The finish line is in sight…

So, after the Greatest Winter That Ever Was… the finish line is in sight. Welcome to the last ski weekend of this history making season. The Carson Range has come out ahead of just about everyone in terms of snowfall and amount of powder days skied. Hope you can get up to enjoy the live music on Saturday on the Timber’s Deck. It looks like the weather may even cooperate… so with that in mind, pack your cold beer, sun hat and sunscreen and plan on some Chute Jammin in the days to come!

In other news… folks have been asking why El Cap, Jackpot etc have been closed or close early in the afternoon… well, its late May and wet slides heat up with the snow so… expect more closures this weekend unless things cool off quite a bit.

Papa Smurf with a weight problem? Plum Man? A Grape Nut? No one knows for sure, nor do they have to… its Spring Skiing at Mt. Rose and I appreciate the laughs…



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