What a Weekend!!!

So many runs to ski… so little time! Although The Chutes were hard and unforgiving this morning they did soften up in time, although not to their former glory of a couple of days ago. They have been wonderful as of late for most of the last four days.

The weekend was filled with adventure, sun, smiles, beer and warm weather… although I could have done without the wind at times… we are at Mt. Blows… and thats just what it does. Way better than KSL’s Mt. Close anyway. This coming week looks a little gnarly with lots of wind and clouds. The forecast ahead looks a little better for next weekend.

For those of you who keep asking me why The Chutes are roped off below Cut Throat… the picture below is why. Due to the angle and inclination that East facing slope is prone to wet slides which are almost impossible to control for.

Our unofficial hats are off to Jim Hart who skied all The Chute gates on Saturday! Nice job Jim. Jim is framed below on his last gate in the day. Hope you all had as much fun as I did! Slide lodge is down and out for the season but a few of us celebrated with a bevy of beers, great views and fish stories about the great runs we had.  A few of us diehards were sure to get some last drinks in overlooking Washoe Valley.

Goodbye for the Season Slide… we’ll miss you!



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