The Chutes “Unofficially” Open For Spring Skiing

The Chutes unofficially opened for the Spring, or should I say, Summer Ski Season last week but work has kept me from posting… my apologies. Skiing is excellent for June Chute Skiing with remarkable coverage for this late in the year and silky spring snow conditions. Satiny smooth and soft, be sure to wait for the sun to do its thing before jumping in as there have been some freezes this month which might leave you open to major problems should you take a slider in your shorts. Be mindful that Rose does have private property on the Rose/El Cap side of the Chutes and you will be better off if you enter from Saddle Eastward accessing the area from the summer road past the campground or from the Slide Side on USFS property, although the pull of El Cap is hard to resist!

Its quiet, no chance of collisions, no ropes or frenzied rope drops, and you earned your turns… just you and the mountains like the old days.

In any event, play it safe, a friend of mine just tore his ACL in there this week so be mindful that there is no patrol or help anywhere nearby. You are on your own in what is now “Backcountry.”

May Gravity Be with You!



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