Low Crowds/High Untracked Ratio

OK. It wasn’t the deepest or lightest snow but hey, it is the middle of April y’know. Fog was also a part of the goggle picture and we needed wipers at times but still, according to anyone there, it was great getting out in April and sharing some new snow on the hill.

Running on a rain crust, snow wanted to move downhill when turned in deeply or on steep terrain, thus The Chutes remained closed today. Avy conditions in the BC will have to be monitored closely on steep terrain or under 8000 feet where the snow pack experienced quite a bit of rain the last 24 hours.

So thats the story. The Chutes will probably open tomorrow on a rare mostly sunny day and then Thursday we will see another colder but drier system move through… then By Gawd the sun is forecast to shine over the weekend… amazing!

Solo tracks around the mountain were pretty common this morning. Shown here is lower Lakeview from your’s truly.


Lower Lakeview was mighty nice this morning

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