Perfection in the Snow…

The 4″ of snow we received after all the rain has made all the difference in the world on the groomer quality. The Greenland Ice Sheets are gone and the groomers have been leaving us white satin in the mornings… incredible…. and with only a handful of skiers on the mountain it makes it all that much better. Greg’s (or Timmy’s as its known informally in the Prune juice Posse) took the cake yesterday for nicest groomer and that was handed off to Bullwhip today. Really nice high speed no one in your way groomers… something special for sure especially when the fog rises and you are shifting into high in full sun with good vis with perhaps some tunes cranking… how sweet it is sometimes!

Although my wife might debate this… I believe a couple times a year I do have a good idea… and one was to stop grooming the cat track to Upper Ramsey when the run itself isn’t groomed making a tourist trap of sorts which I mentioned in an earlier post… well, either through design or accident, the last two days I have observed the cat track remain ungroomed to match the Upper Ramsey Run… I am hoping this was by design and will become SOP. That way if we want to ski bumps we know where to find them and likewise a nice steep groomer or a shortcut to Upper Lakeview. Between this and the opening up of the junction of Upper Ramsey and KC Traverse… things on the mountain are being adjusted to make for an improved skiing experience for the general public. Kudos to Mt. Rose for listening!

The weather looks pretty quiet for the next couple of weeks as of now so here’s hoping you get out to enjoy some pre-holiday turns without the crowds. Coverage is great on the Rose side and they are pumping out snow when they can on both sides to improve current conditions.

Thanks Mountain Ops, we really do love all the work you put into the mountain!


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