2/12/11 Bring A Kite

Good morning skiers and riders;

All was good first thing this morning with almost everything ever groomed, groomed and in perfect shape, but as the first chair spun around the bullwheel, the wind began the blow and blow progressively stronger as the noon hour neared. The winds are gusty and I would be surprised if the summit chairs stayed open all day if they keep building… please call before you come up… and speaking of coming up. I wouldn’t if you have a garage to clean up or some dishes to do. The mid thirties to low forties air temp combined with the wind is keeping true corn from forming on most slopes but allowing the base to form incredibly hard boiler plate. If you do come up please do so cautiously, there are icy plates out there hard enough to break your teeth out. The chutes are open but should be renamed “Slide for Life, Death Ride and Out of Control”. Good luck.On the other hand, it is Chinese New Year and the dragon you see below has been spotted on the mountain.

Happy Rabbit Year to You and Yours,

Sven Svenhardt

2/11/11 Warmer than later…

Perfect conditions on-piste today at Mt. Rose… so says Second Chair
Jim. Great early morning runs with impossible to complain about
grooming on most of the normal suspects plus Outlaw and Zephyr.

The warmest day of the week with no winds, sunny blue skies. Could
very well be a corny afternoon on the South facers for those thinking
about taking off from work for Friday afternoon. As the warming trend
is forecast to continue this weekend it may just get warm enough to
make the chutes skiable once more depending on how warm it gets
Saturday. Since Reno may be in the high sixties we have a pretty good
shot of a significant change in the snow surface.

If you have been checking out you have been
probably getting amped up about next weeks return to winter. If you
haven’t been checking it out, you should. By far the most accurate of
the weather prognosticators around these parts.

Sven Svenhartd

2/10/11 Boilerplate VS Machine

Good morning skiers and riders;

First chair crowd of two people enjoyed their private resort for about
30 minutes before the 2nd cup of coffee folks showed up. Smooth as a
pool table, Outlaw, Bonanza, Bruces, Silver and Zephyr beckoned the
groomer crowd to cut loose and let’er rip with no one around. With the
lack of snow the grooming crew has gone into hyper grooming mode with
almost twice as many runs groomed compared to last year’s average.
After the recent fatality and other critical slides for life on named
runs, (some on intermediate slopes in the firm conditions), the resort
has responded by grooming whatever they can on a nightly or at the
very least, rotating basis.

With this war being won by Dave Haul and the grooming crew, we have a
pretty good chemistry once we add windless, sunny blue skies, no
lines, comfortable temperatures and no one around to ski bother you.
BTW Beehive, Nightmare and Miller chute gates are still open (and just
as ghastly as yesterday). If its some alone time you need, the Chuter
may be your best bet… rest assured you will be the only one on the

Sven Svenhardt

2/9/11 Sunlight and Sparkles

Stellar conditions on all groomers today with Central, Bonanze, Bruces
and Outlaw open for business. Sunrise was closed due to a High School
race. The Rose side saw great groomers on Lakeview, Northwest,
Ramsey’s, Carson and Aida’s. Waterfall to Gregs and Sunset were also
groomed but a little mangy. The off-piste is not desirable unless one
has a sadomasachistic streak. The Chutes were open again with a choice
of Beehive, Miller and Nightmare. Lets just say each of the runs lives
up to the Nightmare moniker. I would put all the chutes on the “I’ll
wait till it snows or warms up ALOT before attempting any more slide
for lifes” list. Read “Heinous” between the lines. They would be great
practice for ice climbing however if you’ve got a pair of crampons you
want to try out.

The crowds were low, visibility great and speeds breaking the sound
barrier with perfect groomers. Come on up for some speed runs, you
won’t regret it!

Sven Svenhardt

2/8/11 Burr… Single Digits And A Foghorn

Good morning Skiers and Riders,

Single digits today up top with limited visibility… so dress for success if you are coming up. The groomers are wonderful where you can see along the treed runs or if your comfortable you can ski or ride with the Helen Keller Method which is going whole hog hoping there is nothing unusual in front of you. No one around today with the fog and temps being what they are so you’ll have the place to yourself!

Some beautiful Spacial Dentrite Crystals slowly falling from the sky leading to a trace of new snow. Ramsey’s, Bruces and  Zephyr are the picks of the day.

-Sven Svenhardt

2/7/11 Hold On To Your Hats

Hold on to your hats today… winds are gusty on the top half of both summit lifts. Lift speeds are 600 feet per minute (FPM) for both chairs which is pretty darn slow and you are sitting for 10 minutes or so. Keep in mind full speed is twice that! The wind has taken its toll on the snow as well in places so if you do decide to go up be cautious your first run down. That being said, Central, Bonanza and Bruces were in good shape as well as most runs on the other side. Sunset, Zephyr and Outlaw were not groomed today. Due to the high winds the off-piste is not highly recommended. If the wind abates, the temps will probably warm enough today to loosen up the off-piste frozen vegetables but its not a sure thing given the forecast of increasing winds. With that in mind check with Rose before you go to make sure the summit chairs are still running. Their closure could come with just a little more wind unfortunately.To sum it all up… “You should have been here yesterday!”

Sven Svenhardt