2/28/11 Back To Nevada Conditions

Good morning Skiers and Riders,

After an epic weekend of CPN (Cold Pow Now) we have awakened as if
from a dream that we were in Montana to the less than cold reality of
warmer temps and stiff winds. Rose had some nice soft bumps yesterday
with great morning groomers and some nice off-piste chutes skiing with
places where the snow had set up into stiff batter. One had to hunt
and peck. Today expect potential wind holds and lifts with gusty SW
winds. Call before you call. I will update the report after a sneak
preview. The sun yesterday did do damage on South facers however and
sadly… the Davis run has crusted over…

For all who did ski Davis Creek yesterday… I am sure you still have
the same stupid smile on your faces as your memory drifts back to
miles of powder. Congrats to Nathan Corona who is pictured below who
managed to rack up a magnificent 20,000 vertical feet of powder turns
yesterday in Davis skiing from bell to bell. Not many people can say
they have skied that much bc pow without a helicopter! Also
condolences to Bill Rolshoven of Reno, who wound up sticking to
warming epoxy-like powder which sent him to the bar after two runs.
May the beer be with you my brother.

Of course I went along to verify Nathan’s record as your loyal servant
and I can verify, as long as the runs were not facing South, it was
steep, religiously deep and orgasmic.

Sven Svenhardt

2/27/11 Loose in the candy store…

Good morning skiers and riders on this day of worship;

Let us all bow our tips this morning and hope that one of our
brothers, Cory Neill, makes the just and right decision today to come
unto the Lords White House of Powder Worship instead of squandering
this 7th Day of Pow. And I hope you do too!

Mt. Rose skiing was great in the morning yesterday as the chutes
opened just about when most else was tracked up. There is still some
great off-piste skiing to be had today if you are willing to work for
it or run a car down to Davis Creek Park. All avy gear is still highly
recommended as there have been some natural and man made slides with
the extremely cold temps although the snow seems to be bonding quite
well. Its below zero up here this morning but winds are calm. Layers
would be good esp. if hiking as the sun is getting pretty intense this
time of year.

Kudos to Nate Corona of the Washoe County Hasty Team who gave up
skiing the Perfect Run to head up a Rescue Mission of a skier who
wound up in Ophir Creek while we kept lapping him…

So… sally forth with natures good tidings and hold your head up,
WAAAAAAY up… so you can still suck a breath in every couple of turns.

Sven with a Smile

2/25/11 PM Holy Shit Addendum

Lifts ran until shut out by increasing wind about 10:30 AM. Then off
the ski Slide Access and play highway hockey with the tourists and
those in 2 wheel drives. Barney’s slid right on a couple of cars that
had to be towed out of the debris and the traffic was a cluster on the
highway with no NHP in sight, or snowplows for that matter. The
highway was closed at Barneys until a few of us pulled shovels out of
our trucks and opened up a lane. Slide access had some naturals slides
and a few we cut purposely in order to ski it safely. Things were
definitely moving out there. Be careful tomorrow on any wind loaded
steep slopes. The backcountry should only be attempted by those
familiar with proper avy knowledge and experience. Even then, route
selection and judicious choice of slopes to be skied will help
mitigate risk. I would highly suggest both in and out of bounds to ski
with a buddy and if attempting steeper slopes that are not skied in,
to wear and know how to use a beacon, shovel and probe. See pic below
of our exploits…

Tomorrow will be epic no doubt. Winds have died down and the snow is
still falling.

Sven Svenhardt

2/25/11 Dr. White Anyone?

Good morning skiers and riders,

Its piling up and Rose has reported that Zeph will spin at 8:30 with
other lifts opening at 9:00 and the Chuter on AC delay.

I will provide an addendum report this PM and let you know how it went.

It is 19 degrees and we have well over a foot of the lightest,
freshest virgin snow anyone could ask for.

Better call in right now for a visit to Dr. White.

Or better yet… if you love your kids report their ailment
immediately followed up by a visit to Dr. White.

Sven Svenhardt

2/24/11 A howling bad time…

Yep, good day to get those chores crossed off your list… or come up
for the howling.
Big winds today forecast to increase as the Winter Storm kicks in.

Pondo, Lakeview and the Jenny are all that is set to open. All else on
Wind Hold. I would be surprised if those lifts stay open given the
howling outside at this minute.
Set out your powder cloths though. We are on track for some more fun
tomorrow and this weekend!

Sven Svenhardt

Coming soon to a slope near you....

2/23/11 Less crowds = better skiing

Good evening skiers and riders,

Bluebird today but less crowds and less grooming as well which is odd
considering the crowds they had on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday a
reported 4500 people came to play on Mt. Rose which is a huge number
for a Tuesday in February… but then again it is California’s Ski Week.

The groomers seems focused on building the new park adjacent to Pondo
rather than some of the runs… or perhaps the snow conditions were
unusual… but there were some “curbs” running across the bottom right
of Kit Carson and other mangy spots one needed to look out for when
doing any speed cruising. Other than that, a good day was had by all
and conditions off-piste remained great with some wonderful powder
skiing if one was willing to hike.

Tomorrow’s forecast will be much the same in the morning with
increasing clouds, winds and a Winter Storm Warning in the afternoon.
If you come up to play come as early as you can.

Sven Svenhardt