Soft Serve Elmers (with foghorn optional)

“How foggy was it?” you ask. There were many rides where you couldn’t make out the chair ahead of you.

Well, it is May I kept telling myself as I watched the one run Johnny’s peel off towards the bar. Had a woman next to me ask how I thought the snow might be on the first ride up Zephyr and right before I could answer a snowboarder came Tomahawking down Climax Bowl into the trees at top centrifugal force… (I was pretty sure his head might fly off). I turned to her and gestured… “there’s your answer” I said. But I was also quick to add, “no matter how crappy it might be, though, no vis, sticky wet cement… it still beats a day at work.” She nodded hesitatingly, and then promptly fell face first off the chair as the first sticky glue grabbed her ski right at the unload. Saw a LOT of walkers on the flats with snowboards in hand. Not a great day for boarding. I felt kinda guilty skiing past whole families with smaller kids on boards postholing… then seeing them the next run and the next, kinda borders on child abuse almost it seemed to me. Poor little hoards on boards.

So, in the next 10 runs I heard a lot of grumbling about the fog, the oatmeal like snow consistency, the lack of spring skiing etc. Folks, wake up! Its May, most of the time we can’t even ski this time of year, much less ride a lift up at bargain basement prices. Although I felt like going home at around 10 am, my wife came up and we made it a great morning having fun on some low angle pow off ATW, Manzo, Powder Ridge and elsewhere. Fun is where you find it for sure in skiing, and just as importantly who you find it with. As were leaving around 1:00 pm the sun came out and turned the snow to mucilage. My son spent the afternoon up there and when he got home said it was some of the worst snow conditions he had ever seen up there. When I asked him why he stayed till closing he said, “It was still fun. Beats school for sure.” So there you go. It all comes down to the “compared to what” question.

If you were comparing today to a mid-winter pow day, well then, yeah, you are going to be disappointed, but hey, if you just set the bar low enough, you’ll be impressed that it wasn’t nearly as shitty as you thought it might be. While others were grumbling I just sat back and was glad to be resting my legs… and peered into the mystery of the deep woods of the Carson Range through the tunnel of London style fog and decided, it was a beautiful day after all.

BTW: The Chutes never opened today (and for good reason)


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