Spring. Really?

If you thought it was gunna be another warm spring like day…. forget about it. Its 22 degrees this morning and colder than much of December… snow should be good and rock hard for awhile unless the groomers hit it while cold and the tillers loosened it up good. We will see. Plan on coral and anything less will be gladly accepted. The sun should work its magic on the sun facing slopes but it will be awhile.

In other news the Party shall go on! Looks like the Passholder party with music will happen today around noon on and lots of swag should be given away as well as some trips to Mexico. Your chances of winning these may be 1 out of 6000 or so given there are four trips, but hey, better than nothing. There will also be some other give aways and hopefully a season wrap up by our buddy Charlie the MC who makes it fun.

The Slide Lot or Upper parking lot should also host a little unofficial get together (think free beer) look for Sven and a keg… I’ll be around. Tomorrow Rose will host a Mother’s Day Brunch with Mimosa specials. Be kind to your Mom. Get her drunk and on skis at the same time (don’t forget to make sure her medical insurance is up to date).

Have fun out there no matter what and remember… no matter how bad the conditions are… its way better than changing your oil today or taking out the garbage!



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