First Turns of the Season

Ski conditions were much better than I imagined today on the first Sky Lap of the year with the dogs. Breakable crust has solidified and kept me on top with about 3 or 4 inches of lighter snow on top to play on and cushion the turns. This test ski bodes well for tomorrow. Conditions may be much better at Rose than I originally predicted.

There is just something about the first true wild snow turns of the year that make me smile… even hours later and I think we will all be enjoying that sensation tomorrow. It doesn’t really matter even how quality the snow is… its the fact that we are giddy with excitement once more and feel more like a ten year old rather than “old and feeble”. Skiing makes you young. Makes you smile. Makes you love being alive. The early winter slant of light, the incredible quiet of winter woods with snow still hanging in mute testimony to the storms fury… and then one moment, one momentous lightning strike of insight of just how sweet it is to be alive and in this place at this point in time. It is, for lack of a better word… perfect.

The mountain will be open top to bottom with Zephyr opening with NW at 9 for the season allowing a lot of elbow room for those of us that make it up. Oh yeah, the season is here. Ski you up there soon!



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