Merry Merry Can Be Scary

Ever seen a drunk attempt to ski Bonanza late in the afternoon on boiler plate… well, you will if you hang at Rose this holiday season for sure. Yesterday the corduroy was soft and deep first run, today, not so much on the Big B as there were some boiler plates already showing up as well as some frozen in rock which would act like a shredder if you took a slide for life. Rose side was better with some good on-piste skiing as long as you came early. Parking lots were filling fast but a marked decrease from last year’s Powdermania Holiday. A friend on patrol said Heavenly was in way worse shape than Rose with more lines waiting for an available bar stool than the chairlift.

The fact is, there just isn’t that much snow and it has been a very slow start to the season with the exception of opening weekend (which was stellar). We owe much of the good ski conditions to the groomers and snow makers who have managed to make things look white despite the skinny nature of Ma Nature’s gift (or lack thereof).

However, its all in your perspective. With crystal blue skies this morning and no wind, the early morning cruising was wonderful and put smiles on our faces. It just isn’t worth it to compare this season to last year, instead, just compare it to bare dirt, which is what’s available for the most part at Northstar, Heavenly and other Tahoe ski areas.

In other news the three parks Rose has installed are fun and worthy of a look.

With great people Rose is the place to be, no matter the conditions, its just not “Where the Snow is” but “Where the Smiles are” as well. Good luck to all Rose employees getting through the next week. Remember, during the (Deleted for PC sensitivity) _ _ _ _ _ Invasion… they know not what they do when they cut in front of you, sit on the load boards, ski over your equipment or park their cars 4″ from the back of your truck… they are not stupid, just ignorant or focused elsewhere…. bless their hearts. If they seem lost hope you can stay positive and help them out, and when they do something that seems really really dumb, hope you can help educate them so that they don’t do it again. Remember… they know not what they do. Have pity and keep your sense of humor, with most people packed into a limited space due to snow conditions, it is much better to laugh it off than take any provocation too seriously.

Hey, remember, New Years Eve Rose Party is coming up. Make your plans now!



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