Its better than dirt…

OK. So we didn’t get our 18″ to 36″ forecast… there was a lot of groaning in the lift line this morning… so much so that I hiked out and did some side country and enjoyed the clouds playing tag in the sky. It was still a beautiful day out there despite the fact that we actually lost snowpack due to all the rain yesterday… maybe thats what they meant… we would lose 16 to 36 centimeters of snow due to all the rain. In that case, they might have been pretty close down low on the mountain. Here is a pic of things late yesterday at the Stafford Reservoir in front of the Slide Lodge…

It was better than that today as the pond was smaller, still, you could still see yellow dirt marks percolating up through the pack and the Pondo snow stake was back down to the 1 foot mark. However… with all that being said, Rose still has the best skiing around Tahoe with about 5″ of freshies to play in up top and a couple down low.

We can groan all we want, but the fact is… its better than dirt. I took the liberty of taking a very slow photographic tour of the mountain on my first run and just marveled at the natural beauty all around me in the trees, the snow, the sky and the always effervescent Mountain Chickadee’s who seem to rally in bad weather to remind us all that its just good to be alive and moving through the world with boards on our feet.

So no, I didn’t stay long, but I did stay long enough to remind myself that no matter how persnickety Ma Nature wants to get, we can can still have fun on whatever she gives us. And I thank the heavens that I don’t live a mile from Mudstar. I can’t imagine how bad it must be down there.



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