A June Record!

June 12th will go down in history as the day one could ski from the top of Slide Mountain to Sky Tavern without taking off one’s skis… albeit because I couldn’t make a shuttle happen. I would also add that the ski was 99% on snow! The wind practically flew me up the hill from the summit. 22 degrees up top with heinous winds blowing snow in and around everywhere… light face shot stuff, not the heavy wet we were getting during mid-winter sometimes. Mind-blowing how folks will get out on an inch of snow in October all wound up at the pass and scrape the crap out of their equipment but will let a deep spring dump go unskied. I don’t get it. Never will.

Tried to find some ski mates but everyone has moved on… to golf, Honey-Do Lists, mowing the lawn, etc so it was me and the dogs… and I must say we all equally enjoyed it. Maybe 8″ of new on Bonanza and Bruces and then out to The Chutes and down below Nightmare to Bum’s Gulch and home… incredible to do this in June! If you are planning on skiing The Chutes there is avalanche potential as ridges were cross loaded with storm and wind slab. The bond was weak as of early this morning and things were moving. Avy warning in June… bizarro!

Anyhow, hope some of you take advantage of this Summer Gift. It will be 90 again by the end of the week!



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