Freshies, Expectation and Patrol Anger…. oh my!

Rose reported a “trace” of snow from last nights “storm” but there was some “clear powder” falling as well. The great news is that it actually helped the skiing…

The tree skiing on the Slide side was great today. Of course I came armed with low expectations and an optimistic attitude that its just good getting out and sliding around on two boards… whatever the conditions. My optimism was met with creamy bump skiing on a new inch or so of fresh heavy snow that adhered pretty well to a wet base… kinda spring-like pow is the best description. It was so good over there after my first run, well, I just stayed in the trees on those creamy bumps with Squallywood Steve, the only other character I saw out there. The moral of the story: It is always good getting out, just keep the expectation bar low and be happy to be alive and on some boards. Are there rocks out there you ask? Yeah sure, we haven’t had any significant snow in well over a six weeks, but is the juice worth the squeeze… and in my humble opinion… oh yeah, it is.

Where oh where does the anger come in you ask? It seems some locals were upset when signs, gates and ropes went up on any runs South of Silver on the Slide Side. I’ll be frank. I think the anger towards patrol is completely undeserved. The argument goes something like this… “If we let’em start roping things off those ropes and gates will be up all the time and we won’t be able to get to the areas we really want to.” This argument is kinda like the Gun Lobby argument against registering weapons, background checks or bump stocks… and its just as illogical. I can’t own a tactical nuclear weapon for a very good reason, there are lots of stupid people in the world who would use it. Likewise, stupid people have been having to be hauled off the mountain by patrol toboggan too many times to count for both courtesy rides and accidents. How many idiots have to get hurt for something to be done?

Well that number was reached recently and the ropes and signs went up to ward off stupid people from getting themselves into places way beyond their skill level requiring professional assistance. Now, patrol could have just shut down the Slide side and made it easy on themselves… instead, they installed signs and barriers up to keep the stupid and unskilled folks from getting into trouble while still allowing us locals to enjoy the mountain. I applaud patrol’s application of gates, barriers and warning signs to both protect the tourists and preserving the freedom to ski where we would like for us locals. I would like to point out that nothing is “Closed” per se, with the exception of some rocky areas you wouldn’t want to ski over anyway. The barriers have been put up to make sure folks know what they are getting into.

Anyone working in the service industry knows that no matter what decision you make, some folks will most likely not be happy with it. Those in charge have to put up with the grumbling, bitching and whining from the rest of us. At this junction let us remember, patrol is just trying to do their job, protect the folks that needs it and let the rest of us have some fun on the snow. So, next time you see someone with a White Cross on their back… just stop by and thank them for picking dirt and rock off the runs, helping keep the slopes safe and installing whatever barriers and signs they need to keep the place open and trial attorney’s down in town (where they belong).

Just so you know Patrol, most of us really appreciate all the hard work you have done to keep this mountain skiable over the last six weeks. You have moved a lot of gravel and rock for the rest of us and most of us really appreciate it.



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