1/6/11 Pow Hunt

Jan 5
Beautiful blue skies greeted skiers today with fantastic grooming on Shangrala. Bruces was left ungroomed as well as Upper Ramsey but there were exceedingly nice tracks to be had on Shangrala. NW was running on impulse power which slowed things down a little but the lack of wind made up for all imperfections. All in all a beautiful day!
Jan 6
Another perfect day for the record books with great groomers in the morning and good weather all day long. A little warmer so the South facing pow is finally being effected after a week. Not too shabby even by Colorado standards…
There is still cold pow to be found on all Northern exposures if one is willing to hike. (And I am).
Grooming was super fine today with Central, Bruces, Upper Ramsey and Lower Ramseys and Lower Lakeview all groomed and beautiful. The Big Jumps are also being constructed in Double Down as I write this so things will be looking up soon for the Park Monkeys by this weekend.
The sun is out up here in the mountains and all is wonderful. Come up when you get the chance!

-Sven Svenhardt

1/4/11 Ski The Rockies At Mt Rose

Skiers and Riders had a windless blue bird day today with excellent conditions on every aspect of the mountain. Early morning skiers were greeted with a groomed Central Pacific and Aida’s as well as the standards. Bumps on Golds and Zephyr were playfully fun and the chutes have more coverage than they ever did last year. All in all a great day to ski. It is warming though, so try to come up and ski the Rocky Mountain snow conditions while they stick around another couple of days!

-Sven Svenhardt

1/3/11 New Reports Resume

Jan 1
With the New Year comes a return to daily postings for the Mt. Rose Snow Report!
Mt. Rose hosted a blast from the past Torchlight parade and fireworks on New Years Eve which was a great hit with the crowd of over 500 that attended. The entertainment also included fire dancers, a cat parade, a five dollar buffet, a DJ and warming fire. Yes thats right! You heard it here, the Slide Side fire pit was roaring! Hope more can make it next year as Mt. Rose is thinking it might be an annual event. Now in terms of the snow report…
Snow is EVERYWHERE and conditions have never been better. From the groomers to the chutes you just can’t go wrong.
-Sven Svenhardt
Jan 2
With some wind, all surfaces have buffed out well to the windward and loaded the lee slopes with up to 6″ of single digit powder. Its good enough that we ran Davis Creek twice and still had time to play at Mt. Rose for several hours.
-Sven Svenhardt
Jan 3
Still some pow to be found if you search long and hard but the real thrills to be had today were the perfectly groomed twinkling and sparkling groomers this morning. Although the fog line stretched from Reno to the bottom of Zephyr, the fog stopped at the first tower leading to some stellar powdery corduroy full of sparkles and yelps of delight from the over 8 people who caught first chair. The bumps on Gold and Zephyr were also in great shape as soft white downy pillows. In single digit stillness, the ice crystals slowly played in the air as one ticked off high speed cruisers without the benefit of the holiday crowds, half mile mazes on NW or lack of visibility…
-Sven Svenhardt