Happy Turkey Day

Skiing was springlike today with firm glazed surfaces in the morning and slush in the afternoon. Although the snow is melting fast, there is still great skiing to be found on the Rose side and some good pickings on the Slide Side as well. Silver was skiing great this morning although it was Russian Roulette with the uglies peaking up as well as some brush. Surface more than made up for it with corny goodness all the way down. If you don’t like rocks and brush with your meal then Bonanza was a better bet. I even managed to ski Shangri-La since it was still open… I love when things are left open although I know most folks would complain at the lack of coverage…. I think its a challenge and I like the “buyer beware” philosophy. Its not up to Rose to help choose your runs… its your responsibility. That being said, the run was VERY challenging and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were testing the vulnerability of your p-tex and edges-lots of rocks and brush. But I did make it down with a smile.

Park is up and running for the park rats and looking good. Groomers and patrol have done a wonderful job opening up as much as they can and keeping it covered with not a lot of snow to pull from and extreme melting during the day. Thank you from all of us.

The Rose side is in much better shape with good coverage and spring conditions, firm in the morning with some corn late morning into late morning and occasional slush in the flats. Well, there you go. Skiing was fun and way better than dirt. Thats my “thanksgiving” philosophy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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