I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

We received 3″ to 4″ last night and skiing was vastly improved this morning although I am fighting a cough and didn’t do much or stay long…

However, trees between Zephyr and Bruces were happy to be skied and although you were still feeling the bottom most of the time, it was still very pleasant having some new white stuff to play on. Crowds were down as temps were in the teens with winds in the 35+ range and sometimes much more. As a result chair rides were slow but everyone was happy we got some snow. Do we need more, yeah. We need a several feet of sticky wet dumpage to cover the rocks and brush that have reared their ugly heads in this almost snowless early winter.

For you park junkies, you are going to enjoy the Double Down park with its rails, boxes and finale jump at the end!

Don’t forget the New Years Eve Ski Party with fireworks at Mt. Rose. It will be here sooner than later!

Happy Turning!


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