Yeah, it was only one narrow stripe. Yeah, you say it was “only” The Wizard. Yeah, and you say “it was t-shirt weather and the snow was melting fast”. All true. But, and this is a BIG BUT… you should have seen the smiles and the stoke of everyone able to fly down the mountain for the first time in many months. Rose employees made a Big Deal out of it with Wonder Woman holding the Welcome Banner as First Chair folks crashed through. Sure, you could say it “wasn’t worth it” and “I’ll wait till its open to the top, but I’ll tell you, we had as much fun as we’ve had in months today. Thanks Rose for being the first to open in the West!

Sure, mid-season we would all scoff at taking a spin on the Wiz, but today, man there were just a lot of big smiles and a good attitude of gratitude that the lift was spinning at all.


The usual suspects from Project Discovery just down the road and a few others… (from L to R) Andy from Squawallywood, Sven, Jim Croley, Nai’a Selby, Mark Fisher and “The Stranger”…

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