We Got Corn!

Expect corn snow on Silver face mid-morning or earlier. It was softening by 9:30 today. Other slopes like Bruces and Zephyr will follow suit. As the sun turns so will the corn snow follow. Being as how Reno will approach 70 on Monday with no end to the heat in sight… NOW is the time to get your spring skiing in…

I am not predicting whether it will snow or not… but I am predicting this long period heat will start melting what meager snow pack we have. I am also predicting good spring skiing, music on the Slide side, cold beer and nice sunny days and I’ll put the 100% FOR SURE rating on that one. So might as well quit grumbling about the lack of snow and get it while you can. As Joni Mitchell said so long ago… Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got ’till its gone.”



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