White Stripe for $59

Haven’t heard much from me as there hasn’t been much to report on. Still just one narrow stripe down The Wiz. Hard to believe folks will pay $59 for that… but apparently… they are. As an old guy who remembers lift tix for $14 for a whole mountain… well, I guess like everything else we just pay more for less, all around.

On the plus side, the bar stools are 100% open in the Timber’s Bar and are offering Beginner to Double Diamond drinking opportunities (and after a half dozen runs down The Wiz, you’ll probably need a drink or three).

Snowmaking has been spotty with the high humidity and warmish temps but they are blowing snow when they can. Looking at a few pics from the last few years, early snow is pretty sparse so far. We can only hope this is a pattern that deepens. Anyway, have fun out there whatever you end up doing. An hour or so on Friday was nice catching up with our ski brethren. After that it was time to go.


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