Critter kingdom Rises Again

The animals are out looking to fill their empty stomachs after a very long and hard winter… bear tracks are common but lion, fox, coon, rabbit and of course, squirrel tracks have also been spotted in and around the resort. Yesterday I found myself  hemmed in by brush following the only snow down a ravine and ended up on a bear den porch with lots of big piles of poo as well as pretty big bear tracks, and more ominously, lots of little cub tracks… I skedaddled through the brush pretty darn quick after looking around before Mama Bear roused from her morning nap.

Spring has definitely sprung but these cold mornings will still provide pretty rock hard snow until the sun has a chance to work its high angle magic. Keep in mind the wind will also play a pretty powerful role in helping or hindering the sun’s ability to warm the snow to creamy corn levels. Count on upper 30’s or lower 40’s to warm the snow if the night froze hard as well as a couple hours to make a dent in the hardback. On the other hand, cold night conditions can lead to nice groomers in the morning from Dave and his crew. Bonanza will probably nice today after remaining ungroomed (and heinously ugly) yesterday morning.

According to the lifties this is also Slide Lodge’s last weekend this season… bathrooms on the Slide Side?… nobody seems to know at this point.

The weekend weather is shaping up nicely. Ski you out there!


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