Kiddie Olympics at Rose!

Mt. Rose celebrated the Winter Olympics by hosting a Ski Challenge Course for anyone under 14 (I qualified with my mental age but my old fogey body wasn’t cutting it). This is just another example of what makes Rose so special and family friendly. There is always something fun and new going on like this. Awesome event! Although there was Machine Groomed Gravel on the Upper Ramsey’s Traverse again today… you can’t discredit the groomers at all. They are working with mere inches of snow, and as Chief Snow Quality Inspector Nate Corona pointed out, “its not the groomer’s fault, it was great our first run.” Indeed it was skier traffic that was the culprit and we will see more of that during the Prez Holidays unless we get some miracle snow storm out of nowhere between now and then. Are rocks coming out? Well, yeah, of course. Although 99% of the mountain is gravel and rock free there are a few places to slow down and ski carefully in piste including, but not limited to; 1) Upper Ramsey Traverse; Silver Face and Zephyr Catrack at the top. The fact that they are still grooming Zephyr is a miracle in itself. There is just not much snow to work with over there.

Patrollers have been out marking rocks and shoveling off gravel where they can which is much appreciated. There active presence on the hill this year has been really helpful for all of our edges and bases.

In any event, as my daughter told Channel 8 during an on-snow interview… “its better than dirt.” The sun is out and there is snow… that in itself is pretty nice.



Every once in a while the wheels of the Universe align…

Every once in a while… the wheels of the universe align and bring three members of your distant K2 family onto the same chair on a crowded day… then you know… it was pre-ordained. This adventure was supposed to happen… and it did. Thats whats so great about Mt. Rose… you never know what adventures will roll out in front of you depending on who you run into. Keeping your options open with friends like Tele Jim and Braided Christie always pay off…

Great corn today. Hope you are as full as I am.


We Got Corn!

Expect corn snow on Silver face mid-morning or earlier. It was softening by 9:30 today. Other slopes like Bruces and Zephyr will follow suit. As the sun turns so will the corn snow follow. Being as how Reno will approach 70 on Monday with no end to the heat in sight… NOW is the time to get your spring skiing in…

I am not predicting whether it will snow or not… but I am predicting this long period heat will start melting what meager snow pack we have. I am also predicting good spring skiing, music on the Slide side, cold beer and nice sunny days and I’ll put the 100% FOR SURE rating on that one. So might as well quit grumbling about the lack of snow and get it while you can. As Joni Mitchell said so long ago… Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got ’till its gone.”


Here comes Zephyr (and the heat)!

For the first time this year Zephyr was groomed (and well, I might add) to a satiny finish that delighted anyone who was lucky enough to ski it this morning. Doesn’t happen very often. Last month records were tallied and it was the second warmest January on record with 19 days five degrees or more over the norm. February is on tap to do much the same so far with the weather wizards over at NOAA saying the unseasonable warmth will stick around for at least a couple more weeks. If you love to ski I would therefore make the most of your pass the next couple of weeks. No one, and I mean, no one, knows what will happen next. We might get more snow… and then again, we might not.

Ski it while you can! Here is what NOAA has to say on the subject:

The long term outlook for precipitation returning to the Sierra
and western Nevada continues to look bleak. The ridge of high
pressure currently building over the western U.S. is forecast to
persist through mid-month. Daytime high temperatures are also
expected to stay well above average, potentially by as much as
10-20 degrees, as the amplified ridge axis moves over the region.

Long term ensemble models and short term climate models are all
in good agreement that the ridge of high pressure will stay locked
into the West Coast through mid-February. This will continue to keep
stronger storms out of the region for the time being.

A strong Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) event is currently
moving through the western Pacific. This tropical event is
teleconnecting well to North America, which favors a trough in the
eastern U.S. and continued ridging in the west. In addition, periods
of high pressure moving into the arctic will create periods of
blocking, continuing to keep the current pattern in place.


Where is the snow?

Got some great feedback from ski patrol on one of my posts. The deal is that there is just not enough snow at the bottom of The Chutes to allow safe egress to the lift owing to a high snow line for most of our storms. The springs and wetlands just uphill from The Chuter load have very little if any coverage. With that being said… it would be ideal to have a nice heavy layer of high density snow and some cold weather to make a nice base down there below 8000 feet. The Chuter load is suffering the same fate as Sky Tavern, we just don’t have quite enough to ski safely at this point nor does it look like we are going to get that “big wet storm” any time soon. The folks over at the Tahoe Weather Blog as well as NOAA are forcasting dry and warmish for the next several weeks.

Since misery loves company, you might feel better when I share the fact that no one in the West is doing very well until you reach up into Washington, Montana and the Northern Rockies. Place to be: Bridger Bowl near Bozeman, Montana who is reporting an average year with 100% of their terrain open (good beer to be had in Bozeman as well since its a college town). Notice on the map of snow water equivalent and snow depth that with a few exceptions most of the West is in the red zone where some stations are running only 15% of the normal snow depth for the end of January. Many of the mid to low elevation sites are reporting little to no snow since most of our storms have had a high snow line.

With all the doom and gloom in the snow analysis when comparing this season to last, I still had a great day at Rose this morning high speed cruising the groomers with nary a rock to be seen on the Rose side. So… bottom line, even without much snow there is great fun to be had on a board or two sliding around on the snow with your buddies. Better get it while you can. No one knows how this is gunna end, but end it will at some point with more brown than white. As with skiing and dinner, be prepared and eat your dessert first!


Chutes a resolute “No.” Party: “Yes.”

OK, word on the street is that the Chutes do not have the coverage in tailings that they need for the lift load and what we less than affectionately call “Skid Mark Corner” at the end of tailings. Sorry folks. One of two possibilities give us hope… that 1) the word on the street is wrong, or 2) that February is kinder to us snow wise. Either way its out of our control and therefore fruitless to consider for now.

On the other side of the coin, man does Rose know how to throw a party. With Charlie as the MC at the helm, the Slide Back Retro Day was great for the old school tricks and costumes… and there were some good ones too!

No matter what, it was a great day and Bruces was the pick of the litter first thing this morning.

Happy Riding,