Ol’ Turkey Nuts

Well, it used to be a bar of that name… now it’s called Mountain Top Sports, Curtis Brown: Proprietor. You may have seen it buried last year with the two story building barely peaking out of the snow at Sky Tavern. Mountain Top Sports is a full service ski shop with ski accessories for sale and lots of rentals for every size in both Alpine and Cross Country. Curtis takes great pains to tune your skis just the way you want them and has all the tools to do it and isn’t afraid to put a little elbow grease into the hand filing to make sure your edges are perfect. He carries lots of ski accessories as well as sleds, auto chains and other items.

The best things about this Mom and Pops ski shop is his free hot wax. Where on earth in a ski town can you get a free hot wax? There is only one place I know of, Mountain Top Sports. Next time you come up the mountain, pull over and check his shop out, you’ll be glad you did!



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