Here comes Zephyr (and the heat)!

For the first time this year Zephyr was groomed (and well, I might add) to a satiny finish that delighted anyone who was lucky enough to ski it this morning. Doesn’t happen very often. Last month records were tallied and it was the second warmest January on record with 19 days five degrees or more over the norm. February is on tap to do much the same so far with the weather wizards over at NOAA saying the unseasonable warmth will stick around for at least a couple more weeks. If you love to ski I would therefore make the most of your pass the next couple of weeks. No one, and I mean, no one, knows what will happen next. We might get more snow… and then again, we might not.

Ski it while you can! Here is what NOAA has to say on the subject:

The long term outlook for precipitation returning to the Sierra
and western Nevada continues to look bleak. The ridge of high
pressure currently building over the western U.S. is forecast to
persist through mid-month. Daytime high temperatures are also
expected to stay well above average, potentially by as much as
10-20 degrees, as the amplified ridge axis moves over the region.

Long term ensemble models and short term climate models are all
in good agreement that the ridge of high pressure will stay locked
into the West Coast through mid-February. This will continue to keep
stronger storms out of the region for the time being.

A strong Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) event is currently
moving through the western Pacific. This tropical event is
teleconnecting well to North America, which favors a trough in the
eastern U.S. and continued ridging in the west. In addition, periods
of high pressure moving into the arctic will create periods of
blocking, continuing to keep the current pattern in place.



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