Prognostication Has Occurred

As weather buffs up and down the Sierra’s, both professional and powder-breathers like myself, pour over the weather forecast models looking with excitement at the next potential snow maker on the horizon for Thursday… we like to think something is going happen, this morning the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch and tomorrow it may morph into a Winter Storm Warning. I say “we like to think” because Ma Nature has a mind of her own, case in point: the last “underperforming” storm that was forecast to drop 18″-24″ but left us with 4″ of rain instead and with about as much new snow at the end of the storm as a teaser. Although this next storm is forecast to be much colder with snow possibly on the valley floors Friday morning… I am having a tough time buying in… like a high school cheer leader burned by too many quarterback promises… I am reserving judgment this time. I can concede it will probably snow, but I will be happy if we get even half of what is forecast to fall.

I do agree however 100% with the great forecaster pictured below, who, pontificating from the NOAA South Peak Weather Station on Slide Mountain said once, “This sun is a problem, and acting in accordance with immutable natural laws, does indeed, melt the snow.” I think we can all agree that this season has proven this man correct… repeatedly. Heres hoping we get some snow and that some of the rocks, logs and snags get covered up a little more… my bases can’t take much more abuse!



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