If you weren’t here today… you shoulda been…

The Best (and the only) May 27th skiing at Rose ever. Groomers were great at eight followed by Chute skiing that couldn’t be beat. Following the sun Nightmare, left side of Jackpot and then everything else came into spring chute season providing the biggest smiles. Patrol kept The Chutes open till 1:30 and we made good use of the time lapping Nightmare, 09er, Chaos, YK and others over and over and over. You really just couldn’t get enough… at least I couldn’t. And on the way to the gates the No Pants outfits just kept you laughing from kilts to mini-skirts to chickens and tuxedos all was in play and resulted in a cavalcade of strangeness that kept you giggling. One of the best days at Rose ever…

THANK YOU Rose for having the courage to bring it all the way to June! Thanks to Kevin on patrol for letting us in for “just one more.” That is why we love this mountain, its personal, its friendly and most of the folks that work here still love skiing as much as we do.

Enjoy the pics and see you tomorrow,



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