Kiddie Olympics at Rose!

Mt. Rose celebrated the Winter Olympics by hosting a Ski Challenge Course for anyone under 14 (I qualified with my mental age but my old fogey body wasn’t cutting it). This is just another example of what makes Rose so special and family friendly. There is always something fun and new going on like this. Awesome event! Although there was Machine Groomed Gravel on the Upper Ramsey’s Traverse again today… you can’t discredit the groomers at all. They are working with mere inches of snow, and as Chief Snow Quality Inspector Nate Corona pointed out, “its not the groomer’s fault, it was great our first run.” Indeed it was skier traffic that was the culprit and we will see more of that during the Prez Holidays unless we get some miracle snow storm out of nowhere between now and then. Are rocks coming out? Well, yeah, of course. Although 99% of the mountain is gravel and rock free there are a few places to slow down and ski carefully in piste including, but not limited to; 1) Upper Ramsey Traverse; Silver Face and Zephyr Catrack at the top. The fact that they are still grooming Zephyr is a miracle in itself. There is just not much snow to work with over there.

Patrollers have been out marking rocks and shoveling off gravel where they can which is much appreciated. There active presence on the hill this year has been really helpful for all of our edges and bases.

In any event, as my daughter told Channel 8 during an on-snow interview… “its better than dirt.” The sun is out and there is snow… that in itself is pretty nice.




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