1/17/11 There Is A Thing Called Ice Hold?

Dear skiers and riders,

I would be remiss in my ethical duties today if I told you to come up and ski anytime soon. Its an ice rink up here, literally! Zephyr and NW are both on Ice Hold, which is a new one. Had extremely wet snow freeze solid after a huge following the grooming which left sheets of ice on every slope that hadn’t been groomed in the last couple of hours. They actually had the green run “Around the World” closed at its intersection with Kit Carson until 10:30 AM of so.

Although the PM might be quite fine on some slopes I cannot recommend wasting your gas to come up. Save it for another day!

– Sven

1/16/11 Happy Juneary

Happy Juneuary Skiers and Riders!
A light misty rain and ominous low clouds scudded across the Slide Mountain Summit first thing this morning. However, as the day wore on the blue began to win the battle in the skies and sunny (and somewhat sodden) slopes were enjoyed by the holiday crowd. Having not froze, the groomers were soft and slurpy first thing and got softer as the day moved toward noon and 50 degrees. Before they were all torn up the groomers were a ball as was any bumps that had been skied in like Golds, Zephyr, Gregs, etc.
Just by chance I rolled the dice and tried Nightmare and to my chagrin it was outrageously good. After another run we moved on over to Yellowjacket and stayed there the rest of the day, run after run. Yes… it was THAT good. Forgiving, supple and slow, the snow let me ski fall line a never before… kind of like “slow powder”. The slurpee consistency allowed GS turns down 4o to 50 degree slopes and the bumps… at the bottom. You just couldn’t do wrong. As the forecast looks we are getting more of the same for the forseeable future so I would suggest coming up early, getting some great “spring like” runs under your belt and then enjoying a beer on the deck at Winter’s Creek.
Now thats a good day!
-Sven Svenhardt

1/15/11 Skiing Appreciated, Passholders Unappreciated

Considering the warm temps in the upper 40’s yesterday, the skiing today was fantastic. Grooming was great and the corduroy was as soft as a babies bottom. So many groomed runs to choose from. The morning skiing under sunny skies and little wind was wonderful. The chutes were another story however. Even after waiting until after 11:00 AM to open them, they were still quite hard, and in places an ice rink at 45 degrees. Needless to say it might be better to wait for them to really warm up and hit them in the afternoon tomorrow or wait for more snow sometime in the distant future. As for the lines… well they were certainly holiday style after 11:00 AM and not something I would choose to stand in for long. Come up early or stay at home I say!

Also attended Passholder Appreciation Day. Looks like all passholders were appreciated for spending an exorbitant amount of money for beer and brats. Although the public paid $5, all passholders received a whooping dollar off as as good will gesture. Thats right, Mt. Rose made only a 250% profit instead of a 350% profit. I have never heard so much grumbling from the Greek Chorus. It basically boiled down to this… “I spend hundreds of dollars on food every season, I buy season passes for me and my family and the company offers me a dollar off as an “Apprecation”, thats pathetic, why bother. That is not an Appreciation, that is an insult.”

As for me… the skiing was great and thats what matters!

Sven Svenhardt

1/14/11 Better Than Expected

Skiers and Riders,
Today is stunningly good considering it rained for a small period of time yesterday. Must have snowed last night at least a little to cover up the frozen ugliness. Much to my surprise the groomers were perfectly soft and carveable and a LOT was groomed for your enjoyment. Off piste wasn’t all that bad either and there were places where the wind buff new snow had filled in the gaps and it made for good skiing.
The Chutes were closed in the morning until they could soften said patrol. The late opening is often used when the chutes are icy in the morning in a typical spring like freeze/melt cycle. I must say I was surprised they were closed this morning though, as the snow was in fairly good shape and not particularly icy considering the weather we had yesterday. Hopefully they are open now and skiers are enjoying the sparse crowds for a Friday of a holiday weekend.
Tomorrow is the German Beer Garden on the Slide Side followed by Telefest on Sunday so should be s super weekend to come on up and have some fun. Kudo’s to Jessica and her crew for cleaning up the Zephyr Load with much pick and shovel action prior to the holidays. The sloping ramp would have resulted in multiple loading issues for the tourists.

-Sven Svenhardt

1/13/11 Wind Holds

Winds have come up this morning to stop the Northwest Chair. The Zephyr was still running, albeit slowly when I left at 11:00 AM. The wind seems to be on the rise with very warm weather in the high 30’s on the mountain. Yep, snow is sticking to your goggles. All is not lost however, the windblown 3″ or so of pow collecting in spots in the chutes have made them very skiable and fun. Especially since you will have them all to yourself! Skied El Cap, Dragon Lady, Fuse, Charge and Chaos with wonderful results while the sun slid in and out of the clouds. Groomers were soft and anywhere in the trees was wind buffed and quite nice skiing. It will be worth the trip up if the lifts keep running. Call before coming for sure.

Sven Svenhardt

1/12/11 Chutes Skiing Well

Good morning skiers and riders;

Mt. Blows is living up to its name today as the West winds are rocking early this morning on both the Slide and NW sides. The Chutes remain relatively protected and a good choice for skiing today as well. Feels like an inch or two are spread fairly consistently in the lee areas of the wind. Runs like Bonanza and Central Pacific had a nice coating of pow that was light and blown. The corduroy wasn’t too bad either and had not become hardened with the wind overnight. Most of the Chutes were in much better shape than yesterday particularly on the leeward sides like Jackpot, Cutthroat etc. Winds in the chutes were nonexistent which made the long ride up the chuter chair a blessing as one could finally warm up. The sun is playing hide and seek today but for the most part visibility was pretty good.

The wrap up: new powder coating, no crowds and survivable winds if you are dressed right. Go for it!

Sven Svenhardt