New Parks, New Magic. Whats not to like?

Rose is making the most of what they have. No doubt. Guns have been blazing day and night since the temps dropped (thanks Snowmakers). Although thin cover is everywhere… don’t expect to see much gravel or rock on the groomers. 99.999% of the groomed runs have good coverage… good enough for new skis even. Although you wouldn’t know it by looking, Dave Hahl and his grooming crew are working with very little snow in spots and making things white with very little natural snow is just what they do.

In a galaxy long ago and far away I ran a groomer and when cover is thin, it is very easy to pull up gravel off the bottom and spread it around like a sprinkler. You just won’t see that at Rose which is a compliment to the groomer’s competence and detailed workmanship. Having said that, there are some exceptions where there simply isn’t enough snow. The left side of Bonanza after the first roller has been exposed a few times this week with rocks frozen in the pack down below the gash. After a couple runs though patrol had those picked out and moved. And while I am on the subject, patrol has done a superior job this year of keeping the rocks off the groomers and making their presence known on the hill on busy days making for safer skiing for everyone. Rusty the patroller actually came up today and asked if I had seen any rocks, sticks etc and how the hill looked in general… in my 25 years on the mountain that was a first, a patroller asking one of the general public how things look… now that is some good PR there. Keep up the good work Rusty and the rest of your colleagues… the hill looks better than it ever has been with a mostly snowless month behind us.

There are two new parks to talk about and in some new locations, Double Down park has been moved the skiers right of the chair up against the treeline where they have been making snow for weeks so that something might be built… good job snowmakers for helping Ma Nature out a bit there. It is a nice park with barrels, rails and lots to play on. There is also a “Kiddie Park” of sorts just after the entry to Mustang on the service road that has a section of rollers, alternating bumps and closing with a spine which will be super fun for the little ones. Nice job on parks this year Mt. Rose, you have really stepped it up for the park rats.

Last but not least, couldn’t help myself, just had to ride the new Magic high tech tube lift… and I gotta say, it was Disneylandish… pretty wild really. It was a little confusing how to get in through the long fence line… but once there was pretty impressive. This is a great addition to the beginner terrain and will protect new skiers and the little one from the hurricane force winds we see sometimes. Building at 8000 feet in the Sierra’s in December is always a crapshoot but with some elbow grease, long night hours and a concerted effort there, the new Magic stands ready for the holiday rush.

Looks like quiet weather forever with another possibility of some light snow midweek and then a return to Inversion City. Still, the on-piste skiing is good and this will be the last week before the invasion.




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