Employee of the Week: Larry the Liftee

Skiing has been fantastic lately with cold snow, no wind and blue bird days. Hard to complain about that… more is on the menu so get your turns in before the onslaught of annual Grey Area Migration to the mountains over the holidays.

More importantly, we all know that Rose is one of the friendliest mountains around, but that reputation is grown from real people doing exceptional things. Larry the Liftee has been showcased here before when he was providing Chuter unload snow sculptures. Today he is our Rose Employee of the Week for always being in great humor and handing out chocolate mints one morning this week. What a guy! Always greeting and with a good smile, he is really “in touch” with his customers. These special things are what make Rose so nice. There have been so many special moments in the past that were impressive both sanctioned and unsanctioned… I remember fondly the warm icing cookies of little Black Diamonds served free at the bottom of the Chuter one morning with Hot Chocolate out of the blue, or the first sunset Wine and Cheese on the top of the mountain, the white powdered donuts at the top of NW during one of the rare snows during the drought or the Champagne and snacks at the top of Pondo or the pass holder parties with hot food and beer up at Galena, the torch light parades, fireworks, music on the deck and dancing in ski boots…

All of these things together build a skier community and I for one am happy to be a Rose skier. Sure there are always little things that could be better, but by and large we are lucky to have a mountain that cares in own backyard versus a corporate mega-bottom dollar owner out-of-state much more concerned about the bottom line than creating community. Thanks to Kurt and his siblings for holding on to a mountain that goes above and beyond to celebrate sliding on the snow.



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