2/24/11 A howling bad time…

Yep, good day to get those chores crossed off your list… or come up
for the howling.
Big winds today forecast to increase as the Winter Storm kicks in.

Pondo, Lakeview and the Jenny are all that is set to open. All else on
Wind Hold. I would be surprised if those lifts stay open given the
howling outside at this minute.
Set out your powder cloths though. We are on track for some more fun
tomorrow and this weekend!

Sven Svenhardt

Coming soon to a slope near you....

2/23/11 Less crowds = better skiing

Good evening skiers and riders,

Bluebird today but less crowds and less grooming as well which is odd
considering the crowds they had on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday a
reported 4500 people came to play on Mt. Rose which is a huge number
for a Tuesday in February… but then again it is California’s Ski Week.

The groomers seems focused on building the new park adjacent to Pondo
rather than some of the runs… or perhaps the snow conditions were
unusual… but there were some “curbs” running across the bottom right
of Kit Carson and other mangy spots one needed to look out for when
doing any speed cruising. Other than that, a good day was had by all
and conditions off-piste remained great with some wonderful powder
skiing if one was willing to hike.

Tomorrow’s forecast will be much the same in the morning with
increasing clouds, winds and a Winter Storm Warning in the afternoon.
If you come up to play come as early as you can.

Sven Svenhardt

Bluebird Bumps 2/22/11

Good morning skiers and riders;

We were greeted with a cold, beautiful day of blue skies and soft
snow. Groomers and off-piste are great although there are ALOT of
bumps… if you are a bump skier you are in luck today. A freshly
groomed track brought me over the the Brink of Bumpville Central. The
Zephyr bumps are BIG and challenging, but since it was my first run
and I was getting some speed laps in, I begged off and scooted back
over to Bruces for a groomer to revisit Bumpville on a later run.

In place of the old Pondo Park for beginners, the cats this morning
were working overtime to build some large jumps and other park
features… it will be interesting to see if one can get enough speed
to make the ramps once the park is finished… the last jump is HUGE.
Check it out when you come up. Other news… a permanent “CLOSED” sign
is going up at the top of Zephyr to dissuade guests from accessing the
West Bowl cat track and the terrain just to its South. That terrain is
killer on a good year like this one… it will be missed… but still
can be accessed from Wild Card when its open.

Stay tuned for the pics from the Big Dump coming soon!

Sven Svenhardt

2/21/11 Tracks, tracks everywhere…

HIgh clouds are making for less than perfect vis, but great grooming,
soft, yet tracked-up off piste making for good challenges. Chutes are
open and some pow is to be found if your willing to hike.
All in all a good day to come skiing in honor of the Dead Presidents.
Should be less crowded today but your best bet is to come early or
very late.

Never thought the day would come to pass but even the Davis Creek run
is getting tracked out! Big weekend everywhere.

Sven Svenhardt

2/20/11 Lots o’ people

Lots o’ people today which made for VERY long lines at times on
certain lifts and on the highway. Both parking lots were full which
doesn’t happen too often. One of the biggest Rose days ever. Would
have been a good day to spend skiing backcountry like Davis Creek…
which is exactly what we did. Waist deep fluff with some sun crust on
the Southern exposures made for great turns. Sun was warm and high
enough in the mid afternoon that most Southern aspects will be hard
and crusty tomorrow morn. Started to snow late in the afternoon.

Yeah, I got a fever alright, and the only prescription is MORE POWDER.

Sven Svenhardt

2/19/11 The parties over…

We had a great run… but the lighter drier snow “I think I’m in
Telluride” has finally left us for the most part. Although a few deep
dry powder pockets remained if you mined well, today was not the ultra
consistent deep bottomless fluff of this last week. The wind arrived
last night with a vengeance. Still, no complaints… all is fun and
there is fun for all. The lines on the Slide side were as long as I
have ever waited in them. Wow. We did some backcountry slogging just
to stay out of the line… and I mean slogging. Seems like 11:00 AM is
the vortex of crowds on Slide.

Tomorrow looks like a bluebird sunny day. The 11:00 AM lines will no
doubt be out of the maze. I would suggest coming up early, at lunch or
staying on Northwest which was surprisingly uncrowded for a holiday
Saturday. Oh, and one more thing… you can now ski lines in the
chutes which are in a standard year, bare granite, so go explore and
have some fun. The best lines we found today were up on the spines
between the major chutes.

Happy skiing,

Sven Svenhardt