Rose Rules

Opening the mountain top to bottom is one thing… opening Zephyr on the same day as NW… pretty rare. Not in the last quarter century anyway. The wet frosting covered all evils and left us some ankle high pow on the North sides where the wind hadn’t whisked it away… other exposures offered some wind effect with 4 to 5 inches of soft pow on top. The normal rocks and logs on Zephyr were not to be seen (or felt). Bases came away as clean as when they arrived. No p-tex scars, base gouges, torn edges… nothing.

Just wanted to touch on some Avy info. If you look up high in the Hourglass or in the chutes you will see some fractures and run-out. This wet storm did land on some TG snow in spots that may stay unstable for awhile so ski with due diligence, dig your pits, do your analysis before you get into trouble. Hourglass went and buried 3 skiers who were rescued this week. Don’t let early season snow lull you into ditching your BC avy protocol… the fracture that buried the skiers was over two feet in height. Thats a lot of deposition, especially in terrain traps.

Back to the Resort Report:

With little wind and warmish temps there was nothing not to like. All was perfection with all winter friends at this November Pow-A-Thon. Almost everything was open and skiing was awesome. And when all was said and done and I was sipping a drink on the deck and enjoying the afternoon sun on my early season tired-ass legs… a warm glow, like good whiskey, rose up in me. God it was good to spend the day skiing with my powder tribe and gazing at the soon to be open chutes. Today was a good day to live. And to live deeply.


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