Breaking News: Dave Hahl is a Warlock

That is the only plausible explanation for the perfect groomer on Upper Ramsey today… he took what was a rock field, separated by some icy cut off moguls and somehow… magically, morphed it into a mid-winter perfect groomer. With the snow we had and the rocks and dirt showing, it really is nothing short of abracadabra magic… and that has been going on all around the mountain from Bruces (which was also groomed today) to Lower Silver… there just isn’t much snow to work with after our record breaking November heat, but somehow, each morning, his and his crew’s magic just keeps coming. Where there is dirt at 4:00 with no extra snow anywhere in sight, is somehow nice corduroy the next morning.

If you think driving a groomer sounds easy, like mowing the lawn… think again, and with a very thin snowpack it makes it even more challenging. Those groomers are up all night finessing what little snow we have into runs that look like the end of January. But really, their work last night on Upper Ramsey was the coup de grace… unbelievable really, thus the theory… he must be a Snow Warlock of the highest caliber.

Kudos to all the groomers for making so much fun out of so little snow.


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