1/24/11 Monday Short Report

Clear skies, a warming sun, no wind with temps in the 20’s first thing this morning led to great play on the groomers.
No crowds and near perfect conditions led us to experience high speeds and lots of fun.

1/23/11 Hug A Groomer Operator

Greetings skiers & boarders,
Early morning groomers were wonderful with low crowds due to football mania. As the temps rose with the sun the South facing bowls began to corn and the skiing was silky smooth. Many more runs than was standard practice a month ago were groomed today, perhaps to offset the absolutely abominable conditions off-piste. Zephyr, Shangrila (Outlaw) and both Bonanza and Central were groomed as well as most of the named runs on the other side. As long as one adjusted one’s expectations accordingly (since we haven’t had more than a couple of inches of snow the entire month) the skiing was a lot of fun with lunch and beers on the Slide side deck and great jumping on Bruces. The park folks have added a couple of smaller jumps for kids and old farts down lower in Badlands which proved a LOT of fun for the posse!
Like anything else, there is only as much fun up here as you bring with you. We must have brought a lot today because it was a wonderful day at Mt. Rose. As the conditions are forecast to stay very stable with a huge High Pressure system just off the coast I suspect the coming week will be more of the same. Remember though, adjust your expectations… don’t expect good off-piste conditions or the chutes to open anytime soon. Until the weather warms up 15 degrees during the day or it snows, the off-piste skiing will be poor to horrid.
-Sven Svenhardt

1/21/11 A Tragedy Reminds Us About Snow Safety

In case you haven’t heard yet, there was a tragedy on the mountain yesterday that deserves some discussion. Two snowboarders attempted to slide down Gold’s Run which was very very icy and also quite steep and got in over their heads. Unfortunately for young 15 year old Maison, he took off his board and tried to walk down the hill under the Zephyr chair. Without his edge he began to slide uncontrollably and had for some reason taken off his helmet which he was also carrying. After gaining quite a bit of speed he hit a tree and was killed by blunt force trauma. This should be a lesson to all of us to be cautious on firmer snow conditions and give ice the respect it deserves. It should also be a good lesson to Mt. Rose to provide accurate snow reports and to warn potential skiers and riders of the dangers that exist on any given day.
A great example was last Monday’s conditions which were nothing short of rink ice but which were reported as firm… with some ice. Very few skiers could have even traversed and kicked turned down most non-groomed runs that day but the snow report would have not given one that idea. Perhaps out of this tragedy will come a snow report more influenced by actual conditions than what is marketable. Please don’t misconstrue the cause of this accident which lies firmly in the snowboarder’s decision to try Gold’s Run. However, considering the ignorance of some skiers and riders the question must be asked “Can we make the experience safer?” One of the answers to this query could be.. provide accurate snow reports and when its too icy to leave the groomers then say so!
Now on to the report. The groomers worked overtime last night to provide an incredibly smooth and consistent snow surface to play on. Although the off-piste remained a nightmare in the morning, the groomers were fast and near perfect. Owing to the forecast for highs near 50 today the PM skiing is bound to be good on South facers and should warm everything up and perhaps even make Gold’s skiable once more. Speaking of that, the entire run was roped off today and closed to prevent further incident on this slope. It will be warmer tonight though so groomers tomorrow may be much harder depending on when there hit… so caution is still the name of the game until you have checked out the run at least once.
Our thoughts go out to Maison’s family and friends. We never like the thought of losing someone on the mountain.

Sven Svenhardt

1/20/11 Some Improvement

Good morning skiers and riders,

Slick today but slightly better than yesterday. The grooming was done in colder temps so that most of the icy plates have been tilled up but beware the off-piste. Sign, roping and patrol are urging skiers to stay on the groomed slopes for safety. Tried a traverse over to Bruces and even that was dicey. I would highly recommend skiing on the groomed runs, which all things considered, are in pretty darn good shape!

-Sven Svenhardt

1/19/11 Anyone For Bowling?

Good morning skiers and riders,

Well, things have improved… from Abysmal to Terrible. Off piste is pretty much a death wish on frozen coral. The groomers done late at night were in fairly good shape but anything groomed earlier like Bonanza or Bruces were just downright Nasty cement with broken tile, frozen coral and plates of steel thrown in for good measure. The only reason to really come up is to quench that sadomasachistic urge. DON”T DO IT!

Sad to say, you would be better off bowling today. For you die hards though… I did stay for seven or eight runs so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Sven Svenhardt

1/18/11 Enjoy Your Ice In The Afternoon

The situation is much improved from yesterday… which doesn’t mean its good. It just means you probably won’t necessarily slide into a tree should you fall. Conditions were “firm” as reported by Mt. Rose which translates into “wear your body armor” is you are getting on the steeper slopes before noon or so. Still very hard today with lots of slidable ice early on but a huge improvement from yesterday nevertheless. The non-groomed runs were usually roped off, with even the low angle slopes being deemed by patrol as too dangerous to ski. I could not agree with them more. Patrol has, by the way, responded to the icy slopes with great aplomb and despite the bitchiness of the locals, did a great job of keeping people safe over the last couple of days.

Patrol was asking skiers to stay on groomed runs only and even with that some groomed runs were a crapshoot on whether they would hold your edge or not in places, examples being Lower Ramsey’s and any of the face runs. In other words… the caution signs were still up. Be extremely careful the rest of this week in the AM. The PM presents an entirely different picture however, if you can find a run in the sun. Shangrala, renamed Outlaw was in great shape once it thawed out as was Sunrise of course and Silver to a lesser extend. Afternoons may be your best bet until we get some more snow… and thats looking like February!

Sven Svenhardt