2/15/11 Ski Report

Good morning skiers and riders;

The Rose is closed today with hurricane force winds. Skies are still
blue but we are hoping for some snow and were heartened to hear that a
Winter Storm Warning has been issued for 4:00 PM today through
Wednesday. Hopefully Mother Nature has been storing up and will
“let’er rip” so we can too!

Sven Svenhardt

2/14/11 Auntie Em, Auntie Em

Good morning skiers and riders,

The hatches are all battened down today and we are all in our storm
cellars up here on Mt. Rose. The mountain is closed today and for good
reason. Major windage occurring and forecast throughout the day. Also
a windy forecast for tomorrow so check before coming up!

I will use the report space today as an editorial… There was a
comment from Mt. Rose patrol aka “The Truth” that I would like to
respond to. Patrol accurately noted that my report stating the three
Chutes opened this week should be renamed “Slide for Life, Out of
Control and Death Ride” was over the top. I would submit however, that
my report was “over the top” in an entertaining sort of way, and that
nevertheless, it was probably more detailed and accurate than the ski
report offered by Mt. Rose itself. Let me be perfectly clear however,
I in no way meant to imply that the chutes should not have been open
or that Patrol had made any type of error in judgment.

Believe me… I wish we lived in a world where the chutes and
backcountry terrain were open much more and it was up to each
individual to make an informed decision to try something or not based
on conditions and their ability. And along these lines, I am quite
happy the chutes that were open this week were open, for that very
reason, whether I personally wanted to ski them or not. That being
said, the main runs of the chutes that were open, were very firm in
places and an uncontrolled slide could result from a fall… which was
my only point. In winters past, the chutes in these conditions would
have most likely been closed completely, so I was surprised, as were
many others, that some chutes remained open this week despite the
rather firm conditions. I spoke to quite a few folks who took one run
in and were happy to carefully work their way down through the trees
where there were patches of snow one could get an edge in. So… I
would submit that there are as many “truths” out there as people and
that this report tries, (in an entertaining manner whenever possible)
to give a detailed report on actual mountain conditions and also
includes the occasional tongue in cheek comment.

So… the colorful name change was meant only to suggest that
conditions were firm in the chutes and to ski cautiously, not to
suggest that they shouldn’t be open at all or that there was an error
in judgment on the Patrol’s part. And so, to the entire Mt. Rose
Patrol, Thank YOU for keeping whatever terrain open that you can since
the New Year in these snowless and tough conditions. The last month
has produced very difficult conditions to patrol safely and patrol has
used excellent judgment to keep open as much terrain as possible.

The grooming crew, together with Patrol, has strived daily, (even on
an icy MLK day when even Around the World was initially closed) to
provide terrain to enjoy and I think I speak for every passholder when
I say your concerted efforts are appreciated by all of us who ski the
mountain. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject and I hope this
clears up any misunderstanding of the suspected “Monday Morning
Quarterback” syndrome which I am trying like the plague to avoid.

2/13/11 Falling hard… or hardly falling

Greetings Mountain Church Goers,

I chose a religious theme for today’s report not just because its
Sunday… (because EVERY day on the mountain is a religious one, at
least for me) but because I took the fall of a life time today and am
still around to tell about it. And just where did this happen you ask?
El Cap, Yellowjacket, Charge… sadly… the worst fall I have taken
in many years occurred at the bottom of Kit Carson as you make your
bottom turn toward the NW and merge into Pondo…

How you ask, how you can fall there, you must have been hit by.
Unfortunately I have to take full responsibility for this one.
Adjacent to the SLOW sign of course, was a fairly large slab of boiler
plate complete with grouser tracks (from probably weeks ago) that
would not take an edge. Again, unfortunately, that is where my edge
came down after my transition and I was simply gone, in the air, then
sliding at 40 mph toward the fence… at some point onlookers said my
ski released, and like an arrow, released from a bow, caught 40 or 50
feet of air over the merge fence continuing down into the trees on the
other side of Ponderosa. I do remember my helmet bouncing off the ice
fairly hard and had a momentary thought that I had a great helmet!
Sliding for awhile, I finally attempted a self-arrest and upon coming
to a stop, stayed on the ground for awhile trying to figure out if I
had survived intact. Several onlookers skied up expecting some carnage
or at the least an injury but I was just shaken up and little

A good friend of mine broke his shoulder at Alpine in a similar fall a
few seasons back and I am just glad I came out of it unscathed and
that the 12 pound racing ski I was wearing didn’t skewer any beginners
plowing down Pondo at 3 mph. So… ski report for today and everyday
until it snows… beware of the boilerplate at speed, the ground if
very very hard.

Lots of scraped off areas not worth skiing and even in the morning not
too great with the big wind we had last night. On the other hand, the
South facing aspect of the chutes as you follow the ridge below
lowball had actually corned up and was quite inviting.

Translation: Not a bad day to watch a good movie and call it good.

Sven Svenhardt

2/12/11 Bring A Kite

Good morning skiers and riders;

All was good first thing this morning with almost everything ever groomed, groomed and in perfect shape, but as the first chair spun around the bullwheel, the wind began the blow and blow progressively stronger as the noon hour neared. The winds are gusty and I would be surprised if the summit chairs stayed open all day if they keep building… please call before you come up… and speaking of coming up. I wouldn’t if you have a garage to clean up or some dishes to do. The mid thirties to low forties air temp combined with the wind is keeping true corn from forming on most slopes but allowing the base to form incredibly hard boiler plate. If you do come up please do so cautiously, there are icy plates out there hard enough to break your teeth out. The chutes are open but should be renamed “Slide for Life, Death Ride and Out of Control”. Good luck.On the other hand, it is Chinese New Year and the dragon you see below has been spotted on the mountain.

Happy Rabbit Year to You and Yours,

Sven Svenhardt

2/11/11 Warmer than later…

Perfect conditions on-piste today at Mt. Rose… so says Second Chair
Jim. Great early morning runs with impossible to complain about
grooming on most of the normal suspects plus Outlaw and Zephyr.

The warmest day of the week with no winds, sunny blue skies. Could
very well be a corny afternoon on the South facers for those thinking
about taking off from work for Friday afternoon. As the warming trend
is forecast to continue this weekend it may just get warm enough to
make the chutes skiable once more depending on how warm it gets
Saturday. Since Reno may be in the high sixties we have a pretty good
shot of a significant change in the snow surface.

If you have been checking out you have been
probably getting amped up about next weeks return to winter. If you
haven’t been checking it out, you should. By far the most accurate of
the weather prognosticators around these parts.

Sven Svenhartd

2/10/11 Boilerplate VS Machine

Good morning skiers and riders;

First chair crowd of two people enjoyed their private resort for about
30 minutes before the 2nd cup of coffee folks showed up. Smooth as a
pool table, Outlaw, Bonanza, Bruces, Silver and Zephyr beckoned the
groomer crowd to cut loose and let’er rip with no one around. With the
lack of snow the grooming crew has gone into hyper grooming mode with
almost twice as many runs groomed compared to last year’s average.
After the recent fatality and other critical slides for life on named
runs, (some on intermediate slopes in the firm conditions), the resort
has responded by grooming whatever they can on a nightly or at the
very least, rotating basis.

With this war being won by Dave Haul and the grooming crew, we have a
pretty good chemistry once we add windless, sunny blue skies, no
lines, comfortable temperatures and no one around to ski bother you.
BTW Beehive, Nightmare and Miller chute gates are still open (and just
as ghastly as yesterday). If its some alone time you need, the Chuter
may be your best bet… rest assured you will be the only one on the

Sven Svenhardt