Another day of Grooming Perfection

White satin again this morning. Considering the thinness of the snowpack, groomers are continuing to do a great job in farming what they have and making some new to spread over the bare spots… or should I say Bear Spots John Talbot? He posted a pic of a black bear seen crossing the runout of Bullwhip a couple of days ago leading a whole meaning to the phrase… “Watch out for bare spots.”

Anyway, short mazes, fast reloads and no crowds, hard to go wrong here in early December… the runs on the Rose side look like mid-winter as long as you ski on-piste. Off-piste or bump runs… a little more on the rocky and firm side in spots. Places to avoid if you like your ski edges and bottoms are the usual suspects: Upper Ramseys, Silver Face and a few others. Although you might be tempted, bring some old boards for those runs or ski carefully. Speaking of Upper Ramsey, the patrol went one better than not grooming the lead in cat track and actually posted signs stating that the run is “Not Groomed” along with “Thin Cover” and ” Most Difficult”. This is a “Three Strikes and you’re Out” scenario, there is no way one can bitch about the condition of the run now unless you are a complete idiot, (and yes, these folks do come to ski areas… they are the same ones pulling the safety bar down without warning as you are leaning over adjusting your boot at Tower 4…). As one of my friends often says… “You can’t help the helpless” and I often subscribe to this philosophy, the three signs taken together are a pretty good warning to everyone, so, thanks Mountain Ops for solving a problem on the hill which will lead to less problems for visiting skiers who are not total idiots. Of course you could add one more sign with a circle and a line through it and an idiot in the middle… but that probably wouldn’t accomplish much… they are not known for their proclivity for reading signage.

Quite a few of us locals have noticed that areas that would normally be closed off due to lack of coverage have remained open longer than in other years and that you could pick your way down them with care. Bravo for that, wish we lived in a non-litigious society where we took individual responsibility for ourselves when we chose what to ski or not to ski like the European model of ski self-responsibility which in many countries includes a contribution to a nationwide rescue service. Just skied Shangdi-La last week and was stoked it was still open despite the fact that it was mostly rocks, logs and brush.

Employee of the Week: Lift Supervisor Joe on the Slide Side , personable, professional and friendly with a quick sense of humor… you couldn’t ask for a better supervisor. If you haven’t met Joe yet, better do it. He will make your ski day a better one, guaranteed! Run of the day… Bonanza was heavenly this morning at 8:30.

Keeping everyone happy skiing is not an easy task and I applaud the positive changes on the mountain we have seen so far, thanks for listening and keep up the good work.


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