You May Have Noticed Some Changes……

Well, as many of you know, a change at Unofficial MtRose has been in the works for some time. Don’t panic. Sven’s ski reports are still going to be posted. I’ll still be posting and offering a space for you to comment on events, conditions and operations at Mt Rose.

Some will note that the forum has been ditched. The constant battle with spammers was not worth it to support the small number of users. I’ll be looking at options for how to maximize your ability to generate new posts and comments in our new format. For now, you can comment on everything you like (or don’t like).

Things are not done yet. I still owe a few advertisers some ads. I hope to add some Facebook integration and other new features. Thanks for your patience.

– Mark

1/28/11 Be Safe, Firm Conditions

Sun, skis, no crowds and windless blue skies with immaculately conceived groomers lead to speed and lots of it. If you like to go fast, these weekday mornings are for you. A liftee was saying he was in Renown yesterday visiting a friend in the hospital and heard there had been three skier and boarder related deaths in as many days in the Tahoe area due to uncontrolled slides. That doesn’t mean the mountains are unsafe, it means one should adjust to conditions since they won’t adjust to you!

So, words of warning… the off-piste (or even ungroomed named runs) deserve much respect under these conditions. That being said, skiers and riders need only be mindful of the sun and how it works its magic to find the softened satin corn that is forming late mornings on Southern aspects. Not being mindful of what had been freshly groomed or the sun can lead to some serious consequences.

Along these lines, another victim was careflighted off Mt. Rose this week, and he took a slider off Bruces of all places, a solid intermediate route (that hadn’t been groomed of course). In some ways, the groomers that haven’t been touched in the last 24 hours can be more dangerous than the off-piste due to extremely firm conditions of the age hardened snow on a couple day old groomers.

Be mindful of the changing conditions of all mountains, imbeciles you may encounter sliding out of control above you and the old Mt. Rose Ski Patrol bumper sticker I saw recently… “You can’t stop stupid”. This will go a long way to keeping a smile on your face and in one piece.

Sven Svenhardt

1/26/11 Fast Groomers

Good afternoon Skiers and Riders,
What can be said with little snow in close to a month…
How about sun, warmth, no crowds, blue skies and 60 MPH groomers as smooth as a babies butt. Great fun!
Sven Svenhardt

1/25/11 Beauty & Perfection

Good afternoon Skiers and Riders,

Once in a awhile everything in the Universe hooks up to unfold a day of beauty and perfection. This is just such a day. Dave and his grooming crew have made the mountain into the most incredible playground. Billiard table smooth and just soft enough to get your edge in but to hold it, today was a screaming fast low crowd groomer partay from one side of the mountain to the other. With crystal clear skies, no wind and virtually no crowds… I rode up both first chairs by myself, it would be difficult to find something to complain about, given the lack of snowfall this month. For the park monkeys they are building some great new jumps in the Lower Badlands Park that will be sure to please. The sun is also turning South facers into corn heaven as well so the afternoon crew should have a great time as well.

Remember, have fun and ski carefree!

Sven Svenhardt

1/24/11 Monday Short Report

Clear skies, a warming sun, no wind with temps in the 20’s first thing this morning led to great play on the groomers.
No crowds and near perfect conditions led us to experience high speeds and lots of fun.

1/23/11 Hug A Groomer Operator

Greetings skiers & boarders,
Early morning groomers were wonderful with low crowds due to football mania. As the temps rose with the sun the South facing bowls began to corn and the skiing was silky smooth. Many more runs than was standard practice a month ago were groomed today, perhaps to offset the absolutely abominable conditions off-piste. Zephyr, Shangrila (Outlaw) and both Bonanza and Central were groomed as well as most of the named runs on the other side. As long as one adjusted one’s expectations accordingly (since we haven’t had more than a couple of inches of snow the entire month) the skiing was a lot of fun with lunch and beers on the Slide side deck and great jumping on Bruces. The park folks have added a couple of smaller jumps for kids and old farts down lower in Badlands which proved a LOT of fun for the posse!
Like anything else, there is only as much fun up here as you bring with you. We must have brought a lot today because it was a wonderful day at Mt. Rose. As the conditions are forecast to stay very stable with a huge High Pressure system just off the coast I suspect the coming week will be more of the same. Remember though, adjust your expectations… don’t expect good off-piste conditions or the chutes to open anytime soon. Until the weather warms up 15 degrees during the day or it snows, the off-piste skiing will be poor to horrid.
-Sven Svenhardt