Thars Snow in them there Hills

I believe I speak for all of us on boards at Rose this morning when I say that we were all pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of the snow from what had been forecast to bring only a inch or two. There really was a nice, dense solid 8″ up top with perhaps 5″ down below which led to some great skiing. Due to the fact that much of the snow fell very wet, many rocks and obstacles were covered to the point where you could see them, but not feel them. Trees seemed the place to be this morning and the freshies lasted into the 5th run or so if you hunted and pecked. Jetta and Aida’s were particularly good as was many of the trees South of Zephyr. Silver… not so much.

Next week is looking more and more promising according to our friends over at They are calling for 18″ to 30″ early next week which would put us in the “Playball” category. Lets hope it comes true. They were the ONLY ones last year that called for the feet and feet of snow we got in January so my bet is on them. Of course at this point, about anything will help thats white and falls from the sky.

Hope you had as much fun as I did today, first day I have been able to ski home since November!


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