2/9/11 Sunlight and Sparkles

Stellar conditions on all groomers today with Central, Bonanze, Bruces
and Outlaw open for business. Sunrise was closed due to a High School
race. The Rose side saw great groomers on Lakeview, Northwest,
Ramsey’s, Carson and Aida’s. Waterfall to Gregs and Sunset were also
groomed but a little mangy. The off-piste is not desirable unless one
has a sadomasachistic streak. The Chutes were open again with a choice
of Beehive, Miller and Nightmare. Lets just say each of the runs lives
up to the Nightmare moniker. I would put all the chutes on the “I’ll
wait till it snows or warms up ALOT before attempting any more slide
for lifes” list. Read “Heinous” between the lines. They would be great
practice for ice climbing however if you’ve got a pair of crampons you
want to try out.

The crowds were low, visibility great and speeds breaking the sound
barrier with perfect groomers. Come on up for some speed runs, you
won’t regret it!

Sven Svenhardt

2/8/11 Burr… Single Digits And A Foghorn

Good morning Skiers and Riders,

Single digits today up top with limited visibility… so dress for success if you are coming up. The groomers are wonderful where you can see along the treed runs or if your comfortable you can ski or ride with the Helen Keller Method which is going whole hog hoping there is nothing unusual in front of you. No one around today with the fog and temps being what they are so you’ll have the place to yourself!

Some beautiful Spacial Dentrite Crystals slowly falling from the sky leading to a trace of new snow. Ramsey’s, Bruces and  Zephyr are the picks of the day.

-Sven Svenhardt

2/7/11 Hold On To Your Hats

Hold on to your hats today… winds are gusty on the top half of both summit lifts. Lift speeds are 600 feet per minute (FPM) for both chairs which is pretty darn slow and you are sitting for 10 minutes or so. Keep in mind full speed is twice that! The wind has taken its toll on the snow as well in places so if you do decide to go up be cautious your first run down. That being said, Central, Bonanza and Bruces were in good shape as well as most runs on the other side. Sunset, Zephyr and Outlaw were not groomed today. Due to the high winds the off-piste is not highly recommended. If the wind abates, the temps will probably warm enough today to loosen up the off-piste frozen vegetables but its not a sure thing given the forecast of increasing winds. With that in mind check with Rose before you go to make sure the summit chairs are still running. Their closure could come with just a little more wind unfortunately.To sum it all up… “You should have been here yesterday!”

Sven Svenhardt

2/6/11 Thank You Superbowl Fans

Greetings Skiers and Riders,

Today was bluebird perfect with corn on the South slopes and fairly good skiing in the Chutes in the Playground area. Immaculate groomers gave way to spring conditions as the mid-forties touched close to 10K today. With no wind and blue skies you would think Rose would be packed but NO, the Superbowl crowd was down stocking up on Cheetos and Coors for the game which made for absolutely no lines and happy skiers.

A big shout out to all the football fans for getting an early jump on the beer swilling and TV watching. You made our day!

Besides the December dumps of light, dry pow, today could not have been more perfect. A good time was had by all.

Sven Svenhardt

2/5/11 Fiesta Day Report

Happy Weekend Warriors Day Skiers and Riders,

Thick high clouds rolled in early this morning leaving early riders to guess the terrain they were riding over in very flat light. Gradually giving way to sun though, most of the morning was fairly bright and cheery with immaculate groomers and fairly low crowds for a weekend. The lower gates in the Chutes opened up early on with Lowball, Cutthroat and Miller Gates on the menu. In the early afternoon the snow had warmed on the South and SE facers that it had a definite corn like quality. This resulting in some pretty good off-piste skiing on the ridge line into the chutes below Cutthroat. Playground and below was in relatively good shape, considering this last month and last weekend’s off-piste conditions.

It was Fiesta Day at the Slide Lodge and Gus’s salza was better than ever, not too mention the margaritas, Coronas and chicken fajitas being served on the deck with Mexican costumed muchahas.

It looks as though the clouds have thickened however and the end of the sunny day seems to be here. Nevertheless, a good day was had by all and crowds were not too bad. Tomorrow looks to be similar weather wise but with the added benefit of having all the football nuts off the slopes, at least later in the day!

Happy Riding,

Sven Svenhardt

2/4/11 Chutes Re-Open

Good morning skiers and riders,

Surprise Surprise! The Chutes reopened today well into the third week of their hiatus. As first public in I can definitely say “Be Careful”. Clearly the skied in, old tracked up ice is still very much there and hardened into coral but if you locate places in the trees less skied and not rock hard you have been a dedicated ski sleuth. Only the lower gates were open as of this morning, Lowball, Cuthroat and Millers but there were rumors that Beehive was next… so who knows. Stop by the Patrol shack and check with them and get the lowdown or just go explore… with some caution highly recommended. An uncontrolled slider down one of the steeper chutes  would likely result in the human cheese grater effect and even if you didn’t hit something you would arrive at the bottom sans clothing and equipment most likely. Conditions being what they are, it was nice to see the chutes reopened just from a philosophical perspective… and no, I didn’t do a second run.

Groomers were many and perfect with a Triple Header of great runs that are seldom all groomed on the same day: Zephyr, Outlaw and Bruces. The other side was also wonderful with light crowds and great snow with a little warmer temps today. Yes, you can eat lunch and have a beer on the deck without your hands turning blue so come on up and enjoy the quiet before the weekend onslaught!

Sven Svenhardt