Whats the best brand of snowmaker? Mother Nature

Another couple of inches added last night against all predictions (NOAA has us as partly cloudy, and sunny today! Ha) laid in some fresh pow and although thin, made the groomers oh so good first thing this morning. The cold temps did result in the snow melting and refreezing depending on cloud cover and slope angle/inclination. Low angle trees with few old ski tracks were very nice today. The spring sun will warm up South facers undoubtedly as the day rolls on.

The Pondo Park is complete and is looking like a lot of fun… a reader asks “Where was the park three months ago?” I certainly didn’t have an answer although the back to back storms made it pretty difficult to keep a park maintained before it was once again, buried flat by at the next six feet of snow. Anyway, all three parks are in good shape and they will get a lot of use this weekend!

For those of you earning your turns. Be forewarned. Rapid warming of the snow pack can and do result in very unstable conditions. The stability factor can also change rapidly so your second lap on any given slope may change quite a bit lap to lap. Be on the lookout for potentially large and destructive wet slides as the temps heat up this weekend and next week. Corn on one run could be oatmeal the next. Look for large rollerballs and pinwheels as well as your bottom ski washing out on you as signs its time to head off steeper terrain. I set off a half mile long slide yesterday that moved at about 50 mph toward the bottom. You wouldn’t have needed to worry about a rescue had you been in it!

Looks like the Mountain Top Wine and Beer Party are once again on for this year Saturday night when Northwest will stay open till 5:30. And finally, came across a snowmaker today that was just peeking its head out… amazing. Ma Nature definitely put the snowmakers out of work early this year.

Have a great weekend!


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