Chutes a resolute “No.” Party: “Yes.”

OK, word on the street is that the Chutes do not have the coverage in tailings that they need for the lift load and what we less than affectionately call “Skid Mark Corner” at the end of tailings. Sorry folks. One of two possibilities give us hope… that 1) the word on the street is wrong, or 2) that February is kinder to us snow wise. Either way its out of our control and therefore fruitless to consider for now.

On the other side of the coin, man does Rose know how to throw a party. With Charlie as the MC at the helm, the Slide Back Retro Day was great for the old school tricks and costumes… and there were some good ones too!

No matter what, it was a great day and Bruces was the pick of the litter first thing this morning.

Happy Riding,


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