Lots ‘o Snow (kind of)

For all of you crying about missing out on the over 3 feet of new snow at Rose…. let me help you feel better. Put the idea of “powder” out of your head and think more old oatmeal congealed or wet cement… this stuff was super sticky and heavy and only in the last few hours of the storm did it chill out enough to be even considered fresh snow. This was the kind of snow you get in Maine on the coast with high humidity and near freezing temps mixed with occasional rain… this stuff could stick upside your eves in the wind (and did).

Is that bad? No, this is exactly what we want as a base to stick to and cover up all the rocks and logs we will be skiing over later. This firm base should also help with avalanche conditions out into the future precluding a collapsable unstable lower layer in the snowpack near the ground level. This type of wet dump is the best thing we can have at the beginning of the season. At 7600 feet we received about 4 inches of rain and about 10″ of cement in the form of snow. There is a light coat of pow on top we got this morn that will be a thicker blanket at Rose.

The really good news is we should be off the Wiz for the rest of the year. NW “should” spin tomorrow or be ready for a hell of a line!

This storm was super good news and bodes well for this first part of the season!


This was the view for a majority of the storm at 7640 feet.

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