Rig for Silent Running…

There were more than a few powder seekers in this morning’s line up. And you could tell it had been awhile. Folks were amped for some face shots. The howling wind seemed to wane just as the chair begin to spin and the clouds and wind were pretty much gone an hour later revealing the pureness of Sierra blue above and the virgin white goodness below. Yes… it was a delightful day.

There is the unmistakable small hiss of light powder past ski tips… almost silent but not quite, that lets the rider know… things are right with the world. Four out of five turns today were like that when you were skiing in certain spots and then the heavenly feeling would be replaced but the harshness of an icy upside down bowl sized volkswagon hood of hardness… then back to the heavenly almost silent bliss again for another half dozen turns (kind of like the peaceful ride home with a few beers under your belt until the blue dice and bright lights appear in your rearview mirror.) Depended alot on where you were too. Some runs were near perfection on a smooth base with good snow underfoot 90% of the time and then…. like fingernails on a blackboard, the ice would remind you that this cold snow wasn’t quite enough to cover all the “firmness” on Mt. Rose just yet. There were a few spots where coverage was excellent with no wind effect and skiing was great. All in all, today was magnificent because we received more than just a couple of inches for a change! It appears there are a couple more storms to come… but I am not counting those chickens, even as eggs at the present. Anything at this point would certainly help our conditions which are still meager inches above the dirt line. Let us have a moment of silence for all the P-tex lost today…



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