Sunday In Church…

Sunday was a wonderful day to be in my Mountain Church! That 4 to 6″ snow skied more like a foot… fantastic coverage with it coming in wet and then with the temp dropping during the storm with lighter and lighter snow on top. It was, to use an overused word, PERFECT, in every way. Hope you were able to be a mountain parishioner as well. Mountain Ops are using the cold temps (8 degrees this morning) to blow snow all over the Slide side which we so badly need. Keep up the good work everyone, it leads to big smiles!

Are their still rock and stumps to watch out for, oh yeah, be on guard everywhere. Almost all the groomers are good to go with your new skis with the exception of Upper Bruces which is just plain ugly at this point so beware… you’ve been warned. Also any off-piste facing South is a show stopper for sure with just enough pow to cover the base destroyers that lurk just under the snow. The groomers skied like Colorado Rockies snow today with crystals hanging in the air long after the skier has passed.



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