T-Shirts in December… oh yeah

Despite the calendar Rose offered some spring-like conditions today with some corn on South facing slopes that had enough of the white stuff to actually ski it. Unfortunately that also means the snow is melting faster than it was and the gravelly mange is starting to show in places. Places to avoid would be Upper Ramsey Cat Track, any trails coming off of Upper Traverse heading South off Zephyr and both sides of Bonanza downhill after the first roller. Although it changes on a daily basis these areas just do not have the snow… and its showing.

On the other hand, runs that have withstood the long dry spell and are skiing well include: Aida’s, Jetta, Lakeview, Lower Ramsey’s, Waterfall, Bullwhip, NW and Carson Bowl. So, there is a lot to still play on and keep your ski bottoms healthy and unscarred. Due to the early winter drought crowds are down and skiing in the morning is actually very pleasant. To all who say, “there’s no snow in the Sierra’s” well, that just isn’t true. You just have to choose your runs carefully and maybe leave those new skis you got for Christmas at home a few more weeks till we get some more white stuff.

In other news… there have been some reports of locals not being entirely welcoming to our holiday guests by skiing high speed past them or skiing close to them when they are stopped… remember, “they know not what they do” and give them a break. Nobody likes an arrogant local skiing 40 mph a couple feet from the end of their skis. I urge everyone to give everyone else some personal space while skiing and ski cautiously… you never know what the skier in front of you is going to do and they do have the Right-of-Way so please slow it down, smile and help them understand better and safer ski etiquette whenever you can. Its our mountain, lets keep it friendly.


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