If you think its bad here…

Came over the summit yesterday and the Western Crest at Donner doesn’t have any more snow than we do. Just a few inches. The forecasts have been off pretty well with these first storms of the season both with amounts and snow level, systems have been coming in warmer and drier than forecast… hope this isn’t a pattern we continue. Looks like we have a much better shot for some higher elevation snow 7500+ on Wednesday and Thursday but… as always we will just to wait and see. This system does appear to have a better subtropical moisture tap but a lot can happen between now and then. Things do look a little better at this point. Here is a shot of Donner looking South from 80 and as you can see… just not a lot happening for skiers over on the West side as well.

Its difficult at times to be patient for Ma Nature to do her thang, but be patient we must as she almost always comes through in the end.


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