was fairly dense but consistent but everything was chewed up after a 3 runs or so. Some folks left disgruntled. I say… lower the bar! Expect little and you’ll be happy with something. We found some good stuff and stayed till about 12:30 or so… Check out the pics of the line… longest one I have ever seen at NW… and it was a FRIDAY… we know not what tomorrow brings but… be very afraid! Or… alternatively, like I said… set the bar LOW! Or just find a seat at the BAR and swap some pow stories while enjoying a libation.

Snow today was soaking up the thick fog to the point of forming a light crust on the shin deep pow, still fun but not the bottomless folks expected.

In avy news… better know what you are doing if venturing into the side or back country. There are numerous areas that still hold considerable danger.

Come with a smile and you’ll probably leave with one too. Good luck tomorrow.

May The Force be with you.


When the Circus Comes to Town

With the Slide lot and lift off the table, Rose is bound to be a three ring circus IF you can get there. Imagine an endless line of cars and you’ll have the picture down pretty well. The staggered Slide opening will also insure a Chutes Gate type rope drop Chinese Downhill mid or late morning with the freshies gone pretty darn quick since the 2nd cup of coffee drinkers will be chomping at their bits at rope drop.

But, there will be some great turns to be had on a NEW mountain full of snow for a change. Lets insert just a tad bit of civility toward each other and don’t let the Powder Madness take you to your unhappy place. Heres hoping on one gets run over in the parking lot! Give Patrol a break and don’t ask them when the chutes will be open… they have a LOT of work to do up there after such a monstrous dump.


Snomageddon II

OK. It IS the day after tomorrow and its snowing again after a brief respite last night. Mt. Rose Highway still closed. No wind, light snow and cold temps should lead to some great skiing HOWEVER, I would expect it to be a zoo up here tomorrow and the weekend. As my colleague over at: said so eloquently… “expect I-80 to be an overflow parking lot and the lift lines to stretch to Iowa”. Go check out his take… its well worth reading… and chuckling over.

As for Rose, I think we can expect half of Reno to be driving up after cancelling work tomorrow for a medical visit with the ever popular “Dr. White.” This weekend you can expect the same with the added benefit of a billion Bay Area folks coming up to enjoy the new stuff from what has become a legendary storm. To quote Tahoe Skiers Law #134: “When pow falls, they will come, the more the pow, the more they will come.” With a clear weekend ahead and the roads improving tomorrow I would expect the Mt. Rose Hwy to become an overflow parking lot as well. How long will the pow last… I think¬†the movie title “Gone in 60 Seconds” will be most appropriate.

In terms of BC play… remember we have had a LOT of fresh snow. It will be exceedingly tough breaking with a lot of snow still settling out. The effects of the persistent rain crusts, storm and wind slab will be complex. Be sure to use your due diligence outside of developed ski areas or on very steep terrain (like the Chutes) within the ski area boundaries. This would be a great time to have all your avy gear with you when The Chutes do finally open which will happen at some point.

Finally, to all of you coming to Tahoe from other locales… please be mindful that us mountain people have been without power, roads and have been shoveling for most of the week… leave us a track or two if you get a chance!


After shoveling the steps, driveway and deck it was time to take the roof and its 12 feet of snow…

Snowmageddon at Rose and Sky Tavern

Well, we have been shoveling non-stop for about 36 hours and it looks like we got about 8 feet total and barely saved our roof from collapse by lots MORE shoveling and the installation of posts in the dining room. Skiing should be great when the highway finally opens and the bull wheel’s spin. Patrol has been working and so have the highway crews but its hard to imagine just how much we received up here in a very short amount of time. Here are some pics… road may open tomorrow but they are talking Friday morning also so… no one knows for sure at this point. Lots of bombs going off at Barneys slide path and up on the mountain… so… hope springs eternal. We haven’t seen snow like this in about 22 years up here so yes, it was a BIG ONE just as Paul Grady at forecasted!


Blizzard Conditions at Mt. Rose

About 3 feet fell last night as close as we can tell but with the wind its 5 feet on some spots and close to none in others… light, perfect powder surrounding, invading and covering all. Have to get back to shoveling but here is a little vid to give you an idea of the weather up here today.